Private Intuitive Coaching for Moms


Looking for help? As a mom, Kaliana has experienced the struggles associated with raising a family. She understands how overwhelming it can be and how often it's hard to know what to do. Kaliana recognizes the value of having someone to call on for help. With over 40 years experience, Kaliana specializes in providing deep, intuitive insights in regards to kids or relationships.

Kaliana Intuitive Coaching for Moms

Kaliana specializes in helping moms create a more harmonious home-life. Her expertise makes her able to rapidly able pinpoint what is going on with family members, whether physically or emotionally. With her 41 years experience, she offers a warm heart, clear steps, and the targeted support moms need.

Kaliana is a highly skilled Intuitive and Master Energy Healer whose extraordinary abilities come from her connection and ability to ‘hear’ from the other side since she was four.  With over 4 decades of experience, she has a talent for seeing into situations with exceptional clarity as well as compassion. She offers insights that help you breathe a sigh of relief, and also make your next steps clear and confident.

    Are you unknowingly making it worse?

    Kaliana offers ways to make simple changes to help propel yourself forward whether you are wrestling with your own issues, or trying to help your child with anger, grief, or anxiety. Kaliana helps you rapidly gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and situation. Are you unknowingly making it worse? She objectively and intuitively helps you gain a clear plan of action to make the positive shifts you desire.


    "Shine your light as bright as you possibly can." - Kaliana

    Scheduling: Sessions are prepaid to reserve the time slot. You will receive an email or phone call within 48 hours to set up an appointment time.

    Cancellations: Clients are often waiting to get an appointment with Kaliana. For that reason, we require 3 business days notice (M-F) to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise there is a $50 short notice fee. No shows are charged the full amount.
    (Cancellation policy for Classes/Workshops is different.) 

    PS: Kaliana only works with limited number of private clients, so act now if you want to work directly with her.

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