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According to your quiz results, you are seeking Comfort

Hi! My name is Kaliana and I’ve been blending with essential oils and flower essences since 1976. I want to thank you for taking the time to answer those questions. Your responses help me determine which blend is best for addressing your specific emotions.

Below you will find a chart comparing 5 formulas recommended for you. The first formula is one of mine and the others are from companies you may know and love ☺ If you continue reading you will find more information about the impact of scent on emotions, and a special offer from us. I look forward to getting to know you better!



Here is a comparison of some blends to support you

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Year Founded Est. 1995 Est. 2008 Est. 1979 Est. 2011 Est. 1993
Formula Name





Sacred Mountain

Quantity of Premium Essential Oils
( ) in Blend
Primary Component Moderate Component Minor Component Minor Component None

Essential Oils in blend and cost per 5ml

E.O ingredients are listed by quantity, from highest at the top to lowest
Rose Absolute $175
Jasmine Absolute $55
Ylang Ylang $18
Geranium $17
Spearmint $6
Eucalyptus $6
Neroli $65
Wild Lavender $13
Clary Sage $16
Vanilla Absolute $216
Frankincense $26
Patchouli $19
Ylang Ylang $18
Labdanum Steam/Twig $13
Amyris $7
Sandalwood $36
Rose Flower $31
Osmanthus $50
Bergamot $15
Cedarwood $4
Lavender Tea Tree $9
Sweet Marjoram $9
Rose Absolute $175
Lavender $8
Bergamot $15
Geranium Bourbon $17
Roman Chamomile $20
Black Spruce $10
Ylang Ylang $18
Balsam Canada $5
Cedarwood $4
Therapeutic Grade This term is not used
with Plant Theraphy
133 times
Flower Essences
144 for uplifting the heart
Vibraceutical™ Formulas
Biocatalyst Activation
Hand Made
Small Batches
Emotional Support
All products target specific emotions
150 Step Process
Mothers aged a min of 23 years

*Chart based on supplier's website(s) at time & subject to change without notice.

Can a scent actually ease heartache, self-love, and disappointment?

Step back for a second and think of how often you are reminded of a childhood memory by something as simple as your mother’s perfume, or perhaps recall your grandmother when the aroma of chocolate chip cookies wafts through the air?

Scent has the most rapid and noticeable effect on the part of the brain that uplifts feelings, stores memories, impacts emotions, and your ability to concentrate.

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a walk in nature? Research shows how ‘forest bathing’ (simply being in nature and ’bathing’ in all the senses) reduces stress, increases energy, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, increases ability to focus, improves mood, and so much more.

The incredible benefits from forest bathing are in large part due to inhaling terpenes, which are found in essential oils. Research found when humans inhale these, it enhances human natural killer (NK) cell activity which can boost the immune system and  kill tumor cells.

But since there are over 50,000 terpenes in nature, it is important to use blends of essential oils versus just a single scent to gain greater emotional and health benefits.

Imagine what it would be like to move through your day with the power to reduce your heartache whenever you need to—the right combination of essential oils can make that possible.

In reviewing the chart of essential oils above, Kaliana Comfort stands out from the rest, due to the many extra layers of support it offers.

Comfort comes in several forms and a great place to start is with the mist because it’s portable, fun, and works quickly.

Comfort Fix-Me™ Mist is hand-blended essential oils, vibra-nutrients™ and flower essences that help ease your heartache, sadness and disappointment to help your heart make it through your day. Do you ever need that 3pm pick-me-up? It works like a portable diffuser, so you can spray it on or around yourself to instantly feel better, anywhere you go.

For over 43 years, Kaliana has been studying aromatherapy and other natural options that make a difference in how you feel.

Since 1995 she has helped thousands of individuals and families gain control over their emotions to make each day better.

Here is a one-time offer to try Kaliana mist for the price you'd spend at Starbucks

Try Comfort Fix-Me™ Mist to

  • rapidly uplift your emotions
  • help bring your emotional body into balance
  • hydrate and revitalize your skin
  • boost your immune system




Are there days when you wish life wasn’t so complicated and hard?

Kaliana Comfort stands out from the rest because it creates a tangible shift in how you feel. If you pay attention, you’ll notice your body and mind begin to relax in about 30 seconds after spraying.

Plus, Kaliana sprays are made to be repeated so you can use it several times, back-to-back to customize and increase the level of support you need in that moment.

What Can Comfort Do For You?

Promote: kindness, self-love, hope*

Release: heartache, grief, disappointment*


Comfort Fix-Me™ Mist ingredients have been hand-selected to help ease heartache and sadness, while stabilizing your emotions and nervous system. Comfort Vibraceutical™ 144 plus 10 key essential oils have been blended to work in conjunction with one another for greatest emotional benefit—including rose absolute, jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang, and neroli.

Try Comfort Fix-Me™ Mist Mist today for only $7 and see how easy it is to make your day better!

Try it risk free: If you are unsatisfied with this product for any reason, return it for a 100% refund.

P.S. Comfort Fix-Me™ Mist, developed over 23 years ago by Phyto-Aromatologist Kaliana, has helped individuals across the globe with their heartache and sadness. Act now to get this one-time special offer! Risk free with our 100% money back guarantee.

Hand-Crafted using our 150-step process

Essential Oils premium quality selected for greatest results

Flower Essences nutrients to uplift emotions

Synergy our natural catalyst brings the essences together

Activated each batch is succussed 133 times

Aged mother formulas are aged 23 years

Try our Vibraceutical™ formulas.. naturally change the way you feel in 30 seconds

Are you ready to support your heartache, self-love, and disappointment?

Try Kaliana Comfort for only $7 risk free to discover how much better you can feel. If you are unsatisfied with this product or any reason, return it for a 100% refund

What People Are

Saying About Us

“I use many Kaliana products, but the Comfort fix-me mist has helped me most pointedly. I studied abroad for three months in college, and I had some tough experiences and feelings while I was away. I sprayed myself with Comfort every single night, and it always gave me a sense of calm and peace regardless of whatever challenges I was dealing with during the day. I wouldn't have been able to sleep or succeed without it. These products are the real deal.”

- Sarala MK.

“Just days after my mothers passing, a friend gifted me Kaliana’s Grief book along with a bottle of her Comfort formula. Each night I used Comfort, hunkered down in bed and read a chapter. Instead of lying there all caught up in my emotional storm, it helped me like a soothing companion. Not only did it prepare me for the emotions that would surface but to have the "heads up" that it's all part of the processing of Grief. Receiving flowers at that time is lovely, don't get me wrong. But this was such a special message to me from a special someone, that since they couldn't be there each night to sooth me, they sent Comfort through this book and Kaliana’s Comfort formula.”

- Cindy S.

“I love your comfort massage oil together with the spray. It has brought me great relief in times of sadness, such as after speaking on the phone with a family member who was sent to Iraq for Military Duty. I was very distraught, so I sprayed Comfort around my head. I felt lighter. Then, I applied Comfort oil right over my heart. I felt like I was being hugged. My gratitude is deep, for your kindness in offering your products to help me through everyday, real life, completely making my life livable. Thank you, Kaliana!”

- Margaret V.

“I wanted you to know that your comfort oil is AMAZING. I have been on steroids for 5+ months -swollen and sore - and am in chemo treatments. I've used it on steroid swelling all over, dry skin on hands and cuticles, mouth sores at the corners of my lips (nothing else worked!), to ease my dry nose...I could go on and on. This oil immediately makes me feel better and truly "comforts" the neck, back, dry skin, balding head.... I am so blessed to have come across this infused with love product.”

- Dana P.

“About 2 months ago, my daughter had to say good bye to her Best Friend 4 legged companion. She lives more than 2000 miles and to hear her so sad and mourning was difficult to say the least… I wanted to give her a hug and so I reminded her to use her Kaliana Comfort - I know she had spray and oil (I sent her the booster soon after). Within an hour she texted that the Kaliana Comfort had indeed helped her feel better. She felt like she was being hugged with the Kaliana Comfort energy. Thank you Kaliana! You gave me a way to give my daughter a hug across the miles through your Comfort formula.”

- Ellen B.

“Just lost my father and this spray has helped many in my family. Highly recommend this for grieving families.”

- Danette R.

Act now to get this one-time special offer!

Try Comfort Fix-Me™ Mist to

  • rapidly uplift your emotions
  • help bring your emotional body into balance
  • hydrate and revitalize your skin
  • boost your immune system






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