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3 Tips to Help Your Child Deal with Stress

Sep 07, 2016

3 Tips to Help Your Child Deal with Stress
Young children also have stressors and the sooner we teach them positive ways to handle that stress the better we set them up for life! Issues such as being away from a parent, starting a new school, bullies or mean kids (even as young toddlers), food sensitivities, moving to a new home, etc. can all be stressors for a child.

As a result of stress, young children can experience sleep issues, fear of going to school, separation anxiety, prolonged bed-wetting, clinginess, acting out and meltdowns.  It’s important to look for signs of stress and help your young child learn what to do when they feel stress to best navigate through situations as they age.

3 effective ways to help your young child deal with STRESS:

1) Talk with your child about situations. Ask your child about their day, what’s going on at school, home or with their friends. Look for clues as to what might be making them feel anxious, nervous or worried. Once you know the cause, then you can help give them a different perspective on the situation or get involved if they are somehow at risk. It’s important to help them learn to handle situations and not always intervene. Teach them to breathe to help their body relax. Chat with them about how all people are different—some families do things the way we do and some do things differently. Teach them to look for kids who make them feel good about themselves, and to avoid the ones who make them feel badly. This is a great life skill that can help them later when they get to middle school.

2) Get kids active! When your kids are stressed, it has been proven that exercise and creative activities help with both physical and mental stress. Do activities that they enjoy and that helps encourage confidence and get the stress out of their bodies. Activities outside in nature have been shown to be the most effective like going to the park, playing basketball, jumping rope, going for a bike ride, throwing a ball, playing hop-scotch or drawing on the driveway with chalk. If it’s a rainy day you can playing physical type games on the Wii or Xbox. This get children moving for the stress reduction and can provide some great family bonding too. Important - stress reduction is not about keeping kids involved in non-stop  activities. This is about giving them a break from it all in order to reduce stress, increase fun and help them think more clearly.

3) Support them with Natural Emotional Care®Studies have shown that nature and aromatherapy can help turn on your child’s STRESS RELIEF, memory, and happiness. Kaliana products provide 100% natural emotional support— and kids ask for them!

STRESS RELIEF Emotional care tips for kids on the go:
  • Add a squirt of Stress Relief Beverage Booster to your child’s morning beverage and also to the juice or water bottle you send to school for all day support!
  • Spray inside your car with Stress Relief Fix-Me™ Mist just before you pick them up or as they get home, to help them let go of their day and smile.
  • Give your child a nice back, shoulder or foot massage with Stress Relief Deep-Release™ Oil before they go to sleep. This helps them relax, recover from stress hormones that built up, and connect with Mom or Dad for a sense of security.

Learn more about Emotional Care & Stress Relief Formula!

“I have been amazed how often Kaliana’s products have helped a child and their family deal with behavior problems, fears, or other stressors.” Wendy G. Talley, MD, FAAP

71% of parents said their child was Happier, Calmer (emotionally), Slept Better, and had Less Temperamental Outbursts.* …read more! Exceptional Child Pilot Study, 2008; using Kaliana Daily 3-Step System for 30 days.

Help teach young children functional relaxation tools in their growing years and promote a happier & healthier foundation for their future!  Help us reach 100,000 families to create happier homes!

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