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Infused Waters—Health, Confidence, Self-love

Feb 17, 2017

Infused Waters—Health, Confidence, Self-love
Enhance the flavor and brighten up your plain ole drinking water with some various infusions while boosting the emotional support! For these three, we have chosen specific ingredients for their ability to empower health, confidence, or self-love.

Health Lemon Mint

Kaliana Emotional Tip:
Health—243 Vibra-nutrients to support forgiveness, immune health, & energy
Lemon—antibacterial, antiviral, helps cleanse current emotions from the bloodstream preventing them from storing in the fat
Mint—stimulating, refreshing, helps disrupt current negative emotions to make it easier for you to shift into a more positive emotional state

Viruses and bacteria are able to take hold much easier when you are in a negative emotional state. This Vitality Lemon Mint Power Drink refreshes health in three ways:
1) Helping your body destroy viruses and bacteria
2) Makes shifting your emotional state from negative to positive easier
3) Vibra-nutrients to help bring all of your systems into harmony, to work as a more efficient team

Serving: 12 oz Mason Jar Directions:
  1. Place mint and lemon slices on bottom of jar. Pour water into jar and add Beverage Booster. Cover with lid.
  2. Place jar in refrigerator or keep at room temperature and let infuse for 1 hour.

Confidence Raspberry Orange

Kaliana Emotional Tip:
Confidence—193 Vibra-nutrients to help promote a deeper sense of self-reliance, a stronger inner child and courage
Raspberry—Vitamin C for kindness, anti-inflammatory to reduce irritation, and strengthens the ability to set proper boundaries. (helps
 fight cancer and heart/circulatory disease)
Orange—Rich in B vitamins to help with nerves & promote courage, contains herperidin which can help blood pressure and cholesterol (the body's natural response to emotional scarring), supports a greater positive outlook on life

Serving: 12 oz Mason Jar

  1. Place raspberries on bottom of jar. Muddle (can use wooden spoon) to release juices. Add oranges, Beverage Booster, and pour water over. Cover with lid.
  2. Infuse at room temperature for an hour or in fridge for a couple of hours.

Note: If you make a big pitcher of this, I would strain before serving due to the pieces of raspberry that will be floating around.

Comfort Cucumber Melon

Kaliana Emotional Tip:
Comfort—144 Vibra-nutrients to help promote emotional endurance, heart repair, and ability to love deeper.
Cucumber—Provides vitamin K, biotin and silica which strengthen structural systems like bones and skin to encourage resiliency; supports the lymphatic in cleansing toxins and negativity from the body.
Watermelon—Rich in lycopene which supports cardiovascular and bone health (giving you the strength to go forward in life). Emotionally, watermelon has to do with fertility (connecting with others) and nurturing creative ideas.

Serving: 12 oz Mason Jar

  1. Place cucumber and watermelon on bottom of jar. Pour water over and add Beverage Booster. Cover with lid.
  2. Infuse in refrigerator for 1-4 hours.

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