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Meet Kaliana

Meet Kaliana
Natural help with emotions since 1995

4 things you want to know about us:

~ We are a personal, family owned company.
~ Kaliana products are hand-crafted in small batches.
~ We are passionate about organic & our environment.
~ We care about creating peace in your community.

Each of us faces challenges in our lives. Although you might not be able to change your situation, you can change how you feel within it, and therefore your health, happiness and actions.

That is our mission at The Kaliana Company - to help you.

Kaliana's Story

It all began in 1974. I became ill and the doctors tried for 2 years, but couldn't help me. So, at the age of 15, I began pursuing natural healing.

For decades I passionately studied every form of natural healing I could find.

Then in 1995, my heart went out to a toddler screaming from anxiety. In a moment of Divine inspiration, I hand-crafted a natural mist to help him calm himself. It helped him so dramatically, that moms started calling me for more.

Every product I've developed has come about by request - from someone calling asking for help, or from a need within my own home. This became my line of Natural Emotional Care products now changing the lives of people and families around the world.

If you are ready for a better life, you have to try my Natural Emotional Care products now.

Kaliana's bio... more on her speaker page With over 37 years experience, Kaliana is a master healer called ‘the life changer’ because she specializes in helping transcend the struggles in life.

As the daughter of a world renowned plant biologist and developer of her own line of products, Kaliana has emerged as the leader in Natural Emotional Wellness. She sits on the Board for Eating Disorders at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is a certified Phyto-Aromatologist, professional speaker, and author of 4 books, including Coffee, Chocolate and Confidence as well as Bones, Emotions & Inner Healing: a critical link to health. Kaliana graduated from Queens University as a Presidential Scholar, holds an 4-year Advanced Certification from the Mastery of the Heart School, and teaches courses for Continuing Education Hours by NCBTMB.

Are you looking for natural solutions to help feel calmer, happier and less stressed? Get started using my effective Natural Emotional Care Today! You will be so glad you did!

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