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When Feeling Lost Can Be Good

Mar 17, 2016

When Feeling Lost Can Be Good

Have you ever woken up and felt uncertain about your path?

I know it might be hard for some of you to imagine, but even I have times of feeling "lost"!  Days when I feel lost regarding my purpose, and confused on how to move forward. Those emotions can even trigger feelings of depression!

These days happen to all of us - maybe it will cheer you to know that no one is exempt from having them.  So, since at some point we all have these tough days, let me help you figure out how to turn that around!

In today's video, I offer you a positive perspective on these "lost days", and why I have found they are an important step towards reaching your personal goals.  In this video, I also share with you my "2 things to do" on those days to help get your life going more in the direction that can bring you long-term joy.

You know what I say, "you can't change the challenge, but you can change how you feel within the challenge."

I also want to share with you what to do on these days and how to use these days to take your life in a different direction.

Remember my mantra for those times and a tweetable "Just because I feel lost, doesn't mean I'm not going anywhere". You may feel lost because you are in the process of redefining who you are or where you want to go with your life. Patience my little butterfly!

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