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Clarity and Recovery Essential Oil Benefits

Recovery If you feel disempowered with illness or trauma in your past, emotional eating, weight control, cellulite

Clarity If you are constantly driven at a high pace, get food cravings, wrestle with weight, and skin issues

Recovery Essential Oils:

Recovery provides these 10 essential oils along with 137 flower essences to improve your ability to recover quicker, reduce stress and emotional eating, and smooth dimpled skin: 

  • Geranium...there is little that this oil can't do when it comes to taking your body and personal power back. It helps mood swings, PMS, speeds healingwounds, shingles, and ringworm, sore throat, strepbronchitisfungus, insomnia and cancer. Plus fights neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, anxiety and depression. This highly anti-microbial oil even fights the entire cycle of the herpes simplex virus.

  • Myrrh and Turmeric...respected for slowing down aging, stopping bleeding (life force leaving our body), promote wound healing and damaged skin (which makes us vulnerable), and reducing inflammation (which increases emotional irritation). Science has shown effectiveness against fungus and moldspollution, viruses, cancer, and intestinal diseases.

  • Melissa and Neroli...these high powered, expensive, and delightful smelling oils have special abilities when it comes to taking your power back from occasional painconvulsions, and viruses such as mumps, smallpox, Newcastle disease, and even herpes.

  • BenzoinCypress and Cedarwood...these tall trees are spiritually associated with long life and highly effective at cutting through crap and getting to the root of the matter. They help with all types of irritation, from acne and pain to germs and restless leg. This makes sense given how long they live and the heights they grow to. Think of one who has lived a long life and how they have healing wisdom and see through falsehoods way more quickly than a young person.

  • Grapefruit ....cuts through emotional blockages stored in the tissues and fat. We tend to store many negative memories or issues in fat cells, which is why weight loss is so difficult. If you don't clear the emotions connected to the weight, you will always put the weight back on.  

Clarity Essential Oils:

Clarity helps empower your quick mind and inner voice, while helping to reduce stress, blood pressure, and sugar cravings:

  • Benzoin
    • ...a powerful essential oil with a sense of richness and nobility that supports speaking with authority. Its well rounded emotional support includes verbalization, respiratory strength while feeling strong and centered. The earthy vanilla notes empower a strong core, while calming nerves to help you speak firmly with kindness.

  • Eucalyptus & Cajeput
    • ...cut through sinus congestion, viral and bacterial blockages that create mental fog, including even herpes simplex which is a virus that can create brain cloud, confusion and headaches. They are highly antimicrobial, and assist the ability of the lungs to take in oxygen and push out carbon dioxide.

  • Lemongrass & Melissa
    • ...have lemon notes that have been shown to stimulate the mind while reducing germs. Lemongrass's sharp edges cut through mental confusion while Melissa is revered as one of the best oils for grief and deep sadness. This helps you get to the root of your source of pain or blockages, and therefore helps with both clarity and greater self-expression.

  • Geranium
  • Vetivert
    • calming, grounding, anti-spasmodic and sedating, meaning it helps deeply relax the mind and your muscles, while improving focus, easing coughs, anxiety, irritation, and anger. This oil of tranquility, often compared to the smell of dirt, helps insomnia, inflammation, improve nervous health and wound healing. This translates into you being less frustrated with more focus, energy and passion to do your mission in life.

  • Lavender
    • ...the most common when it comes to reducing stress and promoting relaxation, which affects memory and benefits sleep. Sleep is essential for weight loss and good mental performance to reduce stress.  In a study, participants were asked to complete a memory task. Researchers found that those who inhaled lavender prior to being stressed performed better. 

  • Vanilla Absolute
    • ...warms the heart while both calming and uplifting the mind. This insures you feel more steady, especially at times when life gets intense. It helps you breathe deeper, feel stable, and triggers feeling of optimism in the mind.

  • Rose Absolute
    • ...the number one essential oil for helping the heart center grow larger, and regenerating the skin. Engaging your entire heart is essential for to knowing yourself, lowering stress, and reducing cravings.


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