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10 Reasons to Comfort Your Heart

Sep 14, 2016

10 Reasons to Comfort Your Heart

We all need help from time to time soothing our hearts from sadness, during breakups, divorces, criticism or competition from others, the stages of grief, or kids dealing with disappointment or meanness at school or camp. When the heart breaks, it breaks open because it needs more love to heal. By buffering the pain of disappointment, meanness or loss while remembering the love within you, you can turn back on the light in your heart so that once again you begin to shine.

Love is the power you hold within your heart. Love is the power that heals the blues, heartache and disappointment.

Grief is the place where love and pain merge in the heart. Fill yourself with compassion, kindness and unconditional love to heal your beautiful heart.

Increase inner-love, kindness, to help ease your pain when the heart is hurting or sad. Things may seem tough, but know in your heart that love has the strength to restore you. Comfort is always there for you. Give yourself the gift of comfort!

promote: hope, emotional endurance, kindness*
release: heartache, grief, sadness*
support: heart, circulatory, breasts, reproductive*

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Top 10 reasons you might especially love using Kaliana COMFORT Formula*:
1. you are a kind-hearted person, or have a sympathetic ear
2. feel lonely, have a broken heart, or grieving a lost loved one
3. divorce, criticism, or harsh conditions at home or work
4. tough days at camp, or meanness at school such as middle school girls
5. feelings easily get hurt, or you get blamed for things
6. struggle with loneliness, bitterness, fear of being liked or insecurity
7. a hard time when lose a sports competition, or not picked for a team or club
8. cry at movies, over silly stuff, or when you see an accident
9. cultivate kindness in your home, car, meetings or workspace
10. encourage self-love, self-worth, inner beauty, and stop beating yourself up

Uplifting Scent of this Kaliana Fix-Me Mist & Support Serum:
COMFORT aroma soothes your heart through a delicate blend of fresh floral tones with hints of mint and citrus ... grab this heart-lifting blend of aromas and positive energy to help cheer and reassure your heart.

Comfort Essential Oils used in Kaliana Mist & Oil:
Rose absolute: Key in heart healing & stabilizing heartache
Jasmine absolute: mood balancing, stabilizing & uplifting
Ylang-ylang: triggers healing, mood balancing & calming
Spearmint: refreshing, uplifting & alleviates emotional fatigue
Rose Geranium: balance nerves & lift depression
Eucalyptus: cleansing, refreshing & uplifts fatigue
Neroli: turns on optimism & lifts depression
Kaliana Comfort Blend of 144 trace positive energy nutrients - “like vitamins for your emotions”

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“I have been amazed how often Kaliana’s products have helped a child and their family deal with behavior problems, fears, or other stressors.” Wendy G. Talley, MD, FAAP

71% of parents said their child was Happier, Calmer (emotionally), Slept Better, and had Less Temperamental Outbursts.* Exceptional Child Pilot Study 2008; using Kaliana 3-Layer Kit for 30 days.


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Please leave your thoughts to inspire others. Have you ever had your heart broken? Share in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treat. This information is based on research and knowledge by the author, and the ideas are not intended as substitute for medical advice. As with any products it is suggested that you check with your medical practitioner prior to use. The author disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of any products mentioned herein.

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