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How to Sprout Rice or Beans—for Nutrients and Energy

Aug 23, 2016

How to Sprout Rice or Beans—for Nutrients and Energy
Want to know why or how to sprout rice? Spouting encourages a happier you, positive emotions and also helps you have more energy!

Sprouting brings the food to life and brings stronger vitality to your food. It helps you feel more alive and vital emotionally.

What you eat not only impacts your physical health, it dramatically impacts your emotional health as well.

As a part of natural emotional wellness, un-sprouted grains, nuts, seeds & legumes are shut down and not able to express themselves - UNTIL they go through the process of sprouting. Therefore, emotionally they convey to you the same resonance of being shut down - physically & emotionally. Eating sprouted grains, nuts, seeds & legumes, which have activated their life force, assists in activating that same energy and emotional empowerment within you.

When life gets demanding and especially stressful, it is critical to take extra care of your body – so that it can take better care of you. Taking time to prepare for your needs and eat well, tells your heart, mind and body “I love & care for you”. When you send those emotional care messages to your body, it gives back to you abundantly. Ask yourself, “What messages are you sending to your body?” What message do you send if you never think of food until the last minute?

Years ago, a Japanese couple stayed with us while they learned American culture and language. The wife showed me how her grandmother taught her to soak rice overnight or during the day before cooking it. We loved the flavor and decided to continue the process.

I discovered that soaking the rice helped improve the nutritional quality because it eliminated an enzyme (phytic acid). This enzyme is supposedly present in grains, nuts, seeds and beans to hold the nutrients inside until time to sprout and grow. Soaking and sprouting is also to improve nutrients available to the body so that the protein, vitamins and enzymes are increased and more easily absorbed.

By taking the time to soak, you increase the vital force of your rice and therefore help increase your own vital force. As you can imagine, the amount of energy and nutrients that it requires for a seed to grow is tremendous. Going from being a dormant seed to being “alive” requires an igniting of vital force. The seed carries the potential for life and then takes itself through the process of becoming life itself…that is the sprouting process.

Typically, two essentials are needed to go from the potential for life (seed/nut), to life itself  (sprout): water and temperature. The proper amount of water and temperature releases the enzyme inhibitor and then the process of sprouting begins. Before the enzyme inhibitor is released, you do not get all of the potential nutrients and enzymes from the food. Your body has to work harder at breaking down this inhibiting enzyme. The term “sprouting” actually means creating the right environment for the nut/seed/grain/legume to come alive.

For those who are not familiar, sprouting does not require you to actually see the plant beginning to emerge in order to get the benefits.

Rice in emotional care is about sustenance (both physical and emotional ). Sprouted rice is emotionally about new beginnings and feeling stable. Every day is a new beginning for you, an opportunity for change – an opportunity to create more of the life you love. Sprouted rice supports you as emotional care in creating that new beginning, by its strength, vitality, and sustenance.

Once water is added (water is emotionally self-love) the rice has everything that it needs to create its life. This concept is transferred emotionally to your body when you consume the rice. Its strength and sustenance is shared with you. So if nothing else, simply soak your rice for 8 hours before cooking, to help take extra care of your body and emotions (below I teach you how to soak or sprout your rice).

Sprouting rice is exceedingly popular with those invested in acquiring the greatest health. Specialized rice cookers even have a built in function to assist in the sprouting process. This feature is called GABA for gamma-aminobutyric acid. This is the amino acid naturally released during the soaking/sprouting. GABA is valued to help many processes within the body including improving sleep and brain function, helping stabilize blood sugar, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood cholesterol, assisting kidney function, and inhibiting the growth of certain cancer cells. I will say that I can tell a difference in the way I feel after eating rice that has been soaked and sprouted, versus eating rice without that process. I am now a true believer, simply because it makes me feel so much better.

According to ABC Science, Japanese scientists found that "Germinated rice contains much more fiber than conventional brown rice, say the researchers, three times the amount of the essential amino acid lysine, and ten times the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), another amino acid known to improve kidney function...The researchers also found that brown rice sprouts - tiny buds less than a millimeter tall - contain a potent inhibitor of an enzyme called protylendopetidase, which is implicated in Alzheimer's disease...They determined that germination activates enzymes that liberate additional nutrients."

So whether life is extra demanding or not, give your body what it deserves. Take some extra time and send your body the message that you love and care for it by soaking and sprouting some of your food!

Kaliana’s process for sprouting any rice. You will need:
3 cups dry rice, brown preferred
6 cups of spring water
1 squirt Kaliana Beverage Booster (optional)
Medium size bowl
Large sieve (a colander with tiny holes like a screen)
Large crock pot
Clean, lightweight kitchen towel

Place 3 cups of rice in a bowl and fill with spring water about 1-2 inches above the rice. Add emotional supplement and stir. Let it sit overnight.

The next morning drain the rice in the sieve. Rinse very well - I use tap water from the sprayer on my sink for this because it's just easier.

Next place the sieve into a large bowl to catch any water that runs out. Cover with a lightweight kitchen towel and let it sit.

After a few hours, take the sieve out of the bowl, and rinse well again over the sink. Return the sieve to bowl, and cover rice again with the towel.

That evening you can cook the rice. If you cook on the stove, use about 1/2 to 3/4 the normal amount of water needed to cook with. I simply put my sprouted rice into my rice cooker, and then fill with water to the normal line for 3 cups. Because the rice is expanded, you are actually using less water now. The rice will also cook much faster. (You can continue the sprouting process for an additional day before cooking if you want to see the actual sprouts come out of the rice. Remember to always rinse the rice every 4-8 hours, or it will begin to ferment and smell sour.)

Once your rice has been soaked, you can cook it all at once. Add the liquid emotional supplement to the water when you cook it.
Afterwards, store any extra rice in the refrigerator and create delicious and highly nutritious meals with it all week long.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treat. This information is based on research and knowledge by the author, and the ideas are not intended as substitute for medical advice. As with any products it is suggested that you check with your medical practitioner prior to use. The author disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of any products mentioned herein.

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