Free & Clear Lice/Flea Prevention

What makes this Lice & Flea product different?

We not only address the insects that bite, we also use ingredients to calm your emotions.
Under stress, your body emits a particular odor that is unnoticeable to humans, but highly attractive to pests like lice and fleas.

Simply killing the existing parasites is not enough. You need to shift both your aroma and your emotional state
in order to stop the bugs from attacking your body.*

Naturally help prevent lice, mites, and fleas ...for people and pets.
100% Natural. No toxic chemicals. Fabulous aroma. Conditions skin and hair.

“I have been using Kaliana’s Free n Clear for five plus years now. As a school teacher, we experience lice outbreaks several times a year... Free n Clear protects me and my colleagues...I would recommend Free n Clear to anyone... and the oils make my hair extremely shiny and well conditioned!”   —Michele R., Teacher, NC

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Free & Clear™ Lice prevention, prevent fleas and mites - Kaliana Natural Emotional Care Sale
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