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Free & Clear™ Lice, Mite & Flea Prevention


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naturally help prevent lice, mites, and fleas ...for people and pets
100% Natural. No toxic chemicals. Fabulous aroma. Conditions skin and hair.

FREE & CLEAR™ is an all natural alternative to the harsh chemicals in most lice, mite, and flea treatments. 

What makes this Lice, Mite & Flea product Different?

We not only address the insects that bite, we also use ingredients to calm your emotions. Under stress, your body emits a particular odor that is unnoticeable to humans, but highly attractive to pests like lice and fleas.

Simply killing the existing parasites is not enough. You need to shift both your aroma and your emotional state in order to stop the bugs from attacking your body.*

Our Easy Shampoo Additive (Prevent)
Penetrates hair with an aroma that lice hate, but people love! An easy way to help prevent lice, mites, and fleas from your head while conditioning your hair and scalp.

Our Hair Treatment & Body Oil (Repel & Treat) 
Works as a treatment to suffocate and destroy existing lice on hair and scalp. Nourish skin while repelling lice, mites, and fleas. Our treatment soothes areas irritated from itching. Your hair and skin will feel softer and shinier after the first use. 

Our Complete Care Kit (Treat & Prevent) 
— 4oz Hair Treatment / Body Oil
— (2) Easy Shampoo Additive
— 1oz Hair Perfume Mist (BONUS)
— 2-sided Nit & Flea Comb (FREE)
— (4) Treatment Cap (FREE)
     Use the Hair Perfume™ to ward off biting bugs. Good for added protection throughout your day.

Insects operate by their sense of smell to find mates, avoid predators, and locate food. This is also why insects that bite are drawn to certain people more than others—you smell like yummy food to them. This is why some people seem to get tons of bug and mosquito bites, yet others don't. It's also why not everyone in the same household always gets lice.

Our products prevent by helping to relax your emotional stress as well as shifting the scent of your hair and skin. Kaliana helps you to be FREE & CLEAR™ of lice, mite, and flea bites.

FREE & CLEAR™ Easy Shampoo Additive (Prevent)

As a Preventative in hair for most lice, mites, and fleas. So Easy! Designed to be added to your favorite shampoo and/or conditioner (best added to whichever you use last, so that the aroma holds better in your hair).

Directions: Use 1 vial per 8-10 oz. bottle of shampoo or conditioner for kids, adults or pets.
Shake vial. Pour contents of vial into full bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Shake well to blend. Use per your normal hair care routine.
NOTE: Additive can make conditioner richer. Be conscious of this if you have thin hair.


FREE & CLEAR™ Hair Treatment & Body Oil (Treat & Repel)

As a Repellant on skin for most lice, mites, and fleas
1oz = 1 treatment (chin-length hair)
4oz = 4 treatments (chin-length hair)

Directions: apply oil to exposed areas of skin.  It usually works for hours, however you can reapply as often as desired. If you have thick hair, you can also put a little in your hair, applying similar to hair gel.

As a hair Treatment, our oil penetrates hair and scalp to deliver powerful ingredients to help rid you of lice and mites. Our formula is gentle enough to be used on young children and nursing mothers - even repeatedly! About 4-5 applications per 4oz bottle.

Directions for using oil as a treatment:
To treat: Place older towel around shoulders. Totally saturate hair and scalp with oil. Cover hair with a treatment cap, and keep towel over shoulders as some oil may drip under cap. Leave on for 2-4 hours, (Some lice are tougher to kill than others).
To cleanse: Before wetting, rub 3X normal amount of shampoo into hair. Rinse. Then shampoo and condition as usual. Afterwards, you must remove all the dead lice and nits with a nit comb. Reapply as often as desired. Can be a bit messy, but worth it!

Ingredients in Free & Clear™ Shampoo Additive:
premium grade essential oils (lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, cypress essential oil, rosemary essential oil, peppermint essential oil), Kaliana FREE & CLEAR™ Vibraceutical™ Formula plus flower essences (lavender flower essence, geranium flower essence, cypress flower essence, rosemary flower essence, peppermint flower essence). External use only.

Ingredients in Free & Clear™ Hair Treatment & Body Oil:
therapeutic oils (organic jojoba oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, organic sesame oil, rosehip oil), premium grade essential oils (lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, cypress essential oil, rosemary essential oil, peppermint essential oil), Kaliana FREE & CLEAR™ Vibraceutical™ Formula plus flower essences (lavender flower essence, geranium flower essence, cypress flower essence, rosemary flower essence, peppermint flower essence). External use only.

Natural Ingredient BENEFITS for Free & Clear™

Kaliana Combinations are Better than a single scent, according to the peer reviewed study Combinatorial Effects of Odorant Mixes in Olfactory Cortex, published in Science March 10, 2006.*

Essential Oils of Lavender, Rose Geranium, Rosemary and Cypress are the primary oils traditionally used by medical practitioners in Europe to treat and prevent the spread of lice, mites, fleas and mosquito bites. Since lice are as unique as people, a blend of scents helps insure you repel as many lice as possible. These oils soothe body and emotions, while deterring the little critters.

The Best Essential Oils: Essential oils are the plants natural immune system - protecting it from viruses, bacteria and disease. To qualify for use in Kaliana products, an oil must be exceptional. Each one is hand selected personally by Kaliana for scent, purity and grade. We use only the finest premium, pure essential oils.

lavender essential oilrepel lice, mites, fleas, mosquitos; calming; ease exhaustion, irritability and anxiety;*
geranium essential oil: repel lice, mites, fleas, mosquitosuplift; relax; balancing; helpful with exhaustion & instability*
cypress essential oil: kill lice, mites & fleas; mosquitos; fight infections; aid respiratory; remove toxins; ease anxiety*
rosemary essential oilkill lice, mites & fleas; mosquitos; aids memory; brightens mood; uplifts mental fatigue*
peppermint essential oilkill lice, mites & fleas; mosquitos; fight infections; uplift; antidepressant; break patterns*

Vibra-nutrients™ and Flower Essences energetic vitamins that the body naturally uses to help balance different emotions.*

lavender flower essence calming; ease exhaustion, irritability and anxiety;*
geranium flower essence:  uplift; relax; balancing; helpful with exhaustion & instability*
cypress flower essence: fight infections; aid respiratory; remove toxins; ease anxiety*
rosemary flower essence aids memory; brightens mood; uplifts mental fatigue*
peppermint flower essence fight infections; uplift; antidepressant; break patterns*

The Best Healing Oils Base:  the skin is your largest organ. Oils on your skin are critical because they serve as the first line of defense for a strong immune system. In addition, specific therapeutic oils have been found to support deep healing in the body. Kaliana selects only oils that have been shown to be highly effective to assist deepest healing and emotional support.*

jojoba oil: Most like the oil produced by your skin, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antibacterial, antioxidant, softens and moisturizes. Shown effective in reducing superficial facial lines, restoring elasticity, easing psoriasis, inflamed skin, and dermatitis.*
organic extra virgin olive oil: Rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids, and omegas-3-6-9 aiding vibrant and radiant skin. The Jan 2005 Annuls of Oncology reported that oleic acid (a fatty acid found in olive oil) is believed to suppress a gene responsible for many breast cancers, by up to 46%.*
castor oil: Rich in a unique, potent, immune-boosting fatty acid called ricinoleic acid which has been shown effective in preventing the growth of numerous viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and molds. Used as a topical treatment for occasional acne, skin inflammation, and keratosis. Naturally makes skin softer and more pliable.*
organic sesame oil: Ultra rich in benefits from vitamins, minerals, proteins, as well as linoleic acid, alpha linoleic acid, and lecithin to soothe the nervous system. Sesame is applied to the skin in Ayurveda medicine for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis. Shown to naturally reduce cholesterol levels.*
rosehip oil: Rich in vitamin C and retinol, this is the leading oil for treating wrinkles, stretch marks, sun damage, inflamed skin and for preventing aging. Rosehip is used in medical and spa practices for stimulating cell growth, reducing scars, burns, increasing elasticity, and regaining more even skin color and tone.*

Organic and Wild: We believe that using organic and wild ingredients is better for our environment and better for you. Our passionate desire is to uplift your emotions while encouraging your vital force. We feel so strongly about this, that Kaliana selects organic and wild ingredients when available - even though it is not listed on our label.

Hand-blended in small batches since 1995. There are over 150 steps that go into our 100% hand-crafted and aged formulas. We select only premium ingredients and hand-blend in small batches to amplify the healing energies of nature.



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