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Your Personality Profile: RECOVERY

Recovery personalities have been through some type of difficulty such as injury, trauma, abuse, accident, rape, surgery, or adoption. The experience somehow shifted their perspective and makes it difficult feeling or functioning as their ‘normal’ self. Patterns of struggle keep resurfacing, and seem to return no matter what they do to heal. They have an authentic desire to forget or get over the past, but unfortunately continue to experience some fears or resentments as a result of it. One important aspect for the Recovery personality is Self-REdiscovery. They are not the person they were prior to the event, and therefore must re-define themselves. It is important for them to have tools that facilitate Recovery especially when feeling anxious, confused or fractured.

How Can Recovery Help You?

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4 oz

• Rapid uplift for emotions
• Energize & quickly stabilize


1 oz

• Long-acting for emotions
• Support immune, skin & organs


1 oz

• Like vitamins for emotions™
• Take by mouth or in food/drink


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• All 3 applications plus a travel size mist!



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How It Works

Why Use a Kaliana Fix-Me Mist

If you’re looking for quick way to shift emotions, Kaliana Fix-me™ Mists are a perfect, in-the-moment solution. They give you the power to change yourself at work, home, or even in the car.

Each portable blend of essential oils and vibra-nutrients™ targets specific emotions. They work quickly with a light aroma, and are intended to be repeated often depending on the depth of emotions you’re experiencing. Often 1 or 2 applications is enough, but it’s also completely safe to use the entire bottle in one sitting. Repeat every minute until you feel the way you want to feel.

Why Use a Kaliana Kit

Do you want consistent and deep-acting emotional support? Then Kaliana Emotional Care® Kits are designed for you. They include 4 easy-to-use, hand-blended products for taking charge of your emotions.

By using multiple applications, you can more effectively reach the root of deeper emotions, and give yourself the power to turn them around. On top of addressing emotions, our light mists hydrate and revitalize skin, our luxurious oils rejuvenate and protect the face and body, and our boosters deliver vibra-nutrients™ with organic raw fruit enzymes to empower positive emotions from the inside.

What People Are Saying About Us...

“OMG! The best! I live in a very stressful household. I rub a few drops of this on my chest area and I feel the stress start to melt away. The aroma is wonderful. “

- Rachelle D.

“When I first sprayed the Recovery mist over my head I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my body. I got an instant smile on my face. It was tingly and also a wonderful sensation. I use the Recovery spray 2 to 3 times a day for anxiety and it truly works. Per my doctor, I am off all medications used for anxiety and I only use the Recovery spray. This is a great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

- Mark M., USN Retired Veteran

“This spray makes me strong! As a busy mom, teacher, and student - I often feel pulled from all sides. Recovery allows me to return to myself and breathe. I have a small bottle in my purse at all times and keep a larger one at home! Recovery is my sanctuary. I couldn't survive without it. Thank you!”

- Lynn A-M.

“My story was about my husband who had surgery in June (he had great fear of death) and did not feel like himself since. Anyway, you helped me choose Recovery for him. I sprayed him when I got home under the guise of this being a good smelly air freshener. Long story short, only 4 days later he began acting more like himself than he has in the last 9 months! He still doesn't want to give credit to some air spray, but he allows me to spray him anytime I want and concurs he feels more normal than he has in a very long time. Thank you, thank you a thousand times over for helping me retrieve my husband from some dark place.”

- Diana K.

“Recovery has been just that. Some assault trauma of 30 years ago, would still crop up in negative thoughts, and it was just a hindrance, if nothing more. The booster, which I took, sometimes 5 times a day or as needed, helped me take steps forward with knowledge of who I am. The thoughts of the past melted away into the past, and now I am following my Soul's purpose of just being. I delight in each and every day, and all the wonderful things happening.”

- Sheila K.

“At first I was skeptical, because I didn't know what to expect. I didn't even read what it was supposed to help with, I just followed the directions, and KNEW that I needed some relief from this extreme amount of stress that I've been under. I have been using this product, as I have been going through some serious stressful events in which I have no control over, and much to my relief... IT WORKED!!! I feel that it saved me from myself! Not only did it bring me relief from my stress, it calmed me. I was able to have clear thoughts, and was at peace. My issues were and still are there, but I am able to function!”

- Chalan


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