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How Foods Affect Moods

Do you ever struggle with anxiety, stress or fatigue?
Some foods increase unpleasant emotions, while others boost calm, joy and confidence.

We now realize that our genes are not written in stone but rather [we can naturally]
...turn them on or off to either help or hurt our health.
—Dr. Oz

Boost your health and energy!
Learn foods to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue and help “turn on” your good genes.

How does Coffee affect your Confidence?

How is your favorite drink emotionally impacting you?

Check out Kaliana's book Coffee, Chocolate & Confidence: How 70 Beverages Impact Your Emotions!
Learn how everything you drink affects your mood during the day. 

A few examples...

29 Different Teas & Spices

"Black tea is perfect when you need to analyze something, as it helps bring forth the critic within. This can be good for analyzing data, but not so great for friendships. Find out how to make black tea more supportive just by adding a few select ingredients."

Different Coffees, 10 Milks & Sweeteners, 14 Fruits & Juices

"Coffee emotionally is The Little Engine That Could. It says to your body and emotions “I think I can” and helps you to have courage when you feel afraid or insecure. Coffee, regardless of whether decaf or regular, ignites your emotional drive when you need it most. Find out how coffee mixed with chocolate may help boost your confidence even more!"

Plus 7 Different Spirited Alcohols from Beer to Whiskey

"Wine is about emotional closeness with one person or a small group. It is therefore an excellent choice for an intimate setting of two or for a dinner party...but not as good when you have a meeting with someone where you want to set strong boundaries and keep them at a distance. Decide whether rum, vodka or tequila might be the best choice for your next get-together."

A couple reviews...

I love using the book as a reference guide, such as for when I notice a consistent craving or am purchasing much of something for my home. I use it as a clue to what might be going on at a deeper level. Now I get why I was buying so many mangoes last week! I needed not to worry so much, and just be happier. —N.M.K, NY

My wife and I noticed that every time I came home from playing pool with my friend, she & I would have an argument. I talked to Kaliana about this and she immediately asked what beverage I was having while out with my friend. When I told her gin & tonics she immediately chuckled, explained that gin could contribute to criticizing and nit-picking, and suggested I try switching to beer or rum instead. Well, I'm pleased to say that my wife and I haven't argued in over 3 months now. Thank you Kaliana! —Mike, WA

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This way, when you grab something from your pantry, it encourages positive moods and emotions.


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Confidence Hot Cocoa

Stress Relief Pina Colada

Cold and Flu Healing Toddy

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