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Kaliana Schmidt

Essential Oil Expert & Keynote Speaker

Phyto-Aromatologist | Founder of Emotional Care® | Author of 4 Books
Health & Wellness Conferences · Therapists & Practitioners · Women's Organizations

5 Little Known Keys to Essential Oil Use for Families

With the rapidly growing interest in essential oils, boost your event attendance by featuring a highly engaging speaker with over 40 years experience in aromatherapy and natural healing.

Whether your audience is beginners, advanced or a mixture of both, Kaliana is highly skilled at taking them to the next level in this fun and experiential class. She teaches practitioners as well as moms, 5 little known keys to improving the effectiveness of their essential oils.

Which popular essential oil, that's likely in your kitchen or bath, is bad for you?

When should you use a single essential oil instead of a blend?

How can you increase the effectiveness of any essential oil?

What’s the most effective way to use essential oils for illness?

What common method of using essential oils typically falls short in healing?

I’ve seen lots of professional speakers and Kaliana truly has a gift. Her timing, delivery of information, and understanding of how to connect with and motivate an audience is rare. She loves what she does; the audience feels it and it makes for a real life-motivating experience.

Richard Berlin, Omega Conference, San Francisco
Kaliana calmed the senses of a standing room only crowd of retailers. Show organizers say attendees in the session commented, ‘WOW!,’ ‘So Amazing’ and ‘Bring her back.’

Natural Products Association Midwest, MAHO, WholeFoods Magazine, Sept 2014


How to Choose the Best Essential Oils for Healing
Learn keys to achieve better results with Aromatherapy.

  1. If you could only own 5 E.O., which would they be?
  2. When to use individual E.O. versus blends
  3. Therapeutic quality vs cheaper essential oils
  4. What is dilution and when is it good versus bad?
  5. Three application methods and which is best for specific situations?
  6. What are Flower Essences and how do they differ from E.O.?

Best 5 Areas to Apply Essential Oils to Ease Illness
Learn which areas on the body to target, depending on the illness, to increase the odds of recovery.

  1. When to use neat vs diluted?
  2. What are the best carrier or base oils?
  3. Where to apply to target 4 top areas of healing: sinus & lung, immune, lymphatic, and brain & nervous system
  4. How to apply for: Time-release absorption, reflex points, and triggering chi/energy.

Diving in: Using Essential Oils to Target Emotions
An introductory look at emotions, and the essential oils that help shift them.

  1. Why targeting emotions is critical in health & illness
  2. How to potentize essential oils to make them more effective for emotional use
  3. Rules to combining and blending essential oils to address layers of emotions
  4. How colors and images can act as guides to reveal best E.O. choices.

3 Ways to Repair the Bodies' Electrical Field & Energy Systems
Explore how Flower Essences and Energy Nutrients are essential in healing.

  1. Setting boundaries and preventing energetic vulnerabilities
  2. Restoring proper flow and balance to your energy network
  3. Specific ways to help positively influence the auric field, internal resonance, and dis-ease.

How to Use Specialty Products to Comfort the Heart in Grief
Applying Specialty Products to Reflex Points for Trauma Recovery
Panel Q&A


Kaliana is extraordinary as a professional speaker with 41 years experience in natural healing. She began her passionate pursuit of natural healing at the early age of 15 as a result of a health issue the medical community was unable to remedy. Natural therapies were the perfect fit since Kaliana grew up immersed in both science and healing as the daughter of a world renowned plant biologist and a registered nurse.

Kaliana is a leading expert in essential oils. She developed her own proprietary system for combining and blending essential oils with flower essences to facilitate an unparalleled healing response from the body. In 1995, she released her own line of all Natural Emotional Care® sprays, supplements and oils sold nationwide to help children and adults feel calmer and happier. In a 2008 pilot study of exceptional children for 60 days, 75% of the parents reported that their child was calmer (emotionally), happier, slept better and had 30% fewer temperamental outbursts as a result when using Kaliana Natural Emotional Care® products.

Kaliana is a certified Phyto-Aromatologist, author of 4 books, private consultant, graduated from Queens University as a Presidential Scholar, sat on the Board for Eating Disorders at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. holds a 4-year Advanced Certification from the Mastery of the Heart School, and is certified to teach courses for Continuing Education Hours by NCBTMB.

Speaking from Coast to Coast

Omega Conference San Francisco // Omega Conference Fort Lauderdale // FootZonology National Conference // Southeast Natural Products Association // Midwest Natural Products Association // Southern Women’s Show // FoxNews Rising // Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins // Conscious Talk Radio Seattle // Duke Energy // Queens University // Holistic Mom’s Network // Michigan Women’s Expo // The Fresh Expo // SHIFT Charlotte Expo

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