Private Heart Healing Sessions for Spiritual Women


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I began hearing Divine guidance after falling from a high wall and being knocked unconscious at the age of four. My 43 years of expertise enable me to pinpoint deeply hidden patterns and help repair wounded or broken hearts from:

  • Grief
  • Relationships
  • Trauma
  • Issues from childhood

What is a Heart Healing session?
Our session begins with you sharing your story. While you share, I energetically work to repair damage and pain connected to your wound, while simultaneously strengthening your heart. Whether our session is on the phone or in person, women tangibly feel themselves become stronger, lighter, and more stable at each one.

What do you gain?
The heart is the major center of control for all systems in the body. By working together to strengthen your heart, we can assist heartbreak, loneliness, fear, anger, anxiety, feeling lost, and health concerns. With consistency of restoring the heart, 5 key areas tend to improve:

  1. Intuition
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Energy levels
  4. Weight
  5. Health

I listen to my guides and yours to share insights into ways you may be blocking your healing. In addition, guides may offer supplement suggestions that your body requests to help restore balance.

Note: For heart work, be sure that you select a time slot that allows plenty of time for you to tell your story.

"Shine your light as bright as you possibly can."
- Kaliana

Why work with Kaliana?

In 1976, I began studying natural healing to help fix my health issue. When it came to energy healing, I discovered that I had a special gift for helping spiritual women.  I spent over 2 decades helping women across the country heal sabotaging emotions.

As part of that, I wrote two books: Living Through Grief with Grace and Bones, Emotions and Inner Healing. For 5 years, I had been teaching advanced healers how to repair bones, emotions and deep issues in the body, when suddenly my world was devastated.

On July 4, 2015, a tragic boating accident took the lives of my husband (soul mate of 30 years), niece, niece’s boyfriend and almost the life of my daughter. The severe shock, on top of the needs of my daughter and family, shredded my heart and stopped me in my tracks. The ripple effects of the accident were overwhelming and went on for three solid years to say the least. 

After those three years, I began hearing advanced techniques to repair my energetic heart. These methods changed my life and restored the dynamic woman you see in me today. This is what I passionately want to share with you. If you are ready, I want to empower you to reclaim a vibrant life for yourself.


6-Month Foundational Program

Are you unhappy or dissatisfied with your life? Do you believe your body can function better than it does? Do you feel your life is off-target with your soul's purpose?

Then Kaliana is the coach you have been looking for.
Kaliana specializes in helping heart-centered, spiritual women:

• Gain more energy
• Improve brain function
• Strengthen health
• Get clear on their life direction
• and shift tendencies towards illness

In her 100% customized program, you work one-on-one with Kaliana for 6-months to help rebuild key systems in your body using supplements and natural methods. Your personalized coaching combines Kaliana's ability to hear from the other side with her 4 decades of experience.

Her Foundational 6-month program includes:

1. Specific Supplements keyed into your Body, Energy Level and Vibratory Rate
2. Improved Core Levels of energy
3. Body Performance Shifts - such as for health, sports, school or pre-pregnancy
4. Monthly Intuitive Scans to help keep health on track

Her Higher Level Soul Path 6-Month Program is for those who desire Foundational Support, and also deeper clarity and direction on their path. Includes the 4 above plus:

1. A Personalized Guidance Overview of your life based on your Soul's Perspective
2. Monthly Q&A where you get to ask Kaliana your specific questions regarding your life

Find out if you are a match!

Before accepting clients into her 6-month program, Kaliana requires a phone session to discuss your specific issues, health concerns, and goals you want to accomplish. She will then spend time in meditation with higher guidance to determine if she can help you.

Once accepted, Kaliana works with higher guidance to determine your customized plan of action including supplements matched to your body and specific vibratory rate.

As part of your customized coaching program, Kaliana spends hours separate from your appointments:

1. Listening for imbalances in your system. 2. Researching what your body is requesting. 3. Sensing future health or emotional concerns. 4. Finding the remedies and supplements that resonate best with your system.

Each of your sessions will be unique as she offers the specific guidance that comes through for you.

In addition you get:

• 25% OFF Kaliana products online for 6 months (your own coupon code)
• Advanced Notice & Special Pricing for Kaliana Classes & Workshops
• Special Access to Kaliana via her private cell phone (Advanced Only)
• Priority Scheduling with Kaliana

Note: Kaliana works with a limited number of private clients, so book now if you are ready to change your life.

Disclaimer: Kaliana is not a medical practitioner and recommends you always seek and continue professional medical advice for any and all concerns. Kaliana is an intuitive with 4 decades of experience in natural healing. It is essential with any health program that you continue working closely with your doctor as well as listening to your body.

Scheduling: Sessions are prepaid to reserve the time slot. You will receive an email or phone call within 48 hours to set up an appointment time.

Cancellations: Kaliana values your time, and the time she sets aside for you. For that reason, we require 3 business days notice (M-F) to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise there is a $75 short notice fee. 'No shows' for appointment times are charged the full amount of the session. (Cancellation policy for Classes/Workshops is different.)

Try it yourself and tell us what you think.

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Leslie H.
United States

Living in the present moment

I love working with Kaliana and the healing I am able to get from our sessions together. Just a month ago I was experiencing such depression and heartbreak from trauma I have experienced off and on since childhood. It can take you to some pretty dark places when you’re constantly trying to somehow “fix” the past and wallowing in the self pity. Just days following my session with Kaliana I am able to let go, shed some layers that have been holding me back. I’m living more in the present moment and experiencing much more fulfillment and joy in my life ❤️ So very grateful for Kaliana!


Transformative and Life Changing!!

I met Kaliana in the fall of 2017 and was immediately drawn to her warm and loving energy. I had some serious health challenges in December 2016 and was hospitalized. My body was not functioning at the level it once had since those challenges. I was also depressed and had very little energy. I worked with Kaliana in her nutritional program and she was able to assist me with resetting my body. My body is feeling stronger and healthier. My immune system is much stronger and I have energy that I was lacking for a long time. I also worked with her on her spiritual program which enabled me to step out of my depression and start planning for my life path. She is very patient, kind and empathetic to the individual's journey. She has a wealth of knowledge and she partners with you. She has guided me through every step so I never felt like I was out there all alone. I highly recommend working with Kaliana! She has helped me transform and change my life for the better!


An amazing transformation...

I am a cancer survivor. However, after 13 months of chemical treatments and six operations, my body and soul were feeling very fragile. Kaliana gently and lovingly guided me through an emotional and physical healing. Her inspired program of suggested supplements and nutrition has rebuilt my physical strength and vitality. Her gentle loving emotional guidance has quieted my spirit, lifted my soul and lead me towards the light of my future. She is amazing, strong and kind. Truly a gift to this world for us to share. I am grateful for Kaliana.



Big changes in the 6 Month foundation program! I have to say, this program for me was life changing on every level. Learning how to heal the body through supplements and Kaliana's guidance was amazing to me. The physical changes blew me away!!! My blood work prior to the program reflected a not so bright picture. My cholesterol was 280 and my triglycerides were 544. This is WAY ABOVE normal. I had my blood-work done right after the program and my cholesterol is now 175 and triglycerides are 180! Pretty unbelievable! All through supplements and some diet modifications. No rx meds! As for my emotional well being... I have healed on so many levels. I would say losing my dependency on outside influences dictating how I felt about myself is number 1 on the list. Standing in my power and seeing my truth is a huge shift for me and so totally worth it. This program will enlighten you and sometimes push you out of your comfort zone. I can't say it was all roses and sunshine. What I absolutely can say- I would never go back to the person I was beforehand. I would do it all again to be this beautiful person living a much healthier and happier life. Huge love and gratitude to Kaliana!

Wendy, Charlotte, NC

I can't wait for the next workshop to learn even more!

Kaliana's Foods and Moods workshop was very insightful, not only about the way various foods and beverages relate to my mood, but also how this translates into my eating patterns and cravings. This workshop far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I receive valuable resources and recipes to take home, I was also able to help prepare different foods, and taste them, actually experiencing the differences for myself. I can't wait for the next workshop to learn even more!



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