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Which essential oil blend is best for your emotions?

Tired of feeling


Hand-blended essential oils and flower essences that change the way you feel in 30 seconds - anytime, anywhere.


A Leader In Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Since 1976

Blending aromatherapy is both an art and a science, just like cooking. Some people are average and others are gourmet chefs. The skill and knowledge of the person creating an aromatherapy blend directly affects the effectiveness and results you experience. Kaliana has been studying aromatherapy and essential oils since 1976.

Hand-Crafted using our 150-step process

Essential Oils premium quality selected for greatest results

Flower Essences nutrients to uplift emotions

Synergy our natural catalyst brings the essences together

Activated each batch is succussed 133 times

Aged mother formulas are aged 23 years

Try our Vibraceutical™ formulas.. naturally change the way you feel in 30 seconds


Who Uses

Kaliana Emotional Care®?

WOMEN that we provide a fun, smell-good & simple way to uplift all sorts of daily emotions

KIDS us because they feel calmer, happier, and better at learning

PROFESSIONALS us because we help reduce stress while making focusing and problem-solving easier

SOLDIERS that we provide a rapid, easy way to help soothe and stabilize traumatic emotions

Children's Study

Children's Study

71% of Kids Felt Happier, Calmer & Slept Better

In the summer of 2008, KidsAbilities Occupational Therapy for Children, sponsored the first pilot study of Kaliana products. A portion of their clients were asked to participate in the study for 30 days, while others remained as a control group.

In conclusion, using the Kaliana 3-layer Method significantly helped the children handle their emotions, become more social, improve memory, verbal skills, and/or learning/cognitive abilities.

See Study

Why choose

Kaliana Emotional Care Formulas

Why choose

We are a small, family-run company that focuses on the emotional and mental benefits of essential oils, while also embracing their amazing immune benefits. We help you make each day better by providing you with organic and wild-crafted products that can naturally improve the way you feel in minutes.

Our goal at Kaliana is to give you the power to ease your anxiety, heartache, and trauma. You can’t always change the challenge, but you can change how you feel within the challenge—we want to help you do that.

How does Kaliana

Compare to Other Essential Oil Companies?

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Year Founded Est. 1995 Est. 2008 Est. 1979 Est. 2011 Est. 1993
Essential Oils

Targeted Blends

Single & Blends

Single & Blends

Single & Blends

Single & Blends

Organic 95% of ingredients, but not all US "certified organic" because rules vary in different sourcing countries. Not US "certified organic" because rules vary in different sourcing countries. Some but not all Some but not all Not US "certified organic" because rules vary in different sourcing countries.
Wild When Possible Only orange Only chamomile & marjoram
Therapeutic Grade This term is not used with Plant Therapy
133 times
Flower Essences
all include blends of 137 to 243
Vibraceutical™ Formulas
Biocatalyst Activation
Hand Made
Small Batches
Emotional Support
All products target specific emotions
Some Some Some Some
150 Step Process
Mothers aged a min of 23 years

*Chart based on supplier's website(s) at time & subject to change without notice.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Four Applications

To Target Your Emotions

Each application is designed to alleviate negative emotions. Use several together to work on a deeper level.

Fix-Me™ Mists

  • Rapid uplift for emotions
  • Energize & quickly stabilize

Make your day better in just 30 seconds—spray and breathe deep.

Deep-Release™ Oils

  • Long-acting for emotions
  • Support immune, skin, & organ

Hours of emotional support—plus smoother, more radiant skin.

Beverage Boosters

  • Like vitamins for emotions™
  • Take by mouth or in food/drink

Up to 243 vibra-nutrients™—for consistent, internal emotional support.

Pocket Essential™ Oils

  • Discreet, immediate, on-the-go
  • Immune & emotional balance

Anytime, anywhere—significant boost for health and emotional wellbeing.

Which Essential Oil

Blend is Best for Your Emotions?

Learn more about your emotional personality type and the essential oil blend that could benefit you.

Take Your life Back

"Getting your bliss back does not require anyone else. It is yours for the taking - because it is YOURS! Every memory, every negative emotion, every wound can be healed and released. Our goal is giving you the power to change the way you feel to regain control over your life and happiness."

- Kaliana

What People Are

Saying About Us

“I have been amazed how often Kaliana's products have helped a child and their family deal with behavior problems, fears, or other stressors.”

Wendy G. Talley, MD, FAAP


“We now go days without fussing with each other, without a major breakdown, without fighting. Almost EVERYTHING was a battle. Now, it’s not.”

Angi C., Mom


“Exceptionally moving, powerful, unbelievably effective, remarkable energy shift’…that is what my patients tell me!”

Dr. S. Martin, DC, DABC


“I love to take your sets with me when I travel. The mists are great for uplifting stale hotel rooms and refreshing myself in the airport lavatory…your boosters support me with all the different clientele I have to face from city to city...and of course I always have one of your concentrates in my purse for using on the airplane...I just take you everywhere I go!”

M.A., Advertising Exec.


“I always have Kaliana in my pocket. I work with clients and families that are grieving various losses...loss of physical and mental abilities, lose of home and belongings, lose of a spouse or family member. Taking the time to rub Kaliana's Comfort Essential Oil into hands and soothing points really makes a difference in these clients and families days. Thank you Kaliana!”

Ellen B., Therapist


“I have been a private client of Kaliana's for over 2 years. Throughout that time, she has helped me shift massively. I feel happiness and joy most of the time. I did not know 2 years ago that this was possible. I am forever grateful for her work and her products!” “Exceptionally moving, powerful, unbelievably effective, remarkable energy shift’…that is what my patients tell me!”

Lisa S., Technology


“I love how the oil soaks into my skin making it smell divine! Your products ease the 'roller coaster' of highs last longer, and my lows are not as low."

Lydia M., Dental Hygienist


"The product gave me more self-confidence and empowered me to do something that I didn't think I could do. I feel so together and I'm getting so much done. My attitude about work has even changed. I don't want to go a day without them."

Corinne M., Photographer


“My 13 yr old son had gotten involved with a really rough crowd. I left the mists sitting out in the hallway and to my amazement all of the boys started playing with the mists. I noticed a change in all of them and was able to better reconnect with my son.”

Vickie S., Mom




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