6-Month Intuitive Private Coaching for Health


Looking for guidance or healing? With over 40 years’ experience and an ability to hear from the other side since she was 4, Kaliana specializes in providing deep, intuitive insights in regard to health, emotions, parenting, and relationships. Each of your sessions will be unique with Kaliana as she shares the specific guidance that she hears come through for you.

6-Month Intuitive 1-on-1 Coaching for Health

In this unique, 100% customized program, you work one-on-one with Kaliana for 6-months to rebuild key systems in your body using supplements and natural methods. Your personalized coaching combines Kaliana's higher guidance with her decades of experience to help get your body to perform at a higher level, prevent disease, increase energy levels, and improve brain function.

You meet privately on the phone with Kaliana twice each month for 50 minutes to gain supplement guidance, as well as spiritual or emotional insights. As part of your customized coaching program, she spends several hours prior to your appointments:

  1. Listening for imbalances in your system.
  2. Researching what your body is requesting.
  3. Sensing future health or emotional concerns.
  4. Finding the remedies and supplements that resonate with your system best.

Each of your sessions will be unique as she offers the specific guidance that comes through for you.

In addition you get:

  • 20% OFF Kaliana products online for 6 months (your own coupon code)
  • Special Access to Kaliana via her personal cell phone
  • Advanced Notice & Special Pricing for Kaliana Classes & Workshops
  • Priority Scheduling for Kaliana Private Sessions

The initial phone call with Kaliana for the two of you to determine if you are a good fit for her 6-Month program is $250 (50 minutes). 

With over 41 years’ experience and an ability to hear from the other side since she was 4, Kaliana specializes in providing deep, intuitive insights in regard to health, nutritional supplements, emotions, parenting, and relationships. 

Kaliana is a highly skilled Intuitive and Master Energy Healer. Her 41 years of expertise enable her to rapidly pinpoint underlying patterns of what is going on physically or emotionally with you. You will love how she is able to rapidly offer insights and also assist in clarifying your next steps.

Background: When Kaliana was 13, she came down with a challenging health issue and for 2 years, her mom (a pediatric nurse) took her from doctor to doctor, but no one was able to help her. So at the early age of 15, Kaliana began studying natural healing to find an answer. Her background includes authoring 4 books, teaching workshops across the US, and an extensive knowledge from 41 years studying natural healing including: aromatherapy, nutrition, herbs, kinesiology, homeopathy, color, sound, vibration, emotions, and advanced energy healing. 

Note: Kaliana works with a very limited number of private clients, so book now if you want to work with her.

Disclaimer: Kaliana is not a medical practitioner and recommends you always seek and continue professional medical advice for any and all concerns. Kaliana is an intuitive with 4 decades of experience in natural healing. It is essential with any health program that you continue working closely with your doctor as well as listening to your body.

"Shine your light as bright as you possibly can." - Kaliana

Scheduling: Sessions are prepaid to reserve the time slot. You will receive an email or phone call within 48 hours to set up an appointment time.

Cancellations: Kaliana values your time, and the time she sets aside for you.  For that reason, we require 3 business days notice (M-F) to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise there is a $50 short notice fee. 'No shows' for appointment times are charged the full amount. (Cancellation policy for Classes/Workshops is different.) 

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