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Bones, Emotions and Energy Healing

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Kaliana's book and audio class shares with you critical wisdom that is a pre-requisite for her high level healer courses. Learn what is required to be an exceptional healer. Discover which fundamental emotions are stored in 13 different groups of bones. Gain 21 new energy healing techniques, plus ways to release trapped emotions using both physical and energy healing methods.

Learn to assist the body to restore balance using energy healing techniques, emotion release stretches, nutrition, and Essential Oil applications for long-acting impact. The online audio portions are 4 live recordings from her talks and classes, and includes considerable material not covered in the book. (CD's sold out, but online audio files available)

The bones are key to healing your body and emotions.

Bones affect emotional and physical stability in your daily life. They are the core of your inner self and reflect your deepest emotions and beliefs about yourself. Kaliana helps you easily understand the unique emotions stored in almost every bone in the body.

For instance: Grief is stored in the Rib bones; Stubbornness is trapped in the Jaw bone; Self-Confidence is hidden in the Shin bones; and Sexual Abuse is stored in the Pubic bone.

If any bones are weak, then so is the rest of the physical and emotional body. Marrow in the bones produces the blood that feeds every cell of your body. If a negative emotion is stored within a bone, then the marrow continues to produce blood that circulates that negative emotion to every cell in your body.

The marrow in bones produces white blood cells that protect you from illness. If you have negative emotions trapped in the marrow, then the white blood cells may not be as strong at protecting you. Or they may even turn on your body and begin attacking you, as in cancer and other immune diseases.

This is one reason that certain emotions appear over and over again, even years after you believe they were healed. Your bones store emotions that impact decisions you make. Addressing the bones may help tackle the core of many issues - physical and emotional.

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Thank you

I am grateful to have found Kaliana's products and all the wisdom she shares. I especially love the instant relief and connection that comes with the use of the sprays. I say spray all day:^)

Tami B.
United States

Bones and Emotional healing

I taught an energy class and referenced Kaliana's book. I offered it and the corresponding Cd's to my class. They loved it! I love it and use it everyday with my clients. It is truly life changing!


I have worn the pages out on this book already and read and reread all the time since it is packed full of good information

I have worn the pages out on this book already and read and reread all the time since it is packed full of good information. I listen to the cd's in my car almost weekly as I keep getting new nuggets of important information each time I listen to them. I highly suggest you purchase and apply this method in your life.


This book is simple in presentation and deep in wisdom.

A must have companion to the Bones Workshop, this book is simple in presentation and deep in wisdom.


There is so much information in this book!

There is so much information in this book! It is reader friendly and stays handy at all times. It is a great 'go to' handbook that helps solidify the teaching from the Bones Workshop and beyond.



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