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"The product gave me more self-confidence and empowered me to do something that I didn't think I could do.
I feel so together and I'm getting so much done. My attitude about work has even changed. I don't want to go a day without them."
—Corinne M., SC

3-layers of Emotional Support 
Layer 1: 10 Ways to use Kaliana Fix-me™ Mists
  1. Take a bottle with you in the car to ease traffic tension and kids fighting.
  2. Keep a bottle on your desk and spray after a tense encounter with a co-worker.
  3. Sleep better! Spray your body, neck, bedding and pillows at bedtime for more peaceful, positive rest. Keep a bottle by your bed to assist going back to sleep during the night.
  4. If you have to be around a negative person, spray every hour to help rebuild your positive energy.
  5. Spray the entry and family area as everyone comes home to ease that crazy hour.
  6. Keep a bottle in each bathroom. Lift shirt and spray directly on belly, neck and spine. Repeat several times when you feel tired, achy or ill.
  7. Spray to assist when trying to focus, study, or learn something new.
  8. Spray yourself before tests or parties to soothe butterflies or anxiety.
  9. Improve travel via our mists' immune support —in car, airport, public transportation, and hotel rooms.
  10. Pets—spray bedding to help calm and reduce odors.
Layer 2: 9 Ways to use Kaliana Vitamins for Emotions™
  1. Emotional Power Drink: Add 2 squirts to a bottled beverage. Shake & take with you.
  2. Nervous? Add to your beverage and sip during a test or meeting.
  3. Food cravings? Take 3 squirts (30 seconds apart). Distract yourself for 5 minutes.
  4. Keep in kitchen. Add to smoothies, soup/chili, sauteed veggies, desserts — any recipe.
  5. Mix 2-3 squirts into containers in your fridge so everyone benefits.
  6. Need sleep? Take 4 doses (30 secs apart) just before bed. If you wake in the night, repeat.
  7. Stressful traffic or road trip? Take a squirt directly in mouth as needed.
  8. Humidifier: Add 8 drops to 1 gallon of water to put positive energy into the air.
  9. Have a pet? Stir a few drops into their food or water.
    Layer 3: 13 Ways to use Kaliana Deep-release™ Oils
    1. Before you face your day apply a protective layer to chest, neck/shoulders, arms and also lightly on face.
    2. You can also do your whole body on extra stressful days to create a supportive positive cocoon.
    3. When you feel out of sorts: massage onto temples, heart/chest, and nape of neck to relax.
    4. Pain: Massage into achy joints & painful muscles. Rub into shoulders, back of neck and scalp to help relieve tension in head.
    5. After bath or shower—provides a deep therapy to ease emotions, relax body, and boost immune health.
    6. Before Bed: apply to chest, back/shoulders, and top-to-bottom of spine for restful, healing sleep. Apply oil to bottoms of clean feet; put on clean socks. Ingredients help body heal and balance via reflexology points on feet.
    7. Apply to scars. Use as a warm compress over organs.
    8. For massage: gives targeted emotional support which assists deeper release & more positive shift.
    9. For hand massages/ foot or chest rubs for kids, the elderly, or those bed-ridden to assist with aches/pain and boost immune support.
    10. Scrunch through thick hair for shine, tame frizzies, and to keep others out of your hair.
    11. Mix several squirts with 2 tbsp of sugar or salt to make a light scrub.  Apply to body for a fabulous emotional-exfoliating skin-boost.
    12. Add 1 pump to body wash and dish/hand soap. Shake well. Increases moisturizing and immune benefits, plus emotional support. 
    13. Pets—rub 1 drop into hands. Apply above pets nose, and run hands over their fur or body.
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