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Private Coaching: Grief, Anger and Relationships


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Kaliana Private Coaching for
Grief, Anger and Relationships

Kaliana specializes in revealing the hidden patterns trapping you in Grief, Anger and hurtful Relationships. With her 41 years experience, she then gives you clear steps, a warm heart and the support you need to shift and heal.

Would you like insights regarding your life?
Do you struggle with grief, anger or your relationship?

With 41 years experience, Kaliana is called ‘the life changer.’
As an expert in Emotional Care®, Kaliana offers private one-on-one sessions to expedite your healing. Her expertise makes sessions very efficient, as she is able to rapidly pinpoint and reveal your hidden patterns and trapped emotions that:

  1. trigger anger
  2. perpetuate unhappiness, and
  3. sabotage relationships.

No matter how difficult your situation, Kaliana pulls back the curtain and gives you clear insights.

She has a unique ability to show you how to make simple changes that can help propel you forward whether you are wrestling with anger, suffering from grief, or struggling with your relationship. Kaliana helps you rapidly gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and situation. Are you unknowingly hurting the situation? She pulls back the curtain to help you gain a clear plan of action to make the positive shifts you desire.

How can Kaliana help you with grief, anger or your relationships?

In 1975, Kaliana began studying natural healing because the medical field couldn't help her heal from an illness. As an author of 4 books, she is considered a Master Energy Healer and believes that disease and pain occur primarily to help you get back on target with your soul’s path.

In 2015, her husband and niece were killed in a tragic boating accident which left her daughter seriously injured. Over the next 13 months, 52 people in her circle of friends and family passed. She understands grief intimately.

Kaliana and her husband, after facing possible divorce on several occasions, had reached a place where they functioned as one person. They lived and worked together 24/7 in an rare level of complete and total partnership. The loss was devastating on every level. Kaliana understands your pain and is here to listen and support you.

As the daughter of a world renowned plant biologist, Kaliana is the author of 4 books, and developer of her own line of Natural Emotional Care® products for adults and children. She is a professional speaker, certified Phyto-Aromatologist, minister, and sat on the Board for Eating Disorders at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Kaliana teaches workshops and certification courses for Continuing Education Hours by NCBTMB.

"Shine your light as bright as you possibly can." - Kaliana

Personal Coaching

Kaliana has a way of helping people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of looking at the obstacles in our lives as problems, she approaches issues from a place of empowerment. She believes our consciousness is much bigger than the human experience. When you can see your journey more from your Soul's perspective, it makes the journey a bit more fun and less difficult. You begin to see struggles as part of your personal growth and adventure, instead of something that's happening to you. This frees you up to have much more fun, and have the difficulties of life be a little less serious. Challenging, yes, but not so serious.

The Soul is always striving to become a greater expression of Itself, which is why life isn't easy. And once again, as you shift your perspective, the journey can become simpler and easier, which raises your joy factor. One session with Kaliana and you will see your life differently. A series of sessions with Kaliana and most people find their life is headed in a better direction, or your perspective at least has shifted. The biggest gift she probably gives is clarity regarding your choices path so that you can take your life in the direction you prefer.

Energy healing

...is how we naturally use our personal energy to assist each other in becoming stronger. It is why we are drawn to hold someone's hand when they are sad, or rub their head when they feel sick. "Positive energy flows through each and every one of us. It is something we pass on with every loving act and kind interaction, regardless of whether we are conscious of sharing our healing energy or not." —Kaliana
Kaliana is exceptionally skilled and looks to find the deeper 'source' of issues. For instance, a frozen shoulder could be coming from an issue in the back of the heart instead of the shoulder itself. She works deep within the body including within the arteries, organs, and even the marrow of the bones.
As a developer of specialized techniques, author of 4 books, and a Certified Instructor in Advanced Healing Techniques, Kaliana offers healing sessions via phone to help your body clear damaging blocks and restore vital balance. She helps reveal hidden emotions that may be triggering challenges, and shift them into something more positive. There tends to be immediate and tangible experience from your very first session.

Schedule your appointment with Kaliana today. She only takes a limited number of private clients.

Scheduling: Sessions are prepaid to reserve the time slot. You will receive an email or phone call within 48 hours to set up an appointment time.

Cancellations: Clients are often waiting to get an appointment with Kaliana. For that reason, we require 3 business days notice (M-F) to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise there is a $50 short notice fee. No shows are charged the full amount.
(Cancellation policy for Classes/Workshops is different.) 

PS: Kaliana only works with limited number of private clients, so act now if you want to work directly with her.

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