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In August of 1995, Kaliana's heart went out to a toddler screaming from separation anxiety. She began hearing a complex natural remedy to help him. Little did she know how dramatically it would change his life.

Her formulas are now helping people all over the world create a life they love. Experience the products for yourself and see how much better you and your family can feel.


How can we help?

Learn simple, natural ways to effectively ease anxiety, stress, heartache and health issues.

Kaliana Stress Relief
Kaliana Stress Relief

Discover key foods and supplements for grief, trauma, confidence, and happiness.

Try our hand-blended, therapeutic Emotional Care® mists, beverage boosters, body oils, and pocket concentrates made using Vibra-nutrients and premium Essential Oils.

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Are you ready to feel calmer and happier?

Just like your body needs vitamins to function at its best,
so do your emotions.

Vibra-nutrients and Flower Essences
...emotional vitamins.

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a walk in nature? The body absorbs energy nutrients while in nature that help balance emotions. Colors, sounds, smells, plants and minerals all emit atoms that your body absorbs. These tiny particles are known as Vibra-nutrients or energy nutrients.

Studies show that nature can help:
lower tension, blood pressure, adrenaline levels, factors of excess weight and type 2 diabetes.*

Watch Kaliana Products in Action!

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Creamy Strawberry Peach Smoothie for PTSD

If you've been through grief or trauma, you most likely have higher levels of anxiety, stress, and sleep issues. In this flavor-filled smoothie we combine ingredients to help ease these emotions and counteract the negative impact on the body...Why eat Cashews, Mangoes, and Peaches together for PTSD?
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Greek-Style Quinoa Muffins

Greek-Style Quinoa Muffins

I have been on a quinoa kick lately—seeing how many ways this seed can be transformed into delicious, wholesome meals and snacks. This protein-packed recipe was inspired by my intense love of Greek salads!
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Roasted Butternut Squash and Cauliflower Soup

Roasted Butternut Squash and Cauliflower Soup

This roasted butternut squash and cauliflower soup is creamy, full of flavor, and packed with nutrients! Garnish with some smoked paprika for a baconesque flavor that will...
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Fix-Me Mist Variety Set - Kaliana Natural Emotional Care Sale
Fix-Me Mist Variety Set
From $59.80 $63.80
Beverage Booster Set. Emotional Care. Natural help for Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, Grief, Pain, PTSD, Trauma, ADD Sale
Beverage Booster Variety Set
From $82.80 $91.80
Deep-Release Oil Variety Set - Kaliana Natural Emotional Care Sale
Deep-Release Oil Variety Set
From $99.80 $111.80
Try the Kaliana Calm emotional support Kit to help healing anxiety, focus and sleep. Sale
Calm Kit
$82.80 $91.80


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