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How Does Clarity

Support My Emotions?

  • Promote: intelligence, creativity, problem solving*
  • Release: worry, tension, mental fatigue*
  • Support: brain, adrenals, kidneys, lungs, pancreas*

Clarity Affirmation:

I am relaxed, and believe in sweet possibilities all day long. Ideas and solutions come easily to me.

What Can Clarity Do For Me?

Clarity is our hand-blended emotional care Formula for releasing worry, tension, and mental fatigue. Crafted using the Kaliana process, Clarity combines 10 therapeutic essential oils and 157 vibra-nutrients™. Use this Formula to bring rapid balance to your emotions and energy field, so you receive inspiration and gain clarity in making decisions.

Teach Me About Clarity

Clarity Formula is about empowering greater possibilities and greater potential within you. It whispers, “relax! Ideas and solutions come easily.” Step out of the box and see new ideas, perspectives, and ways of doing things. At times, you might feel stagnated or burned out. That’s when the mind has reached its limit, and can go into sensory overload. To re-energize and soothe your circuits, you need an infusion of fresh energy. You’ll then feel inspired and a sense of relaxation come over you—ready again for new concepts and forward thinking. Give yourself this boost of fresh air so that your mind feels relaxed, creative, productive and energized. Fabulous for times when you or your team need a shift in perspective, an energy uplift or extra help with problem solving.

Do you ever feel burned out? Burnout results from working long hours, focusing intensely, or concentrating for too long (or a combination of all three). At a certain point, the signaling portions of your brain just seem to stop firing. This can result not only in fatigue, but also in writer’s block, sensory overload, repetitive thoughts, or feeling “brain dead.”

Think of your brain like an engine. When you drive it hard for hours, it gets super hot (like too hot to touch), even while using good coolant. When you drive your brain for hours, and weeks on end like most of us do, the circuits become overheated and entangled. Think of how you felt after exam week in school, or taking your SATs. You feel exhausted and need a break.

The circuits in your head stop flowing smoothly and pile up like a traffic jam. You may get headaches or tension migraines, or even stuck in repetitive thoughts. This circuit burn out can cause other problems such as tension, frustration, irritability, difficulty concentrating, obsessive-compulsive tendencies and even sugar cravings.

Key Benefits:

  • Promote clear & fresh thinking*
  • Reduce stress & mental fatigue*
  • Inspire optimism & creativity*


Four Applications

To Empower Your Best Self

Each application method works in its own unique style. Use 1 or all 4 based on your preference to customize your level of personal support.

Fix-Me™ Mist

  • Rapid, positive mood shift
  • Energize & quickly stabilize

Make your day better in 30 seconds—spray face & back of neck. Breathe deep.

Clarity Fix-Me Mist - 1oz - $19.97 (1)

Clarity Fix-Me™ Mist

24 reviews




Deep-Release™ Oil

  • Long-acting for emotions*
  • Support skin & immune system*

This hand-blended, luxurious oil rejuvenates and protects your face and body while uplifting your emotions.

Clarity Deep-Release Oil - 1 oz - $37.97 (1)

Clarity Deep-Release™ Oil

9 reviews




Beverage Booster

  • Like vitamins for emotions™*
  • Take by mouth or in food/drink*

One squirt delivers a powerful infusion of vibra-nutrients™ with organic raw fruit enzymes to empower your body and emotions.

Clarity Beverage Booster - 1 oz - $29.97 (1)

Clarity Beverage Booster

6 reviews




Pocket Essential™ Oil

  • Discreet, immediate, on-the-go*
  • Immune & emotional balance*

Help revitalize emotions by delivering vibra-nutrients™ and essential oils to reflex points or by diffusing in the air.

Clarity Pocket Essential Oil - $34.97 (1)

Clarity Pocket Essential™ Oil




Clarity Kit

Because feelings are multi-faceted, this Emotional Care® kit addresses emotions from 3 angles: quick, internal, and long-lasting. This way, although triggers may vary from day-to-day, you’re always getting support on many levels.

Two Fix-Me™ Mists (1 oz and 4 oz), Deep-Release™ Oil (1 oz), Beverage Booster (1 oz)

This kit combines 4 applications to help you get to the root of deeper emotions, and give you the power to turn them around.





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