Deep-Release™ Body Oils: hours of emotional support

“I love how the oil soaks into my skin making it smell divine! Your products ease the 'roller coaster' of emotions highs last longer, and my lows are not as low."
—L. Marshall

11 Ways to use Kaliana Deep-Release™ Oils
  1. When you feel out of sorts: massage onto temples, heart and nape of neck to relax.
  2. After bath or shower—provides a deep therapy to ease emotions, relax body, and boost immune health.
  3. Apply to scars or areas that need extra healing support. Use as a warm compress over organs.
  4. For massage: gives targeted emotional support which assists deeper release & more positive shift.
  5. Perfect also for hand massages/ foot or chest rubs for kids, the elderly, or those bed-ridden to assist with pain and boost immune support.
  6. Scrunch through thick hair for shine, tame frizzies, and to keep others out of your hair.
  7. Mix several squirts with 2 tbsp of sugar or salt to make a light scrub.  Apply to body for a fabulous emotional-exfoliating skin-boost.
  8. Add 1 pump to body wash and dish/hand soap. Shake well. Increases moisturizing and immune benefits, plus emotional support. 
  9. Gently massage into joints & muscles that hurt, after the gym, or overdoing yard work.
  10. Apply from head-to-toe (creating a cocoon of positive energy protecting you) on days or nights you know will be stressful.
  11. Pets—rub 1 drop into hands. Apply above pets nose, and run hands over their fur or body.
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