Vitamins for Emotions™: deep-acting emotional support

“‘Exceptionally moving, powerful, unbelievably effective, remarkable energy shift’
…that is what my patients tell me!”
—Dr. S. Martin, DC, DABCI

9 Ways to use Kaliana Beverage Boosters
  1. Emotional Power Drink: Add 2 squirts to a bottled beverage. Shake & take with you.
  2. Nervous? Add to your beverage and sip during a test or meeting.
  3. Food cravings? Take 3 squirts (30 seconds apart). Distract yourself for 5 minutes.
  4. Keep in kitchen. Add to smoothies, soup/chili, sauteed veggies, desserts — any recipe.
  5. Mix 2-3 squirts into containers in your fridge so everyone benefits.
  6. Need sleep? Take 4 doses (30 secs apart) just before bed. If you wake in the night, repeat.
  7. Stressful traffic or road trip? Take a squirt directly in mouth as needed.
  8. Humidifier: Add 8 drops to 1 gallon of water to put positive energy into the air.
  9. Have a pet? Stir a few drops into their food or water.
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      Beverage Booster Set. Emotional Care. Natural help for Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, Grief, Pain, PTSD, Trauma, ADD Sale
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