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How Forgiveness Helps Your Health

Jul 13, 2016

How Forgiveness Helps Your Health
Your health reflects your balance on 4 levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Therefore, to achieve optimum health and reverse many diseases, it is essential to address an often missed spiritual aspect. Forgiveness – one of your most powerful tools that can dramatically and rapidly turn the tide of illness towards health and vitality. Understand this - forgiveness is something you do for yourself.  You forgive so that YOU can have inner peace.  When you refuse to forgive or hold a grudge, you hook yourself into the destructive energy of the person you are unable to forgive. This is how they take your power and trap you in negativity. Lack of forgiveness runs negative energy through your being (feels like hate or disdain), and continues running until the day you forgive… it exhausts you!

Why does staying mad with someone cause you fatigue? Think about your computer. The minute you turn it on, it begins running several programs - whether you are aware of them or not. The programs continue running and take up energy in the background while you work on your current project. When you hold a grudge, it is like a program in the background of your computer. You are unconsciously running a negative program in your body.  That is why when you think of the incident, you rapidly feel your body fire up with the emotional charge all over again. The emotional charge is the sign that you still have energy tied up in the problem.

When you decide to forgive (even if it seems unforgivable), you are asking your body to release the negativity.  The true, deep desire to forgive, sets in motion a positive program of energy. The very pursuit of forgiveness activates positive programming in your body.

Understand that negative thoughts run negative energy in your body and therefore drain your vitality.  Positive thoughts create positive programming in your body, which feeds greater energy and vitality.  Lack of forgiveness, especially the unwillingness to forgive, drains your body of energy and vital life force.  This is how the “darkness” steals your power - it keeps you stuck in a pattern of negativity.

Think about the bitterness you have seen in other people. When they talk about something they have not forgiven, their energy becomes intense, unpleasant and uncomfortable. They might even become ugly or hostile. This is negativity in action. This is “dark” or toxic energy in motion. The bitter person is giving negative energy their power. Instead, choose to forgive and take your power back – refuse anything or any event to be able to make you hate. Choose LOVE – especially when the event makes you feel negative or intense. The more intense it makes you feel, the more important it is for your health and inward peace for you to find a way to let it go.

Also, forgiveness does NOT mean that you have to go to lunch with this person. No. You can forgive and still decide if this is a healthy person for you to spend time with.  Probably NOT! Don’t deny the gift that forgiveness gives to YOU. Hold an appropriate boundary and FREE up your energy! Turn On Your HEALING!

Forgiveness impacts your overall well-being. In my next posts this month, I share tips on the physical, mental and emotional aspects to support deeper healing in your life!  Next, learn which color food is MOST critical to eat and a delicious recipe to support greater health and help you turn on your health!


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