What's Your Formula?

Feel Calmer · Sleep Better · Smile More

What's Your Formula?

Feel Calmer · Sleep Better · Smile More

Emotions are complicated, so we make finding solutions easy. Since it can be difficult to pinpoint the root of what's going on, choosing artwork is a scientifically shown method to help reveal what's underneath.

You go to an expert when you need help, whether that be a dentist, mechanic, or surgeon. As the leader in Emotional Care®, a Phyto-Aromatologist, and having over 40 years experience, Kaliana selects specific essential oils that address different aspects of emotions, and then blends them in a unique 150-step process so that they target many layers at once. This is why you feel such a difference almost immediately.

Choose Calm Emotional Support Kit

Turn on your CALM
Help for anxiety, sleep and focus*
promote:  sleep, composure, focus, meditation, mindfulness*
release:  nervousness, mental chatter, hyperactivity, restlessness*
support:  nervous system, adrenals, circulation, breasts, thyroid*

Choose Comfort Emotional Support Kit

Turn on your COMFORT
Help for grief, relationships, sadness of any kind*
promote:  self-love, resiliency, kindness, compassion, emotional endurance*
release:  grief, heartache, disappointment, abandonment, loneliness, abuse*
support:  heart, circulatory, breasts, reproductive*

Choose Confidence Emotional Support Kit

Turn on your CONFIDENCE
Help for anger, self-esteem, dependency, child development*
promote:  courage, stability, determination, self-reliance*
release:  indecisiveness, insecurity, frustration, dependency*
support:  liver, gallbladder, blood, spleen, bones, bladder*

Choose Joy

Turn on your JOY
Help for mood swings, depression, control issues*
promote:  energy, patience, cheerfulness, letting go*
release:  overwhelm, grumpiness, over-seriousness, fatigue, perfectionism*
support:  endocrine, hormones, thyroid, hypothalamus, pituitary, mental outlook*

Turn on your RECOVERY
Help for trauma, PTSD, surgery*
promote:  recuperation, inner strength, stability, brain balance, clear mind*
release:  abuse, trauma, apprehension, overactive senses*
support:  brain, heart, thymus, pineal gland, cellulite release*

Turn on your STRESS RELIEF
Help for adrenals, headaches, fatigue*
promote:  creativity, drive, vibrancy, breathing*
release:  worry, mental fatigue, burnout, food cravings, tension*
support:  adrenals, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, less belly fat*

Turn on your VITALITY
Help encourage forgiveness, heal resentment, pain, immune support*
promote:  energy, optimum health, healing, grace, forgiveness*
release:  irritation, body aches, bitterness, anger, cynicism, blame*
support:  immune system, lungs, endocrine, spleen, bladder, lymphatic*

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