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Your Personality Profile: COMFORT

Comfort personalities tend to be kind-hearted, empathetic, and helpful toward others. Compassion is one of their greatest qualities. Because they are very sensitive, their feelings can easily be hurt, and they experience disappointment deeper than most. Stories, movies and real-life can all tug at their heart strings. When they are in pain, they often can’t think straight. Grieving the loss of a loved one or a significant life-change can create wounds that seem impossible to heal—this can result in being a Comfort personality during certain phases of life. It is important for them to have tools that Comfort the heart, especially when they feel sad or wounded.

How Can Comfort Help You?

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4 oz

• Rapid uplift for emotions
• Energize & quickly stabilize


1 oz

• Long-acting for emotions
• Support immune, skin & organs


1 oz

• Like vitamins for emotions™
• Take by mouth or in food/drink


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• All 3 applications plus a travel size mist!



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How It Works

Why Use a Kaliana Fix-Me Mist

If you’re looking for quick way to shift emotions, Kaliana Fix-me™ Mists are a perfect, in-the-moment solution. They give you the power to change yourself at work, home, or even in the car.

Each portable blend of essential oils and vibra-nutrients™ targets specific emotions. They work quickly with a light aroma, and are intended to be repeated often depending on the depth of emotions you’re experiencing. Often 1 or 2 applications is enough, but it’s also completely safe to use the entire bottle in one sitting. Repeat every minute until you feel the way you want to feel.

Why Use a Kaliana Kit

Do you want consistent and deep-acting emotional support? Then Kaliana Emotional Care® Kits are designed for you. They include 4 easy-to-use, hand-blended products for taking charge of your emotions.

By using multiple applications, you can more effectively reach the root of deeper emotions, and give yourself the power to turn them around. On top of addressing emotions, our light mists hydrate and revitalize skin, our luxurious oils rejuvenate and protect the face and body, and our boosters deliver vibra-nutrients™ with organic raw fruit enzymes to empower positive emotions from the inside.

What People Are Saying About Us...

“I use many Kaliana products, but the Comfort fix-me mist has helped me most pointedly. I studied abroad for three months in college, and I had some tough experiences and feelings while I was away. I sprayed myself with Comfort every single night, and it always gave me a sense of calm and peace regardless of whatever challenges I was dealing with during the day. I wouldn't have been able to sleep or succeed without it. These products are the real deal.”

- Sarala MK.

“Just days after my mothers passing, a friend gifted me Kaliana’s Grief book along with a bottle of her Comfort formula. Each night I used Comfort, hunkered down in bed and read a chapter. Instead of lying there all caught up in my emotional storm, it helped me like a soothing companion. Not only did it prepare me for the emotions that would surface but to have the "heads up" that it's all part of the processing of Grief. Receiving flowers at that time is lovely, don't get me wrong. But this was such a special message to me from a special someone, that since they couldn't be there each night to sooth me, they sent Comfort through this book and Kaliana’s Comfort formula.”

- Cindy S.

“I love your comfort massage oil together with the spray. It has brought me great relief in times of sadness, such as after speaking on the phone with a family member who was sent to Iraq for Military Duty. I was very distraught, so I sprayed Comfort around my head. I felt lighter. Then, I applied Comfort oil right over my heart. I felt like I was being hugged. My gratitude is deep, for your kindness in offering your products to help me through everyday, real life, completely making my life livable. Thank you, Kaliana!”

- Margaret V.

“I wanted you to know that your comfort oil is AMAZING. I have been on steroids for 5+ months -swollen and sore - and am in chemo treatments. I've used it on steroid swelling all over, dry skin on hands and cuticles, mouth sores at the corners of my lips (nothing else worked!), to ease my dry nose...I could go on and on. This oil immediately makes me feel better and truly "comforts" the neck, back, dry skin, balding head.... I am so blessed to have come across this infused with love product.”

- Dana P.

“About 2 months ago, my daughter had to say good bye to her Best Friend 4 legged companion. She lives more than 2000 miles and to hear her so sad and mourning was difficult to say the least… I wanted to give her a hug and so I reminded her to use her Kaliana Comfort - I know she had spray and oil (I sent her the booster soon after). Within an hour she texted that the Kaliana Comfort had indeed helped her feel better. She felt like she was being hugged with the Kaliana Comfort energy. Thank you Kaliana! You gave me a way to give my daughter a hug across the miles through your Comfort formula.”

- Ellen B.

“Just lost my father and this spray has helped many in my family. Highly recommend this for grieving families.”

- Danette R.


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