What's your Trigger Emotion?

Feel Calmer · Sleep Better · Smile More

What's Your Formula?

Feel Calmer · Sleep Better · Smile More

Emotions are complicated, so we make finding solutions easy. Since it can be difficult to pinpoint the root of what's going on, choosing artwork is a scientifically shown method to help reveal what's underneath.

You go to an expert when you need help, whether that be a dentist, mechanic, or surgeon. As the leader in Emotional Care®, a Phyto-Aromatologist, and having over 40 years experience, Kaliana selects specific essential oils that address different aspects of emotions, and then blends them in a unique 150-step process so that they target many layers at once. This is why you feel such a difference almost immediately.

Now, choose your favorite image(s) below...

then click the image to discover what emotion is triggering your stress

Studies show colors and images connect with emotions better than words.
Choose Calm Emotional Support
Choose Comfort Emotional Support
Choose Confidence Emotional Support
Choose Joy Emotional Support
Choose Recovery Emotional Support
Choose Stress Relief Emotional Support
Choose Vitality Emotional Support
Choose Calm Emotional Support Kit

Turn on your CALM
Help for anxiety, sleep, focus*
promote:  meditation, composure, tranquility, mindfulness*
release:  nervousness, mental chatter, hyperactivity, restlessness*
support:  nervous system, adrenals, circulation, breasts, thyroid*

Choose Comfort Emotional Support Kit

Turn on your COMFORT
Help for heartache, relationships, intimacy*
promote:  self-love, resiliency, kindness, compassion, emotional endurance*
release:  grief, disappointment, abandonment, loneliness, abuse*
support:  heart, circulatory, breasts, reproductive*

Choose Confidence Emotional Support Kit

Turn on your CONFIDENCE
Help for courage, anger, insight, child development*
promote:  stability, determination, self-reliance*
release:  indecisiveness, insecurity, frustration, dependency*
support:  liver, gallbladder, blood, spleen, bones, bladder*

Choose Joy

Turn on your JOY
Help for mood swings, depression, control issues*
promote:  energy, patience, cheerfulness, letting go*
release:  overwhelm, grumpiness, over-seriousness, fatigue, perfectionism*
support:  endocrine, hormones, thyroid, hypothalamus, pituitary, mental outlook*

Turn on your RECOVERY
Help for trauma, PTSD, surgery*
promote:  recuperation, inner strength, stability, brain balance, clear mind*
release:  abuse, trauma, apprehension, overactive senses*
support:  brain, heart, thymus, pineal gland, cellulite release*

Turn on your STRESS RELIEF
Help for adrenals, headaches, fatigue*
promote:  creativity, drive, vibrancy, breathing*
release:  worry, mental fatigue, burnout, food cravings, tension*
support:  adrenals, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, less belly fat*

Turn on your VITALITY
Help encourage forgiveness, heal resentment, pain, immune support*
promote:  energy, optimum health, healing, grace, forgiveness*
release:  irritation, body aches, bitterness, anger, cynicism, blame*
support:  immune system, lungs, endocrine, spleen, bladder, lymphatic*

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