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Your Personality Profile: JOY

Joy personalities tend to have a strong desire to be happy, organized, well-liked, and well-behaved—meaning, even if they possess a rowdy streak, they prefer not getting into trouble. Joys tend to be willing to work hard, but often feel unappreciated. They desire to express themselves fully, but this desire can conflict with their fear of being judged, criticized or needing to behave in a particular way to be accepted. Therefore, depression is very familiar to this personality type, as depression occurs when life is out of sync with personal desires. Melancholy is an essential part of personal growth. It shows up when the mind and heart are out of balance and reveals that life changes need to occur. Joys can be so frustrated by repeated attempts at making life work, that they encounter a deep sense of despair. It is important for them to have tools that restore Joy when things feel hopeless and their emotions begin to cascade.

How Can Joy Help You?

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4 oz

• Rapid uplift for emotions
• Energize & quickly stabilize



• Long-acting for emotions
• Support immune, skin & organs



• Like vitamins for emotions™
• Take by mouth or in food/drink


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• All 3 applications plus a travel size mist!



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How It Works

Why Use a Kaliana Fix-Me Mist

If you’re looking for quick way to shift emotions, Kaliana Fix-me™ Mists are a perfect, in-the-moment solution. They give you the power to change yourself at work, home, or even in the car.

Each portable blend of essential oils and vibra-nutrients™ targets specific emotions. They work quickly with a light aroma, and are intended to be repeated often depending on the depth of emotions you’re experiencing. Often 1 or 2 applications is enough, but it’s also completely safe to use the entire bottle in one sitting. Repeat every minute until you feel the way you want to feel.

Why Use a Kaliana Kit

Do you want consistent and deep-acting emotional support? Then Kaliana Emotional Care® Kits are designed for you. They include 4 easy-to-use, hand-blended products for taking charge of your emotions.

By using multiple applications, you can more effectively reach the root of deeper emotions, and give yourself the power to turn them around. On top of addressing emotions, our light mists hydrate and revitalize skin, our luxurious oils rejuvenate and protect the face and body, and our boosters deliver vibra-nutrients™ with organic raw fruit enzymes to empower positive emotions from the inside.

What People Are Saying About Us...

“Joy is my favorite application. I have a concentrate in my purse, the spray in my car and the oil in my bathroom! I get this light and tingly feeling from it. I love to nourish my skin with the oil, especially on days I want to feel extra playful!”

- Angi C.

“My two daughters absolutely love this product (as do I). Whenever they feel the need for a little uplift, they'll come to me and ask where their Joy spray is. I know I use it whenever the mood in the house gets a little heavy or the homework grind seems a little more intense. It is also great for the car when those 'you are on my side' type of fighting breaks out. I have a few bottles around the house and they get used on a regular basis. They just love them! and I love them because they work.”

- Lori G.

“I’m a single mom and was so exhausted from everything. I felt hopeless and helpless and was crying all the time. The product gave me what I needed and I felt nurtured and loved. It felt like someone was holding me. I can't get over how much it helped in just a week. I no longer felt that desperation. The biggest thing is that I no longer felt alone. All women need this formula! Thank you so much.”

- Donah O.

“I have used each of the Joy products, but this oil immediately takes me to a happy place! Although it's an oil it is not greasy or messy and scent seems to linger longer. I could not believe how it immediately released stress in my neck and shoulders the first time I smelled it, and the scent reminds me of a lovely beach day. Since I travel a lot for my job I always take the travel size along with me to help unwind after a long day, or to help me refocus when fighting through airports.”

- Christy M.

“My all time favorite! (I have it in several applications). Just used it this morning with my 7 year old goddaughter. She was still sleepy and had to get ready for school. Sprayed some around her head (and the bottoms of her feet) and immediately she went into a wonderful giggle. Her spirit (and mine) lifted 10 fold!! It is a must for any age.”

- S. Carney

“We have used this particular spray in our home for almost a decade. Our 9 year old used to say "give me my sprays" or "I need my sprays" when she was stressed out, agitated, or otherwise felt uncomfortable. This went on from ages 2-6, when she realized she could have her own set of sprays she could use at will. It is fabulous to watch her learn self care at such a young age.”

- M. Dwyer


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