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Online Course - I Eat for Energy, Healing Foods

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I Eat for Energy Online Course

  1. Balance 5 Body Systems

  2. Long-term diet balance

  3. Best foods for healing

  4. Foods to avoid & when

  5. Still eat what you LOVE

Are you tired of being fatigued with low energy?

Discover secrets to unleash your energy in Kaliana's life-changing class I Eat for Energy! This 90-day online program takes you week by week making simple, yet powerful changes to your diet to re-ignite the energy you had years ago.

Are you ready to have a higher level of energy, and encourage better health? If you want to perform at your best and function at a higher level of energy and vibration, then this online course is for you. Learn to feed the 5 key systems in your body to free up trapped, blocked or clogged channels of energy.

Let Kaliana show you easy foods to eat to help raise your energy and vibratory rate.


Most people reach for coffee or energy drinks to try and boost their energy.

The problem is that much of your lack of energy is coming from three sources: overworked systems in the body, a lack of nutrients, and from stressful emotions.

Most people don't realize is that their body should NOT be tired! Being tired on a daily basis is your signal that you either have or are headed towards a health problem. Your body is off!

What you may not know is that your food can CAUSE you to feel even more or less tired both physically AND emotionally.

Listen now to learn more about "How to Eat for Energy"
Kaliana on ConsciousTalk Radio in Seattle, June 26, 2013


What makes the I Eat for Energy HEALING Diet different?

  1. You learn to use foods to BOOST the efficiency of 5 Systems in your body.
  2. AND Reduce anxious & grumpy emotions by improving your body chemistry.

I KNOW how it feels to be fatigued, unhappy and flat-out blah. Act now to learn the foods that help you reclaim your health, energy AND happiness.

In this online class, you are going to learn:

  • Foods to eat that strengthen your blood, bones, digestion, detoxification AND immune system - key systems in your body that affect your health and energy.
  • How these specific foods improve emotions like anxiety or irritability
  • 3 essential ways you can flip on or off genes that impact your health and energy.
  • Critical foods to avoid for optimum healing and energy.
  • Supplements to raise your vibration for better health and healing.
  • Tips that make it easy for you to add these key foods - and avoid the bad foods.


A weak body demands more energy from you,
and therefore you have less energy to play and be productive.

Reclaim your strong, energetic body AND healthier emotions. Thrive again with energy the way kids do!

Are you ready to increase your ability to get off the couch and do something?
  • Learn foods that bump-up your health & energy by taking stress off your vital systems!
  • Gain a sense of feeling more stable, both physically and emotionally.
  • Boost your immune power and help build a stronger constitution.
  • Gently detoxify your system - help stop the constant drain of energy caused by a backload of physical and emotional sludge.
  • Adapt a simple, effective and straight-forward way to build stronger bones, blood, digestion, immune system and detoxify - naturally.

Download and listen to the audio file below FREE.

See how this class can help you! Depending on your browser, you may need to right-click and “save as” in order to download the file.

How Will This Class Help You? (2 min, 2.4 MB, .mp3)

Still not sure? Click here to see a complete list of everything you will learn during the class.

As stated on the Dr. Oz website…“We now realize that our genes are not written in stone but rather [we can] …turn them on or off to either help or hurt our health.”


So, are you wondering...

I'm worried my family might not like the food you recommend.
This program is about incorporating foods into your existing way of eating. Therefore it's easy to continue to feed your family many of their favorite foods.

I don't think I have time to listen to an online class.
The audio files are in small digestable segments (about 15 min each). You can listen from your computer or smartpad - PLUS you can download to your smartphone and listen to them anywhere - like walking to class, driving to work, or waiting at soccer practice.

I don't like vegetables.
Haha, no worries. I'm not a fan either; so I teach you ways to sneak them into your normal diet. Plus, this is a eating style that does not require you to give up meat or other foods you love.

Get on the fast-track to soaring energy, clearer thinking, and a more positive mood! 

What comes with your program?

  • 18 info-packed audio lessons of laser focused teaching

  • Personal Evaluation Questionnaire for clarity & motivation

  • My 65 page comprehensive guide 5 Best & Worst Food Categories for Healing eBook. All the great in-depth info on the foods spelled out for you on in an easy reference form!

  • Your Daily Progress Chart - make it easy to track your progress and remember key Healing foods

  • Kaliana's Easy Refrigerator Chart with tips to sneak in more veggies and critical healing foods you probably don't eat

  • Plus a couple extra Bonuses Kaliana slips in to help you out!

Kaliana KNOWS how it feels to be fatigued, unhappy and flat-out blah. Get started today to make a BIG difference in how healthy, vital & energetic you can feel!

Use this online course packed with info to improve your energy, emotions and change your health destiny!


Also get Kaliana's Easy Healing Recipes eBooklet. You get yummy recipes for beverages, meals, snacks & treats using the key Healing foods! 

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