Kaliana Emotional Care

Learn simple, natural ways to rapidly ease anxiety, stress, heartache and health issues.

Kaliana Stress Relief
Kaliana Stress Relief

Discover key foods and supplements for grief, trauma, confidence, and happiness.

Try our hand-blended, therapeutic Emotional Care® mists, beverage boosters and body oils made using Vibra-nutrients and premium Essential Oils.

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What if you really can bottle happiness?

Kaliana grew up as the daughter of a world-renowned biologist and pediatric nurse. At the age of 13, she came down with an illness. The doctors were unable to help her, and after 2 years she began searching for her own answers. Kaliana started pursuing natural healing when she was 15, determined to find a solution to her pain.

After 17 years of studying healing, in 1995, her heart went out to a toddler screaming from separation anxiety. Her worlds of science and natural healing suddenly merged as she began hearing a complex formula for a natural spray to help the boy. The remedy changed his life. Her phone began ringing with moms asking for more and since has grown to help people all over the world.

Each product you see came about by someone calling for help or from a need within her home.

Are you Ready to Feel Calmer and Happier?

Just like your body needs vitamins to function at its best,
so do your emotions.

Vibra-nutrients and Flower Essences
...nature's vitamins.

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a walk in nature? The body absorbs energy nutrients while in nature that help balance emotions. Colors, sounds, smells, plants and minerals all emit atoms that your body absorbs. These tiny particles are known as Vibra-nutrients or energy nutrients.

Studies show that nature can help:
lower tension, blood pressure, adrenaline levels, factors of excess weight and type 2 diabetes.*

As a result, positive emotions increase, while negative emotions decrease.*

Watch Kaliana Products in Action!

Ready to Feel Calmer and Sleep Better?

Savory Oven Baked Turkey Tenderloins with Cabbage

Savory Oven-Baked Turkey Tenderloins

The mix of savory spices, butter, and cabbage leaves this recipe full of flavor and incredibly tender. I first created this yumminess for Thanksgiving of 2015. It was the first one without my dad...
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Infused Waters for Health, Confidence, or Self-love

Infused Waters—Health, Confidence, Self-love

Enhance the flavor and brighten up your plain ole drinking water with some various infusions while boosting the emotional support! For these three, we have chosen specific ingredients for their ability to empower health, confidence, or self-love...
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Orzo and Elk Stuffed Peppers

Orzo and Elk Stuffed Peppers

With the warming of the weather, bell peppers become most abundant and flavorful. They are full of vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidants, and also offer anti-inflammatory health benefits. Elk is lower than beef in both total and saturated fat, while containing more protein than most other meats, and also being a great source of iron and vitamin B-12.
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Fix-Me Mist Variety Set - Kaliana Natural Emotional Care Sale
Fix-Me Mist Variety Set
From $59.80 $63.80
Beverage Booster Set. Emotional Care. Natural help for Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, Grief, Pain, PTSD, Trauma, ADD Sale
Beverage Booster Variety Set
From $82.80 $91.80
Deep-Release Oil Variety Set - Kaliana Natural Emotional Care Sale
Deep-Release Oil Variety Set
From $99.80 $111.80
Try the Kaliana Calm emotional support Kit to help healing anxiety, focus and sleep. Sale
Calm Kit
$82.80 $91.80


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