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Your Personality Profile: HEALTH

Health personalities tend to have a strong desire to be energetic, healthy and pain-free. They will often push the body to overcome physical weakness, illness or limitations, yet they also need to recognize that fatigue and pain are key signs something is off. It’s not always about food, exercise, or medication. Sometimes it’s essential for Health personalities to look inside themselves and see where they are having difficulty setting clear boundaries or forgiving people or events—current or past. Grudges, resentment and the inability to say “no” can weaken key bodily systems, and be contributing factors to illness. It is important for Health personalities to have tools which empower their immune system and assist with healthy boundary setting to achieve optimum health and energy.

How Can Health Help You?

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4 oz

• Rapid uplift for emotions
• Energize & quickly stabilize


1 oz

• Long-acting for emotions
• Support immune, skin & organs



• Like vitamins for emotions™
• Take by mouth or in food/drink


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• All 3 applications plus a travel size mist!



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How It Works

Why Use a Kaliana Fix-Me Mist

If you’re looking for quick way to shift emotions, Kaliana Fix-me™ Mists are a perfect, in-the-moment solution. They give you the power to change yourself at work, home, or even in the car.

Each portable blend of essential oils and vibra-nutrients™ targets specific emotions. They work quickly with a light aroma, and are intended to be repeated often depending on the depth of emotions you’re experiencing. Often 1 or 2 applications is enough, but it’s also completely safe to use the entire bottle in one sitting. Repeat every minute until you feel the way you want to feel.

Why Use a Kaliana Kit

Do you want consistent and deep-acting emotional support? Then Kaliana Emotional Care® Kits are designed for you. They include 4 easy-to-use, hand-blended products for taking charge of your emotions.

By using multiple applications, you can more effectively reach the root of deeper emotions, and give yourself the power to turn them around. On top of addressing emotions, our light mists hydrate and revitalize skin, our luxurious oils rejuvenate and protect the face and body, and our boosters deliver vibra-nutrients™ with organic raw fruit enzymes to empower positive emotions from the inside.

What People Are Saying About Us...

“The Health drops are helping immensely. I am current taking treatment for cancer, and suffer from low energy and vitality due to the treatments.”

- James C.

“I have been using the Health formula in all its applications for six years and it is wonderful. I believe it helped me get through cancer treatment and recovery and regain my health. I have an increased sense of wellbeing whenever I use it.”

- Elizabeth H.

“I use this oil when I have occasional pain and tingling below my shoulder blade, and each time I am amazed at how quickly it is relieved! I also use it for lower back pain. It has done wonders for me!!”

- Lydia M.

“Your Health Beverage Booster has made my sore throat go away. I have used it for this purpose for many years, and it works every single time I use about 3 dropperfuls, far back in my throat as a gargle, or as a throat coat. My sore throat disappears! My throat pain is pretty bad, since I've never had my tonsils out. I have not had to deal with that pain every winter, since I have used Health Beverage Booster.”

- M. Valentine

“The Health formula is one of the first Beverage Boosters I have used. It eases off discomfort of physical back pain, from a congenital disorder, which I have managed quite well. Also, raises my level of faith, which sometimes wavers. I can then better forgive myself, and move forward to enjoy the day. I use the Health Booster when needed. Then my strength is reaffirmed.”

- S. Kaplowitz

“I’ve been rubbing the oil daily on my grandmother’s hands and feet for a couple of months now. She has Alzheimer's and I really didn’t expect to see any changes. I’m noticing that she now seems more alert and aware than before.”

- Dee A.


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