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Choosing Joy Can Counter Depressoin

Joy is the highest frequency emotion we have. It is higher than love because it contains love within it. In understanding natural emotional care, it's important to know that when you are in a space of joy, you are inspired! It activates the heart, cleanses negativity, and fires the spark for healing and cellular repair in the body. It is your birthright to experience joy and long term happiness. In order for you to be the greatest expression of yourself, and evolve to your fullest potential - JOY is the key!

Many people are adept at presenting joy as a facade for parties, luncheons, work meetings or social gatherings. Afterward however they feel exhausted. The exhaustion comes from forcing the energy of happiness, instead of happiness exuding from your natural state of being.

Joy was born in you. As a part of your natural emotional care, you just have to choose to seek it on a daily basis, and make choosing it a new habit. The turnaround takes work. Even if you cannot find a spark of joy each day, push yourself to seek it anyway. Make a commitment to yourself to give yourself the gift of joy...even it’s a moment or two throughout the day.

Regardless of your circumstances, you can shift yourself - even if it’s for only 60 seconds at a time.

Focus on something that brings you joy. Look at a photo of a loved one, pet your dog or cat and cherish them, savor a piece of chocolate...slooowly, listen to your favorite song, hug someone you love a bit longer, call a friend and catch up.....keep it simple. Do a bit each day and allow joy to grow, this is a part of your natural emotional care habit. Only you can do this for yourself. In giving daily joy to yourself, you change everything.

One short tip to help increase JOY in your life!

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Look to my next post for tips on which particular foods to enJOY - that help create a more joyful mood!

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