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Coffee, Chocolate and Confidence (eBook available)


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coffee, chocolate and confidence

What does your favorite beverage say about you?

Would you like to know how drinks affect your moods? How about what to drink when?

Then you must have this 256 page definitive guide on how 70 beverages can affect your happiness and moods. ISBN 978-1-4507-3576-6

Coffee, Chocolate and Confidence is the definitive guide on how beverages can affect your moods. This innovative book is like a Louise L. Hay self-help guide to beverages. It helps explain why you crave certain beverages, and helps you begin to shift your life in the direction you desire using simple beverage choices each day - plus 50 recipes to empower confidence, happiness, and a positive outlook!

Learn how to steer your day by choosing the best beverage based on your mood and what you have planned. For instance, a day with an important interview where you need to be confident and savvy, would obviously require a different beverage than a tailgate with friends where you want to shine socially. In either of these situations what would happen if you unknowingly consumed a beverage that could make you seem judgmental, insecure, or even irritated?

Discover the emotional affects of 70 beverages you commonly enjoy!

Includes: regular, decaf & espresso coffees; dark, milk & white chocolates; 29 different teas & spices; 10 milks and sweeteners; 14 fruits and juices; and 9 spirits from beer to gin.

You also get 50 delicious, emotional support recipes.
For example, learn how to easily make coconut milk at home - and what you might like to add if you want it to help with closeness (vanilla), versus passion (cumin), versus self-esteem (chocolate). Learn beverages to brew that may help shift anger, frustration or overwhelm toward happiness, confidence, and caring! Empower yourself! Transform your home.

A few examples...

29 Different Teas & Spices

"Black tea is perfect when you need to analyze something, as it helps bring forth the critic within. This can be good for analyzing data, but not so great for hanging out with friends. Find out how to make black tea more positive by adding a few select ingredients."

Different Coffees, 10 Milks & Sweeteners, 14 Fruits & Juices

"Coffee emotionally is The Little Engine That Could. It says to your body and emotions “I think I can” and helps you to have courage when you feel afraid or insecure. Coffee, regardless of whether decaf or regular, ignites your emotional drive when you need it most. Find out how coffee mixed with chocolate may help boost your confidence even more!"

Plus 7 Different Spirited Alcohols from Beer to Whiskey

"Wine is about emotional closeness with one person or a small group. It is therefore an excellent choice for an intimate setting of two or for a dinner party...but not as good when you have a meeting with someone where you want to set strong boundaries and keep them at a distance. Decide whether rum, vodka or tequila might be the best choice for your next get-together."


About the Author:
Kaliana is a consultant, professional speaker, and educator on natural emotional care. With over 41 years experience, she is called ‘the life changer’ because she has changed the lives of thousands of women by helping them make simple choices in areas of life they never considered.

In Coffee, Chocolate & Confidence she reveals how what you consume not only affects physical health but also perhaps even more importantly, your emotional well-being. Based on science, epigenetics and Kaliana's expertise, she shares ways to help choose what to consume to help Turn On Your Happy!

As the daughter of a world renowned plant biologist and developer of her own line of Natural Emotional Care products, Kaliana sits on the Board for Eating Disorders at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is a certified Phyto-Aromatologist, author of 4 books, and teaches workshops and courses for Continuing Education Hours by NCBTMB.

Coffee, Chocolate & Confidence is the definitive guide on how 70 different beverages can affect your moods. Based on both science and Kaliana's expertise, you discover how the drinks you consume can not only affect physical health, but your emotional well-being too.

Understanding how different beverages may affect you, empowers you to choose what to consume each day depending on your emotions and specific plans for the day - such as business meetings versus parties or somber events.

Don't you want to know what drinks might either help or hinder your confidence?

Buy Coffee, Chocolate & Confidence today and gain easy beverage tools to turn on your happy!

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