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How Flower Essences Impact Mental and Emotional Health

Jan 23, 2019

How Flower Essences Impact Mental and Emotional Health

What is a flower essence?

Flower essences are infusions where the flowers are steeped in the sun, or boiled in water, to capture the energy imprint of the flower.

They are different than essential oils in that they have no aroma or chemical properties, but based on physics, but are actually the flower's healing vibration.

They are safe to consume at any age, have shown no side effects, and can have a big impact on both your emotions and energy level. 

In the 1930’s, Dr. Edward Bach began documenting the effects of flower essences on emotions. Every flower has a unique healing quality. These essences are so effective at helping emotions that thousands are now produced all over the globe.

Flower essences are based on the concept that human beings are not only physical bodies, but also made up of energy, feelings, and spirit—often called our mental and emotional bodies. 
Flower essences work by interacting with these aspects to help balance and empower our health, happiness, and mental outlook. 

How do they work?

In helping you to understand their healing benefits, flower essences can be compared to inspirational music or art—both of which are well known to uplift a person, and have been scientifically shown to improve the mind’s ability to be creative, learn better, or increase physical skills. 

This upliftment from music or art is caused by the energy being delivered to a person via sound or light waves. With flower essences, the energy is being delivered via water (which is then preserved using alcohol, glycerine or vinegar).

According to Dr. Bach, each person holds many qualities of emotion and personality such as love, faith, optimism, decisiveness, and even being gentle, to name a few. When a person is healthy and all is in balance, these qualities shine out strongly. However, in a time of imbalance, the reverse of a quality will appear.

For instance, the counterpart of calm is anxious, the opposite of optimism is resentment, and obviously the reverse of patience is impatience. So when we are stressed, afraid, or hurt we tend to be less patient, more anxious, and even become argumentative or angry. Taking flower essences helps the body restore balance and allow for a more positive frame of mind.



How Flower Essences Impact Mental and Emotional Health


Why are they so safe?

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, aromatherapy or herbal medicines, the effect of a flower essence is not achieved from an enzyme, known nutritional impact, or chemical interaction. Interestingly, just like most homeopathic remedies, flower essences are energy remedies and do not contain any measurable chemical properties. Instead, they work through the various human energy fields. In physics, this principle is known as resonance.

Just like the energy (or resonance) of music travels through the air and is picked up by our ears and bodies, and then affects our brains and emotions—the energy of plants and flowers also positively influences us. The energy of sound, plants and flowers can have a rapid and significant impact on how we feel.

What benefits may result from using them?

Have you ever noticed how alive you feel after visiting a botanical garden? Or how refreshed you feel after a 15 minute walk on the beach or in nature? However, staring at a silk flower or a picture of a plant while sitting in a stark hotel room does not create the same positive feeling within you.

In Japan, science has found significant health improvements in the body via ‘forest bathing,' i.e. spending 15 minutes walking in nature. Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies explains it this way: our “soul chords” respond to the “soul notes” of flower essences. And this has a natural positive influence on our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

The use of flower essences is based on the premise that our emotions, thoughts, and therefore experiences are represented in the various shapes, colors, aromas, plant structures, and vital force of all flowering plants. Flowers have been deemed to be the most intelligent and sophisticated of all plants based on their timeline in evolution, and the way species have evolved to attract specific insects for food (think venus fly traps) or birds for pollination, such as the way hummingbirds are highly attracted to red flowers.

Science shows plants produce soundwaves

With advances in technology, sound devices have been connected to flowers and plants. They discovered that each one actually plays a unique song that can be heard via a sound device. Peer reviewed science has even demonstrated that plants somehow communicate with each other, perhaps through sound.

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies has recorded a variety of plants and views sound as a crucial role in the function of life. They are even investigating how plant sounds could be affecting our environment and climate change.

As science and technology continue to evolve, more can be revealed about the ways flower essences have a significant, positive impact on our mental, emotional and physical health.

All Kaliana formulas contain between 137-243 flower essences and vibra-nutrients to uplift specific emotions, support energy, and bring your emotional and physical body back into balance. Try one of our blends today and receive free shipping!


About the Author: Kaliana has been studying natural healing since 1976. She developed her own line of aromatherapy products in 1995, is a gifted intuitive, Master Energy Healer, author of 4 books, professional speaker, and offers private consulting for spiritual women and moms.

Kaliana is a certified Phyto-Aromatologist, graduated from Queens University as a Presidential Scholar, sat on the Board for Eating Disorders at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, holds a 4-year Advanced Certification from the Mastery of the Heart School, and teaches certified courses for Continuing Education Hours by NCBTMB.


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