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[Ch. 4 of 9] The Screaming Toddler

May 13, 2019


To help you understand what I’m about to share, I need to quickly tell you who my father is…

My dad is a very respected biologist, with his Ph.D from the University of Virginia. If you took biology in school, your life was affected by him, because his job was creating the educational materials to teach science labs for school’s all around the world...

...For instance, have you ever pricked your finger to determine your blood type? My dad’s the guy who made it so you could do that at school or home.

I grew up identifying plants, flowers, and trees and by the age of 7 was already working with microscopes and slides.

Weekends consisted of science labs for fun, and our dinner conversations were about recessive versus dominant genes, such as hitchhikers thumb or hair growing on your ears.

If I didn’t have this background, the following wouldn’t have been possible.

So now, a week after my mommy meltdown…

I was dropping my children off at their mom’s morning out (daycare) program. I happened to be talking to the director about natural healing.

Suddenly, I noticed a toddler boy across the room screaming from separation anxiety.

My heart went out to him, and without thinking, I heard myself say to the director, “You know, I can make you a spray for that.”

Of course, immediately after, I thought, I can do what??

The director looked at me and responded, “If you make it, we’ll try it!”

So I went home, sat down with all my educational and healing books, and pulled out a notepad. I’m also very spiritual, so I prayed, “God, please help me help this boy.”

A few minutes later, the way a musician hears music or a poet hears poetry, I began hearing a formula and process. 

I blended everything the way I was shown, put it into a spray bottle, and dropped it off at the daycare.

A week later, I ran into the director and asked, “hey, how did that spray work?” 

She replied:

It was amazing. We have this child we affectionately call ‘the screamer.’ He would scream the entire 4 hours he was here, and this has been going on for 6 weeks. We were at our wits end. The first day we used your spray he screamed two hours instead of four. The second day, 20 minutes. The third day, 4 minutes. And we haven’t had a problem since. Not only that, all of the children are getting along better. So now we spray it in the morning, at naptime, at lunchtime…all throughout the day.”

And this is how my first formula, Confidence, was born.

Mom’s started calling me asking for bottles, for their purse and their car—the product Confidence was incredible for helping kids, but moms also found that they felt more stable.

Do you know anyone that struggles with feeling confident, making decisions, or being away from home?

What about someone who is trying to fix issues from their childhood?

I'm grateful for receiving guidance when putting this formula together, because it gives people a tool to make their life better each day.

I've compared my Confidence formula to other blends, and realized there are some significant differences, which is why people tend to see results from mine when nothing else has worked.

Click here to see the comparison chart!

If you'd like to try Confidence for yourself or someone you love, here's a special one-time offer for you—only available through this blog :)

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P.S. act now before this 30% discount to try Confidence goes away!

Do you ever have issues with feeling anger or intense emotions? Next, I want to share with you the day I discovered my anger and control issues were a problem...

...and what I did to release it in a safe and healthy way.

Hint: it involves a bat, a mattress, and a neighbor :)

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