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The Ascended Masters: Who Are They and How Can They Help?

Jun 20, 2024

The Ascended Masters: Who Are They and How Can They Help?

You may have encountered the term “Ascended Masters” while learning about energy healing, archangels, or other spiritual matters.

Ascended Masters are high-vibrational, enlightened Beings of love and light. They are the highest evolved Beings in the spiritual hierarchy, surpassing guardian angels and spirit guides.

We are talking about Jesus, The Mother Mary, Buddha, St Francis, Vishnu, St Germaine, and the list goes on. If you get to experience a connection to one of these Ascended Masters, it will be a life changing experience.

The roles of different Masters may be varied, but their purposes are the same: assisting humanity on our own ascension, and to increase our awareness of the spiritual forces that permeate the Universe. 

Whether you realize it or not, you too are an Ascended Master in the making. People have the ability to ascend to the highest level. But it can only be achieved through many challenges, positive life choices, rebirths and lessons.

Each Ascended Master has completed many lifetimes of experience on Earth, and has undergone a series of spiritual transformations, which can also be called “rebirths.”

Through the process of personal growth, self-awareness, making intentional and consistent positive choices in the face of difficulty, and using their will to override their human DNA’s negative expression (such as anger, fear, or disease) they achieve what is called “self-mastery.”

Self-mastery is the process of evolving and becoming more and more enlightened. And at the end of that self-mastery journey is leaving the body and ascending to the spiritual plane - i.e., becoming an Ascended Master. 

In other words, Masters face similar or even more difficult life challenges than the rest of us, and in the midst of those struggles, CHOOSE to express themselves as the full magnificence of All That Is.

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Before delving into 22 Ascended Masters and their roles, it is important to know three concepts that explain who and what makes them unique:

  1. Karma
  2. Reincarnation
  3. Ascension


The term “karma” has made it into the mainstream, but not everyone understands what it really means and how to deal with it. 

Many of the world’s religions teach the law of karma in some form. Sikhs and Jains, esoteric Christians and Kabbalist Jews to name a few.

It is also a core concept in Buddhism and Hinduism. 

The law of karma believes that all major events in our life are predestined. Every positive deed we do generates a ‘merit’ while every negative deed results in a ‘demerit.' Bad actions will subsequently require some form of payment or punishment.

Karma also tells us that what happens to us in the present is an effect of causes which we have set in motion in the past, whether several minutes, hours, days, or three lifetimes ago.

It’s like saying “You reap what you sow.” Whatever we do will come full circle to our doorstep, sometime, somewhere. 

Self-mastery is about stepping off the karmic wheel.

Deciding not to do unto others what has been done unto you, but instead to forgive, and radiate compassion and grace to those who do “bad” things...

...Masters know that we are all connected, and that negative situations are required aspects of personal growth, and thus simply opportunities to grow, shine, and become your best self.

Therefore, there is never anyone to blame in any situation. Instead, Masters are grateful for the opportunity represented by the challenge, as it gives them a chance to rise to the next level.

Without challenges, it is impossible to achieve self-mastery or become an Ascended Master.

This is not to say that those on the journey of self-mastery (or even Masters themselves) do not experience their own intense negative emotions. The difference is that Masters choose to: 

  1. Turn inward and face their intense emotions.
  2. Never use their destructive desires to hurt anything or anyone.
  3. Purify their negative emotions in order to raise the vibration of their bodies. 

This is why self-mastery is so challenging.

It is a real live version of an intensely difficult video game, where in order to level up you have to face a very difficult boss. And you cannot level up until you beat that boss. This is self-mastery - except that the boss is within you. And the more skills you gain, the more difficult the challenges become. 

Self-mastery is about choosing to feel compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, wisdom and grace when the situation you are presented would make most people act out in a negative fashion. And via that process, you step off the karmic wheel.

Karma goes hand in hand with reincarnation. 


While karma refers to accountability, reincarnation embodies opportunity. It is another chance to make good in order to pay the karmic debts we owe others. 

Reincarnation is a belief that after you die, your soul is reborn into another body. Souls can reincarnate through multiple lifetimes. 

The purpose of reincarnation is to continue the evolution of the soul towards enlightenment or return to oneness with God, Spirit, or Source energy. 

Ascended Masters are souls who finished the reincarnation cycle, and do all their work in higher dimensions. Their souls are no longer compelled to incarnate but do so anyway to teach, heal, and raise the vibration of humanity. 


Ascension is somewhat similar to the Eastern concept of enlightenment introduced in Buddhism. It is the path of those who are actively choosing to evolve into higher consciousness.

Part of ascension is opening your heart to reunite with all layers of your higher self and of course, with the Source energy.

It does not happen on a certain date, or that we unknowingly stumble into. It is through expanded awareness and happens incrementally.

This is not to say you are a God. But you are a divine human, a spark of God, and ascension returns you to your true divine nature. 

Ascension fits into five categories: 

  • Awakening of the mind: The realization of motivating profound changes in our lives. This awakening comes during a major epiphany, wherein the mind experiences an astonishing flash of ‘enlightened’ perspective. 
  • Awakening of a new personality: Picture the kind of person you were five years ago. Are you still the same person? When the mind is awakened, it promotes self-acceptance and empowerment, which can result in the development of a new personality. 
  • Awakening of spiritual energy: Life force energy is commonly referred to as “qi,” pronounced “chi.” If this is awakened, major changes can occur on the physical through the spiritual levels. 
  • Awakening of the soul: It is when an individual feels deeply aligned with his or her life purpose. It can be brief or long-term. During this awakening, a person increases virtuous qualities such as unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. 
  • Total Awakening: Enlightenment or total ego death is a gift of grace wherein all that remains is love, truth, and pure awareness. This state can arrive spontaneously or through years of spiritual discipline and study. 

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Meet 22 Ascended Masters

There exist several Ascended Masters who live-on in the hearts of those they have helped and those they continue to help. Some lived more recently and are well-known, while others are ancient and have been forgotten. 

They have served as teachers and leaders from within the spiritual realms. Their mission is to assist humanity in uniting with the I Am presence and divine spirit. 

Ascended Masters carry a Divine vibration described to be quite angelic. However, they are far different from angels in the sense that they have lived life on earth, or ‘walked in our shoes.’

Like us, they have faced challenges and learned the hard lessons of life. But the thing is, they have mastered these lessons.

Now, these masters are living in complete oneness with their God presence: 

1. Babaji - The deathless avatar

It is believed that Babaji re-introduced the ancient science of Kriya Yoga (a tool of enlightenment) that got lost during the dark ages. His mission is to bring humanity closer to God and guide them to follow God’s will. 

Assists with: breath work, yoga practice, simplifying one’s life, detaching from materiality, protection from religious persecution, clear communication with God, overcoming or reducing addictions, and cravings. 

2. Buddha - The enlightened or awakened one

Buddha lived both extremes of living - as a rich prince and as a hermit.

He proposed that the key to happiness was to live “the middle way” or moderation of all things. His teachings also explained that you can find happiness through inner peace. He promotes meditation as the main form of mental training. 

Assists with: inner peace, world peace, joy, balance and moderation in life, spiritual growth, compassion, tolerance, acceptance of life’s difficulties, seeing the larger picture and journey of life, and understanding. 

3. Devi - The universal mother

A Hindu goddess who is believed to be the female energy of God. She can be quiet and nurturing but can also be a fierce warrior. She protects innumerable villages and blesses her devotees with fortune and success. Her most renowned victory is the slaying of a buffalo demon. 

Assists with: purification of body and mind, releasing and detoxification from addictions, finding meaningfulness in life and career, feeling nurtured and protected, rebuilding the body after inner exhaustion, and all aspects of relationships. 

4. Diana - Goddess of the hunt and moon

Diana is a symbol of purity and was prayed to by women who want to conceive and those who want an easy childbirth. She is said to have been tall and beautiful in appearance, often presenting herself as a young woman between the ages of 12 and 19. 

Assists with: breeding of animals, pregnancy and birthing, painless childbirth, twins or multiple births, connecting with elementals, lesbian concerns, ability to maintain focus on purpose or desired outcome, and energy to go the distance. 

5. El Morya - Master of God’s will 

El Morya is based on an actual man named Ranbir Singh, son of the ruler of Kashmir in the 1840’s.

He is considered one of the greatest saints of the Church in his devotion to Jesus Christ. His teachings convey that without dedication to the will of God, you cannot be disciplined on any of the other rays. 

Assists with: decision-making, faith, holding steadfast to your beliefs, stability, groundedness, energy and psychic protection. 

6. Guinevere - Goddess of love relationships, fertility, and motherhood

Guinevere is a Celtic Triple Goddess - flower maiden, mother, and Crone. She brings fertility to the earth, prosperity, and inspiration to mortals. Her name means "white shadow.” 

Assists with: finding and enhancing romantic love, women’s issues, releasing jealousy and desires for revenge, understanding the cycles of relationships, and the need for balance.

7. Jesus - Jeshua, Lord and Savior

Jesus is known as the one and only Son of God. He came to earth because of the unfathomable love of God for His creation. He lived a life in which he was tempted to sin like all other men. But he resisted the temptations of the flesh, overcame natural impulses and lived a perfect life of obedience.

Assists with: clear communication with God, Divine guidance and direction, faith issues, forgiveness, revealing the beauty within, healing of all kinds, manifestation, and miracles. 

8. Kali - Black mother, most misunderstood goddess

Kali is often portrayed as a mysterious goddess of death and destruction. But she is actually a loving energy that helps free us of fear.

She only destroys that which could divert our Divine mission or keep us in bondage—just like how a mother would take away dangerous items from her children. 

Assists with: determination, focus, motivation, direction, courage, protection, tenacity, finding light in the midst of darkness, bringing sacredness to difficult challenges, compassion, forgiveness, and the ability to ascend.

9. Krishna - The Divine One

In the Hindu Trinity, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu are the three gods that oversee the life cycles on Earth. Krishna is worshipped as the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. He is often portrayed as a romantic figure and a deliverer of joy and happiness. 

Assists with: romantic love, relationships, vegetarianism, gardening, purifying food, joy, and spiritual awakening

10. Quan Yin - She who hears prayers

A well-known master in Eastern divinities, Quan Yin is a beautiful Chinese goddess of mercy, compassion, and protection.

It is believed that she answers every prayer sent her way. She holds such a deep love for humanity that after achieving enlightenment, she chose to remain in human form instead of ascending to Buddhahood. 

Assists with: clairvoyance, compassion, feminine grace, beauty, and power, kindness, gentleness, and sweetness toward self and others, receiving and giving love, musical abilities, protection for women and children, spiritual enlightenment and gifts, and staying centered in the midst of turmoil.

11. Kuthumi - Master psychologist and sponsor of youth

Kuthumi’s past lives include Saint Francis and Pythagoras. He founded a mystery school in Greece and taught harmonious development of the body, mind, and spirit. If you find yourself distracted from your major goals, Kuthumi can help you maintain diligence. He'll help you organize your schedule in a balanced way. 

Assists with: focus, dedication to life purpose, alchemy, problem solving, higher wisdom, conscious intention, patience, manifestation of unlikely or miraculous things, and is beneficial for inventors and entrepreneurs.

12. Lakshmi - Goddess of prosperity and good fortune

Lakshmi is believed to be so beautiful that all of the gods wanted her as a wife. Her mission is to bring eternal happiness to Earth. She helps humanity find meaningful careers that can bring handsome rewards and fulfillment. 

Assists with: abundance, beauty and aesthetics, happiness, finding joy in the midst of difficulties, endurance, manifesting home supplies and food, balance, and space clearing for the home. 

13. Mary - Our Lady of Guadalupe, Virgin Mary

Mary, the beloved mother, made her ascension more than 2000 years ago, prior to her life with Jesus.

In the life that she made her ascension, she was a woman living a nomadic desert life. After failed attempts of finding a husband, she left her tribe to become a wanderer. She took shelter in a cave where she lived in solitude and prayer until her ascension. She then returned to give birth as the Virgin Mary, a holy vessel to carry and birth the son of God.

Assists with: adopting children, issues related to children, support for those who help children, fertility, mercy, grace, compassion, faith, miracles, and healing of all kinds.

14. Melchizedek - King of righteousness

If Mary embodies the Mother energy, Melchizedek holds the complementary Father energy.

His mission is to bring the principles of Universal Law to the one-ness of all creation. He makes himself known through our dreams and meditations. Melchizedek’s name means king of righteousness, and is in the Bible, (Genesis 14:17-24; Hebrews 5:10, 7:1). Interestingly, there is nothing of his birth or death mentioned in Genesis, which is a genealogical record. 

Assists with: correcting unpleasant situations, esoteric understandings, purification, shielding against psychic attacks, therapy involving colors, enlightenment, alchemy, miracles, transformation, and manifestation.

15. Merlin - The Magician

Merlin is a great old sage-wizard, a spiritual teacher, and a psychic visionary who guided King Arthur during the 5th century.

He assists individuals in reconnecting with that special spark of magic within their being and their heart center. He wants us to use our inner wisdom to manifest positive creations. 

Assists with: alchemy, crystals, Divine magic, prophecy, foresight, divination, seeing through darkness, energy work, healing, shape shifting, and time-warping. 

16. Moses - The Prophet

We know Moses as the prophet called upon by God to free the slaves and lead them out of Egypt and into the promised land. He was asked to deliver the ten Commandments to the Israelites.

He encourages a positive outcome during diversity and awakens our leadership skills to step up into the Divine plan laid for us.
Assists with: interacting and negotiating with authority figures, clear communication with God, courage, faith, leadership, stability, and miracle-working.

17. St Francis - Saint Francis of Assisi, Francis Bernardone

St Francis is well-known for his connection to nature, his care for animals, and his compassion for all.

He was born into a rich family and served as a soldier as a young adult, during which time he was imprisoned. When he was in jail, he received an epiphany. He heard Jesus tell him to put aside his worldly life. 

Assists with: animal communication and healing, finding a meaningful career, environmentalism, finding one's life purpose, peace, spiritual devotion, protection or transition of home, and youths trying to overcome delinquency.

18. St Germain - The Count of Saint-Germain, The Wonderman of Europe

Saint Germain is a master alchemist of the sacred fire. He bears the gift of the violet flame of freedom for world transmutation. He was a multi-talented man, a master of numerous languages, a painter, and psychic.

His forte is burning off and rekindling all that hinders the full expression of the soul into liberating light. 

Assists with: alchemy, comfortably interacting with authority figures and influential people, courage, direction, life purpose, miraculous manifestations, perseverance, psychic protection, additions, and space clearing.

19. St John of God - Father of the Poor

Saint John is well-known as the patron of the mentally and physically ill, as well as the healthcare workers. He was one of the disciples of Jesus who witnessed the life of Christ and the earliest Church. He has come to help humanity heal and to draw Christ consciousness into the body. 

Assists with: anxiety, depression, healing, heart ailments, hospitalizations, joy, increasing, space clearing, faith, and spiritual dedication.

20. St Therese - The Little Flower of Jesus

It is said that when Saint Therese hears a prayer, she will let you see or smell roses. For that reason, she's the patron saint of florists.

She was a Roman Catholic nun and missionary who founded the Missionaries of Charity. She received a Nobel Peace prize for her work with the poor and was canonized in 2016. 

Assists with: gardening, creating a sacred space, healing all forms of illness or injury, transformation, travel, pilots and airline crews, and spiritual counseling

21. Serapis Bey - Egyptian god of the underworld, facing your inner darkness

Serapis Bey is a beloved master that disciplines us in the initiations for the ascension.

He helps people work toward spiritual enlightenment. He motivates people towards physical fitness and healthful lifestyles. He is like a spiritual fitness guru who lovingly demands the best from us. 

Assists with: addictions and cravings, ascension, clear communication with God, exercise and weight-loss, peace, fulfilling destiny or prophecy, and overcoming inner torments to become positive expressions for artists, musicians, and creative endeavors.

22. Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda introduced the Western world to the practice of Kriya yoga, meditation, and chanting.

In his previous life in Atlantis, it is believed that he worked with those who were struggling with self-love. He helps unite and integrate cultures, motivating people to understand spirituality from both the East & the West.
Assists with: peace, unity of religious beliefs, yoga practice, clear communication with God, Divine love, and healing on all levels—spiritual, emotional, and physical.

Which Ascended Master Guides You? 

Ask yourself, what do you need to learn at this point in your life?

...Because life is a long journey for most, and at different phases you will require different forms of support and assistance.

Each individual is backed up by a team of Ascended Masters. Yes, a team. You are guided by not one, but five masters. This is called the Five Ray team. 

There are eight rays of incarnation, and we all are born with five of these rays. Each soul is said to incarnate on these specific rays. There is an Ascended Master assigned to each of the five rays, according to the life lessons laid out for you. 

How to Connect With the Ascended Masters

Whether you are seeking guidance, healing, or wisdom, you can call on Ascended Masters. These beings have already acquired vast knowledge and mastered the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of their lives. 

Due to their wisdom and experience, these masters can serve as your spiritual guide, healer, and teacher. Like Angels, we can open ourselves to them through conscious contact...

...We must deepen our spiritual understanding and raise our personal vibration.

The easiest way to connect to a master is to open your heart in order to start a two-way connection. Another way is to ask questions and get answers, called the Torus technique.

The masters can visit you in your dreams, during meditations or intuitive readings, and even everyday events in your life. 

Tips to connect with the Ascended Masters: 

  • Find a quiet place that feels clear and sacred to you. Safely, light a candle, burn incense, or use vibrational tools as you prefer
  • Take a number of deep breaths and say an affirmative prayer or intention to connect with a specific master. 
  • Call on the master that you feel most connected with, by thinking about that particular master. Then, focus on that thought and reflect silently. 
  • Additionally, You can tone (make sounds or hum), write what comes to you without thinking in a journal (called automatic writing), or listen for sounds, colors, geometric shapes, images or visions. Guidance comes in many forms.
  • You may ask for direct guidance regarding any issue in your life.
  • Remember at the end, to thank all the beings who provided guidance. 

You’ll know once you have truly opened your heart, body and mind to receive the energy from your Ascended Master. They are always available to you; it is you who must let go of control, and surrender enough to allow their presence to merge with you. 

Once you do, the energy around you suddenly becomes overwhelming in a positive and beautiful way...

...Their energy usually comes in forms of pouring light or very strong love. Thus, it is essential to be receptive to spiritual energy. 

After your invocation, you will most likely experience a surge of strong emotions, see visions of radiant light, or feel a higher level of energy. This is a very tangible experience that you remember the rest of your lifetime. 

If you are uncertain as to whether you have allowed yourself to interact with your Master(s), then you have not had this profound experience yet.

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