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Our Ingredients and Process

What Makes Kaliana

Highly Effective

For Emotions?


using our 150-step process

Since 1995, we have been hand-blending our products in small batches of 100-150 bottles. We infuse love and care into each bottle so that feeling permeates your energy field and home. Our process starts with creating the Vibraceutical™ base of 137-243 flower essences and vibra-nutrients™ to target specific emotions. We add our pure and natural catalyst to connect the essences together so that they work as one.

Compare our process of creating the Vibraceutical™ to creating a song on a piano. Each key has its own unique sound. You can play one key or a multitude of notes. The order as well as the number of times they are played determines whether you create a beautiful song or irritating noise.

Instead of tossing a bunch of essences together, our layering technique is very specific when it comes to the order and how much of each flower essence and vibra-nutrient™ is included. We follow this same method with blending our essential oils. This is what makes a difference in you feeling empowered to handle the many layers of an emotion.*

Essential Oils

therapeutic quality selected for greatest results

Aromatherapy has been used as a form of natural medicine since Ancient Egypt. It uses essential oils which are extracted from leaves, barks, roots, and flowers to support healing in the body. Essential oils are basically the immune system of a plant.

Every essential oil has a different scent, and therefore a different impact on the emotions. Because of their aroma, they are processed by the limbic part of the brain—which is your emotional switchboard. This is why each essential oil acts in its own unique way, as a specific lock and key in the body’s repair process.

There may be 50 different essential oils that help with calming, but in order to create lasting change, it is key to go after the specific emotion triggering the challenge. For instance, you may have anxiety. But is it coming from trauma, heartache, or perhaps a childhood issue? The underlying issue determines which oils will work most effectively.

Therefore, our blends are highly customized to go after underlying issues—to help shift the triggers behind your emotions, so that you steadily transition into a stronger individual.

Sourcing: Our products are hand-blended in the USA by women, for women. We source from companies that support fair trade within the US and around the globe in Germany, India, Bulgaria, and France due to their exceptional standards for essential oils. We use organic and wild-crafted ingredients whenever possible due to their positive impact on both health and the community. We use organic and wild even though we don’t always list that on our labels.

Note: our internal Beverage Boosters do not contain any essential oils, and we do not recommend the consumption of essential oils.

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Flower Essences

137-243 energy nutrients to uplift emotions

Flower essences have no aroma, yet can have a profound impact on your emotions and energy level.

Dr. Edward Bach first began documenting the effects of flower essences on emotions in the 1930s. These essences have been so effective at helping emotions that thousands are now produced all over the globe.

Kaliana coined the term Vibra-nutrients™ to represent not just flowers, but all the energies that come from nature. Similar to reiki, they have a positive impact not just on emotions, but also your body's electrical system. Energy systems run like railroad tracks all around and throughout your body. When these systems are out of balance, it’s as if pieces of the track are missing. When the energy is blocked or can’t move correctly, we experience tension, anxiety, or even illness.

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a walk in nature? Energy nutrients help repair emotions and damaged portions of the track. The body uses up energy nutrients the same way it uses up vitamin C or D. Therefore, these nutrients must be consistently provided through nature or bottled products to support optimum health and happiness.

Energy nutrients play a significant role in helping to give strength, stability, and even patience. For example, Oak essence can help someone be better at sticking with their decisions, whereas Willow essence can help someone be more adaptable and easy-going.

Just like vitamins, when you’re feeling highly stressed or sick, you need more energy nutrients (which means use them more often). You also tend to notice a more rapid shift or improvement when you are emotionally stressed or sick. As you come into balance, the impact becomes less and less dramatic. So when it comes to life, some days you will obviously need more energy nutrients than others. In addition, if you live in a crowded city, or spend 12+ hours per day indoors, your body needs them more often than someone who hangs out at the beach or works as a forest ranger.

What if your stress or fatigue is due to a lack of energy nutrients?

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our natural catalyst brings the essences together

We refer to “activation” as the process that happens when we add our pure and natural catalyst to each Formula. The least scientific way to explain this is through an example:

Imagine 137 people working in a hospital. Each person has a talent: from surgeons and nurses, to book-keepers and maintenance. Each has their own unique skills. Individually, they are important, but for the hospital to be able to affect healing, all of their jobs are essential. In addition, they must work together as an organized team.

Our natural catalyst activates the 137 - 243 flower essences and vibra-nutrients™, so that they come together to provide greater healing assistance to the body.*


each batch is shaken 133 times

Succussion is the scientific process established by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. Dr. Hahnemann is the founder of homeopathy and father of immunology. Although Hippocrates came up with the concept of “like cures like” thousands of years ago, Dr. Hahnemann was the first to research, standardize and establish the science of immunology. This understanding eventually led to the immunizations we have today.

Succussion is a medical term used in chemistry and homeopathy, and it refers to the intense shaking process used to increase the effectiveness of a remedy. It is applied not just in homeopathy, but in other scientific processes as well. It is considered a key part of establishing stability of a remedy so that it remains effective for decades.

At Kaliana, we do not create homeopathic remedies. We do, however, employ the scientific process of succussion.

In homeopathy, standard succussion is 100 times. We succuss each of our products 133 times, which is higher than any homeopathic remedy. Why 133? Because higher numbers of shaking have been scientifically shown to increase effectiveness. And because 1 + 3 + 3 equals 7, which is a sacred number.

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mother formulas are aged 23 years

Time allows ingredients to come together and mature. Think about wine, whiskey, vinegar, and cheese—the longer they age, the more mature and desirable they become. This is why you pay a great deal more depending on how long it has been aged.

The simplest way to understand aging is shared above, but to understand the deeper benefits for the healing process and why we age our mother Formulas for at least 23 years, let’s take a look at the impact of time on plant relationships.

Think about when a forest is first born after an intense fire… it starts with hundreds of tiny seedlings, and as these seedlings mature, new plants are then able to grow in their shade. The longer a forest matures, the more diversity of plant life develops.

As forests age, the interconnectedness between plants becomes stronger. For example, science has shown that plants actually communicate with each other. And their network of communication triggers them to share nutrients and water with other plants in need. One mother tree can be connected to hundreds of younger trees, communicating information down to them, such as the need for viral protection. Over time, a forest begins to interact as one giant organism.

To mimic the complexity of an ancient forest, we combine large numbers of plant essences (137 to 243 depending on the Formula). We then add our natural catalyst, and age the Formulas for at least 23 years. During this time, the individual plant essences begin to work as a team for the healing process.

Note: Our aging process refers to our Vibraceutical™ mother formulas that are made up of flower essences and vibra-nutrients™. We do not include essential oils as part of the aging process.

Family Friendly

from children to elderly*

In 1995, when Kaliana began blending her formulas, her children were toddlers. It was essential to her that every product be beneficial for her to use with her children.

Our dedication goes further than that. For over a decade, Kaliana products were bottled in blue and green glass. People often use them in bathrooms and kitchens, plus take them when they travel, so there was the obvious concern of glass breaking. In addition, the dip-tubes in our internal supplements are plastic. We pay much more for them, but we know the tips won’t break off inside the bottle.

The process of transitioning from glass to plastic wasn’t simple. Kaliana spent 3 years working with her husband who had 20 years in the glass and plastic industry to accomplish something that had never been done before. Kaliana invented a technique that enabled her blends to maintain their integrity while packaged in a specific BPA-free, food-grade plastic that mimics glass.

The result—high quality Emotional Care® that is safe, lightweight, and portable for you and your family.

*small parts: keep out of reach of children

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Organic & Wild

always our priority

We feel so strongly about both uplifting your emotions and strengthening your vital force, that Kaliana primarily uses organic and wild ingredients.

Using organic and wild ingredients matches our philosophy. They are better for our environment and better for your health. The emotional intelligence and genetic strength may also be stronger, plus there are no residual pesticides.

Why would organic not be on our label? Occasionally, weather conditions or other factors can create a shortage of organic ingredients. For instance, our Deep-Release™ Oils and Pocket Essential™ Oils have been 95% organic since 1995, except for 1 year when we couldn’t get organic jojoba or rosehip. If we put organic on our label, then we legally cannot provide products if there is a shortage.

Families rely on our products; they are the only way some children can get through a day of school. Our number one concern is supporting families emotionally at all times.



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