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Private Angelic Readings for Spiritual Women: Relationships, Heart-Healings, Career & Soul-Path

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Hi! I'm Kaliana

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Are you feeling a bit lost or facing a frustrating challenge in your life? Are you seeking coaching from your guides or angels?  Then of course you were guided to this page. Kaliana is a highly gifted intuitive with 45 years experience, called a Soul-Path Navigator. 

Are you ready to receive answers to help you move forward? Do you need assistance with finding your perfect mate, redefining your career or perhaps need clarity on your soul's purpose? Kaliana works with her angelic team and your guides to immediately begin helping you become a magnet for your ideal mate as well as clarify options and choices that feed your soul. 

She quickly receives information and offers you unanticipated insights and solutions. You will feel your whole-body relax, fill with light, and gain a sense of clear direction after each session.

After she was knocked unconscious at the age of 4, Kaliana began hearing Divine guidance. For 3 decades, she has been helping spiritual women find answers, find their perfect mate, and navigate life's most difficult situations with grace.

Interested in your personalized Soul Path Session? If this is your first time with Kaliana, use the code SOULPATH50 at checkout and and SAVE $50! Act now before this limited time offer goes away!

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  • Relationship Strengthening
  • Career Enhancement
  • Navigating life's most difficult situations
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What is a Heart Healing session?

Our session begins with you sharing your story. While you share, I energetically work to repair damage and pain connected to your wound, while simultaneously strengthening your heart. Whether our session is on the phone or in person, women tangibly feel themselves become stronger, lighter, and more stable at each one.

What do you gain?

The heart is the major center of control for all systems in the body. In working together to strengthen your heart, we can assist loneliness, anxiety, anger, and feeling lost. By restoring the heart, 4 key areas tend to improve:

  1. Self-esteem
  2. Health
  3. Energy
  4. Weight

I listen to my guides and yours to share insights into ways you may be blocking your healing. In addition, guides may offer supplement suggestions that your body requests to help restore balance.

Note: For heart work, be sure that you select a time slot that allows plenty of time for you to tell your story.

"Shine your light as bright as you possibly can."
- Kaliana

Why work with Kaliana?

In 1976, I began studying natural healing to help fix my health issue. From there, I discovered my passion for helping women heal their hearts.

I’ve written 4 books and spent 3 decades helping women across the country heal sabotaging emotions. I was teaching advanced healers how to repair bones, emotions and deep issues in the body, when suddenly my world was devastated.

On July 4, 2015, a tragic boating accident took the lives of my husband (soulmate of 30 years), niece, niece’s boyfriend and almost the life of my daughter. The ripple effects of the accident were overwhelming. It shredded my heart and stopped me in my tracks.

In order to heal, I began researching and developing advanced techniques to repair my energetic heart. Those methods transformed my life and restored the dynamic woman you see in me today. If you are ready, I want to empower you to reclaim a vibrant life for yourself.

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Regular price $297.00

6 month soul-path Program

Your personalized remote soul-path program includes a Sacred Body Evaluation and 6 months of support: ($15,973 value)

Your Sacred Body Evaluation ($2647 value)

  1. Body scan for emotional and energy imbalances
  2. Vitality, happiness, hydration & emotional heart damage scores 

  3. Intuitive review of foods that may be triggering weakness or irritation
  4. Intuitive review of supplements to help balance your vibration 

  5. Custom reading for Kaliana Emotional Care products

6 Months of Support

  • Monthly personal Heart and Body sessions w supplement & reviews,
    6 sessions for 50 min each ($1782 value)
  • Monthly personal Spiritual guidance consultations
    6 sessions for 50 min each ($1782 value)
  • Daily remote energetic soul-path support via meditation from Kaliana for 180 days
    $50/day ($9000 value)

Limited Time Bonuses. Register Today!

  • Preferred Access to Kaliana via her private cell phone
  • 6 Emotional ‘help-me’ calls or text chats, up to 20 min each ($762 value)
  • Priority Scheduling
  • 25% OFF Kaliana products for 6 months (your own coupon code)
  • Advanced Notice & Special Pricing for Classes & Workshops

Note: Kaliana works with a limited number of private clients, so book now if you are ready to begin healing your emotional heart. Payment plans available.

Refund Policy: Energetic support begins immediately for you. This program is a personal commitment to yourself, and is non-refundable.
Disclaimer: Kaliana is an intuitive, energy healer, and spiritual minister. She is not a medical professional and does not replace treatment by medical professionals.

Start Your Healing Today!

Regular price $297.00

What People Are Saying... Private Angelic Readings for Spiritual Women: Relationships, Heart-Healings, Career & Soul-Path

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Excellent teacher!

I worked extensively with Kaliana during a huge period of transition. I started in a place where nothing fit or felt authentic and I was rattling around in an empty shell trying to find my courage to break free. Through a series of conversations, Kaliana urged me to focus on rest and play. So I let go of trying to please and keeping up appearances and found a deeper connection to life, my family, and my faith. Kaliana challenges me to face my obstacles with loving kindness and honesty. I can’t think of a better mentor or coach.

Elise R.
United States United States
Soul Path Healing

I'm so grateful for the amazing session I had recently from Kaliana. With her divine gift and abilities, I experienced a unique session to me (no cookie cutter session) as she worked on my heart center with deep compassion and no judgement of what she found. I now have more clarity, peace of mind, and more restful sleep. She also relayed a message from Archangel Michael that was a profound lesson for me that healed an emotional trauma I had from a relationship 10 years ago! I now have an enhanced joy for life!!! Thank you so much Kaliana!!!

Angi C.
United States United States
Private session feedback

I have worked with Kaliana for many years to help guide me through specific life challenges. She is always present and connected to what is needed at the time. I have always found great comfort in her guidance. One of her many talents is guidance in keeping our bodies well through specific health concerns. I've learned so much and been guided in a way that also empowers my own knowledge and skills. Life shifts result from these sessions.

Diane J.
United States United States
Heart Centered

I have been working with Kaliana for a couple of years. She has walked with me through health recoveries and major life changes, all the while guiding me towards happiness, centeredness, health, strength and a more fulfilling life. She is an amazing light in the universe. I have told some people about her talents. They started as skeptics. All that have worked with her are happier, more confident, and healthier souls!

Alec M.
United States United States
These sessions completely shifted my perspective!

I was diagnosed with a TBI due to taking an allergy medication recently which attacked the emotional center of my brain known as the amygdala. The side effects were awful and brought back a lot of the emotion that I had never fully processed through that was related to other traumas in my life. Kaliana and I have done multiple sessions in order to help regain a lot of these emotions and process through past traumas which still impact me today. She has given me incredible tools to use when these emotions come on strong and completely shifted my perspective entirely from very negative and feeling like a victim to extremely positive and looking at my problem as an opportunity to grow and achieve greater things than ever before. She is able to understand exactly what is going on with you and process through anything that you have gone through. The tools she has given me, I use almost daily and I could not recommend her sessions enough. I was in a very negative space thinking that what had happened to me came with zero blessings and only more hardship. I cannot thank her enough for how she shifted my perspective. Thank you Kaliana!



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