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Bones, Emotions and Inner Healing


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Bones, Emotions and Inner Healing

Self-Help | Energy Healing Book and optional Audio Class

222 page emotions and energy healing training book. ISBN 978-1-4951-2198-2
Second Edition - 40 more pages of info


  • The unique emotions stored in 13 different categories of bones
  • 21 specific energy healing techniques
  • Detailed exercises to help release and shift negative trapped emotions
  • 6 powerhouse foods to assist in bone healing 

Purchase the Book,
Or get additional training
with Kaliana's Bones I: The Fundamentals Audio Class
Bones, Emotions & Healing 101: Essential Fundamentals
(includes book plus 3 training CDs: 31 lessons with Kaliana teaching)


The bones are key to healing your body and emotions. Bones affect emotional and physical stability in your daily life. They are the core of your inner self and reflect your deepest emotions and beliefs about yourself. 

Kaliana helps you easily understand the unique emotions stored in almost every bone in the body. For instance: Grief is stored in the Rib bones; Stubbornness is trapped in the Jaw bone; Self-Confidence is hidden in the Shin bones; and Sexual Abuse is stored in the Pubic bone.

If any bones are weak, then so is the rest of the physical and emotional body.
Marrow in the bones produces the blood that feeds every cell of your body. If a negative emotion is stored within a bone, then the marrow continues to produce blood that circulates that negative emotion to every cell in your body. This is one reason that certain emotions appear over and over again, even years after you believe they were healed.

Your bones store emotions that impact decisions you make. Addressing the bones may help tackle the core of many issues – physical and emotional. 

The marrow in bones produces white blood cells that protect you from illness. If you have negative emotions trapped in the marrow, then the white blood cells may not be as strong at protecting you. Or they may even turn on your body and begin attacking you, as in cancer and other immune diseases.

Written in Kaliana's easy-to-understand style, she teaches key methods to restore balance and heal the body using emotion release exercises, nutrition, and energy healing techniques.

Listen now to learn more about "The connection between Bones and Emotions"
Kaliana on ConsciousTalk Radio in Seattle Feb 10, 2012 

About Kaliana Schmidt With over 37 years experience, Kaliana is a master healer called ‘the life changer’ because she specializes in helping transcend struggles in life. She believes that disease and pain primarily occur to get you back in sync with your soul’s path. Kaliana is the daughter of a world renowned plant biologist and developer of her own line of Natural Emotional Care® products (sold nationwide) for adults and children. She sits on the Board for Eating Disorders at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is a certified Phyto-Aromatologist, professional speaker, minister, author of 4 books, and teaches classes for Continuing Education Hours by NCBTMB.

Why did she write this book? Bones, Emotions & Inner Healing started out as handouts for her Energy Healing for the Bones workshop in 2010. This incredible book is overflowing with information and is a steal at this price. It is presented in her practical, easy-to-digest format. Kaliana priced it low on purpose. Her goal is that this book assist healers, as well as anyone who wants to help themselves or family.

Are you a healer? You may be interested in Kaliana's Energy Healing for the Bones Bootcamps. She offers 4 levels of training for CE credits through NCBTMB (certification #451762-11):
Level I: Foundation
Level II: Injuries
Level III: Emotions & Abuse
Level IV: Diseases

If I haven't answered all of your questions, please check our FAQ's page or Contact Us. My goal is to give you a greater power to change the way you feel.

Get started healing with Bones, Emotions & Inner Healing right away! Love & hugs, Kaliana

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