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Who Are Your Master Guides? The Levels of Divine Guidance

Nov 26, 2019

Who Are Your Master Guides? The Levels of Divine Guidance

For your journey here on Earth, you have been assigned 2 types of assistance: Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. Many people also receive guidance and support from spirit animals, and loved ones or pets who have passed.

In addition, you have 2 higher level forms of assistance should you choose to call upon them: Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Below you'll gain a brief understanding of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Archangels, with the main focus being on your highest level of guidance—Ascended Masters, who are Your Master Guides.

Spirit Guides

Your Spirit Guides are responsible for daily interactions and keeping you on the path for the experiences that you came to have. They assist in inspiring you to want to take a particular class, learn a certain skill, or go to that coffee house at just the right moment where you encounter someone who changes your life.

Guardian Angels

Your Guardian Angels have been with you since birth and will stay with you through death. They are there to guide, support, and protect you, while assisting your growth on this journey. Due to the universal law of freewill, they will not intervene unless you call on them for support—or if you are in a life-threatening situation before it’s time for you to leave your body. They must allow the negative experiences your soul desires to learn how to overcome them. Your Guardian Angels love you unconditionally and are always by your side, waiting for you to ask for help.


Archangels are more evolved and of a higher consciousness than Angels and Guardian Angels. They simultaneously work with many individuals and entire groups of humanity, in contrast to Guardian Angels, who are assigned to one person. They are intermediaries between the higher realms and the earth plane. When you call on them, they help with protection, inspiration for personal growth, higher wisdom, and healing messages. Some Archangels you may be familiar with are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Chamuel, and Ariel.

Ascended Masters - Your Master Guides

Your Master Guides are Ascended Masters such as Christ, Buddha, and Mother Mary. They have lived in human form and transcended their limited humanness to live Divinely and graciously in their body.

Master Guides are about personal growth and self-mastery with the specific goal of making your journey more kind and gentle - what some call working towards enlightenment.

Realize that most pain comes from living life from the human perspective, instead of from your higher self or soul’s perspective - whether that be physical, mental, or emotional pain.

It is much easier to find compassion and forgiveness for someone when you are able to understand your interactions from a higher plane versus when you are down in the day-to-day trenches of human emotion and intensity.

As human beings, it’s hard for us to have forgiveness or compassion in difficult situations. Yet as a soul, you have a much greater capacity for love and understanding. Part of the soul journey in this lifetime is to integrate more and more of the soul, and overcome your limited human perspective.

Connecting with Your Master Guides

Master Guides assist you in the process of going beyond your humanness and embodying your divine self—and therefore making your journey less complicated and painful.

The consistent practice of connecting with your Master Guides naturally increases 12 qualities within you to accompany that higher resonance:

  • joy
  • stability
  • kindness
  • patience
  • compassion
  • discernment
  • tolerance
  • faith
  • humility
  • self-control
  • charity
  • respect

Recognize that your soul has great power to instantly transform aspects of your life including the body, because the soul is the very energy that sets your atoms, and therefore your cells, in motion.

When you are out of alignment with your soul path, you experience pain in various forms. This is your soul trying to get you to shift and come back into harmony.

This is not to say that you will experience a pain-free life when you live completely from your soul. Loss of people and pets we love creates tears within the body that must be experienced as grief in order for us to move forward.

Other than grief, when you are living from your soul perspective there are few things on the journey that cause either illness or pain. So if you have pain, illness, or a sense of being lost, recognize that you are out of proper alignment, or your body is clearing a pattern of imbalance. 

This is where merging with your Master Guides can make a significant impact. Once you shift back into harmony with your soul, amazing and miraculous things often happen.


If you’d like to connect with 3 of your Master Guides and/or Archangels and feel them tangibly merge with you, don’t miss the upcoming immersion workshop in February—Connecting with Your Master Guides.

In this workshop you will…

  1. Create and experience a deeper connection with your Guides
  2. Clarify how they communicate with you
  3. Receive guidance

Learn more about Connecting with Your Master Guides.

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