Immune boosting apple cider emotional care recipe

Immune Boosting Apple Cider

Enjoy this particular holiday apple cider as a part of natural emotional care to help create closeness with family or friends. Kaliana selected each of the ingredients to help release tension and create a sense of warmth and safety. Physically and emotionally this recipe helps protect you from colds and the flu, and help support Vitality. This recipe also includes the emotional benefits of lemon, orange, ginger and cinnamon. Below I share the emotional care aspect of two ingredients – apple and clove.

Apple… (emotional care: protection)
The famous saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” pretty much sums it up. The saying also reveals our natural understanding of the emotional care protection apples bring to our health and well-being. Apples protect us emotionally and physically by helping prevent colds and flu, as well as diseases such as cancer, lung disorders, heart disease, colon and liver problems, stroke, and type II diabetes.

Clove… (emotional care: to the depths)
This potent spice was poked into the edges of a large ham for generations due to its ability to penetrate all the way to the core - to deliver both its delightful flavors and also kill off the many parasites found in pigs of earlier eras. Clove is deep, penetrating, and very healing. As emotional care, it offers protection at the deepest levels, as well as helping to seemingly slow down time and allow for reflection. Clove helps generate heat in the body and is especially useful to help deter colds and flu.

For more information on the emotional benefits of apple, clove, lemon, orange, ginger, cinnamon – 70 beverages and over 50 recipes – order my book Coffee, Chocolate & Confidence today! AND…Learn more about Foods & Moods.

Cheering & Clearing Holiday Apple Cider
(18-22 / 6 ounce servings)
1 gallon apple juice
1 orange – sliced thin
1 lemon – sliced thin
1 apple – diced into tiny pieces
½ inch slice of fresh ginger, diced fine
4 whole cloves
3 dashes of allspice
2 whole cinnamon sticks
1 squirt Kaliana VITALITY Beverage Booster

Place all ingredients into a large pot, and warm over medium high heat (do not boil). Then keep warm on low for 20-30 minutes. This allows the flavors to be released from the spices and fruit. Serve apple cider immediately or once it has cooled store in a large container in the refrigerator and heat whenever you want some.

To serve: avoid cinnamon sticks and cloves, and ladle into a cup – the fruit is fine to eat.

For a party: you can place into a crock-pot and set on the lowest setting to keep warm.

Tip: For a more adult beverage, add a splash of Orange Liqueur or Spiced Rum.

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