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[Ch. 7 of 9] Sick for Months

May 16, 2019

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Have you ever struggled with your child or someone you care about being sick for months?

It’s scary, frustrating, and exhausting.

My son was 2 years old. He got this terrible, awful cough with deep congestion in his lungs and a fever.

No matter what I did, we couldn’t get him better.

I tried everything natural I knew, such as aromatherapy, herbs, homeopathics, chiropractic, warm baths, poultices, and diet changes.

I also took him to our pediatrician who prescribed medications.

Nothing worked. For 3 months, no matter what we did, we couldn’t get our son well.

So one day, after putting him down for his nap, it finally occurred to me that maybe there was a formula I could make that would help.

So I sat down with a pad of paper, pulled out all of my books, and wrote down the intention for the formula I wanted to create: “Breathe Easy”

I started the way I always did, “God, please help me heal my son.” A few minutes later, the same way a musician hears music or a poet hears poetry, I began hearing the next one of my formulas: Breath of Heaven (now called Clarity).

But this time it was different.

Instead of blending the ingredients into a spray like before, I was guided to put it together in a body oil form. The oil base was designed to take up to 8 hours for the body to absorb and break down. This long action was to provide many hours of immune support.

I was told to rub it on him 3 times a day, so I did. And 3 days later, my toddler was well. No congestion, no fever, no lethargy. He was back to my happy, cuddly, playful son.

I had never felt so much gratitude in my life.

I started making my other formulas in the body oil base as well, and it became part of our daily bath routine.

After their baths, I’d give my kids a massage from head to toe with one of my Deep-Release™ Oils. And after my showers, I’d apply the oil to my face and body instead of a lotion. Using it all over helped cover our bodies in a type of healing cocoon.

The difference in our health once we began applying the oils daily in this way was significant.

Even though my kids went to pre-school and public school, over the next 4 years, my son only got mildly ill a couple times. My daughter was 7 and in 2nd grade before she got sick for the first time.

We eat well, take care of our health, and use these products daily. We definitely believe that’s why, for the past 23 years, it’s been almost unheard of for any of us to be sick.

If you wish that you or your loved ones stayed healthier and want to reduce the odds of getting sick, you should consider using my Deep-Release™ Oils.

Try a Variety Set and save between $25 and $50!

If you’re interested in learning more about the specific base oils I use, and how they can benefit the skin and immune system, check out the 5 Best Carrier Oils for Anti-Aging and Vibrant Skin.


Look for the next part of my story, Ch. 8: If At First You Don't Succeed...




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