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How Does Joy

Support My Emotions?

  • Promote: playfulness, happiness, freedom*
  • Release: fatigue, overwhelm, control issues*
  • Support: hormones, thyroid, hypothalamus, pituitary*

Joy Affirmation:

I am joyful, relaxed and happy! Anything is possible.

What Can Joy Do For Me?

Joy is our hand-blended emotional care Formula for releasing fatigue, overwhelm, and control issues. Crafted using the Kaliana process,Joy combines 10 therapeutic essential oils and 148 vibra-nutrients™. Use this Formula to bring rapid balance to your emotions and energy field, so you feel free to make choices that bring you joy, instead of being caught up in the seriousness of life.

Teach Me About Joy

Joy Formula empowers happiness, laughter, and play. It whispers, “relax! Let go, and have fun!” This Formula is about giving up control, worry, overwhelm, and fatigue. It is a wonderful choice for those who tend to be too serious, have workaholic tendencies, or live super demanding, hectic lives. If life feels like drudgery to you, then it’s time for a shift in perspective. It’s time for some joy to help you loosen up. The true point of life is to enjoy it as much and as often as possible. Everyday is a day you can have fun - no matter how difficult it might seem!

Do you ever feel like you are trying to fit it? When you look in the mirror, does your inner voice criticize your hair, makeup, wrinkles, smile or outfit? Your inner critic is making you exhausted and depressed. That self-judgement is stripping away your happiness. Have you put yourself into a box - thinking you should look or be a certain way? Is life not what you wanted it to be? Then let go and allow yourself to become something different. Your joy is inside. It’s just underneath all that other mess, waiting for you to come and get it again.

Use positive energy to set yourself free and to focus on the good - like people or pets that you love, the warmth of a blanket, the laughter of a good show, and the way music can feed your soul. Give credit to yourself for the person that you are. Perhaps it’s the care you take in getting dressed, how you get out of bed everyday even though it’s difficult, or that you take care of others even when you are exhausted, Maybe you are a good listener, or simply a kind, patient and thoughtful person. Do you know how much that is needed in our world? And maybe you have survived some very difficult times. You deserve a giant pat on the back. You might not be on the other side yet, but a part of you does remember how to dance.

Why is joy important? Happiness is a part of love, and the truest natural state of our soul. That’s why laughter and smiles simply spill out of babies. Free from analyzing or trying to control life, toddlers simply imagine, dream and play. Find and feed the happiness, laughter and play within you—there is a spark there waiting to be ignited again.

Key Benefits:

  • Encourage fun and spontaneity*
  • Inspire joy and laughter*
  • Release overwhelm and fatigue*


Four Applications

To Empower Your Best Self

Each application method works in its own unique style. Use 1 or all 4 based on your preference to customize your level of personal support.

Fix-Me™ Mist

  • Rapid, positive mood shift
  • Energize & quickly stabilize

Make your day better in 30 seconds—spray face & back of neck. Breathe deep.

Joy Fix-Me Mist - 1oz - $19.97 (1)

Joy Fix-Me™ Mist

18 reviews




Deep-Release™ Oil

  • Long-acting for emotions*
  • Support skin & immune system*

This hand-blended, luxurious oil rejuvenates and protects your face and body while uplifting your emotions.

Joy Deep-Release Oil - 1 oz - $37.97 (1)

Joy Deep-Release™ Oil

3 reviews




Beverage Booster

  • Like vitamins for emotions™*
  • Take by mouth or in food/drink*

One squirt delivers a powerful infusion of vibra-nutrients™ with organic raw fruit enzymes to empower your body and emotions.

Joy Beverage Booster - 1 oz - $29.97 (1)

Joy Beverage Booster

2 reviews




Pocket Essential™ Oil

  • Discreet, immediate, on-the-go*
  • Immune & emotional balance*

Help revitalize emotions by delivering vibra-nutrients™ and essential oils to reflex points or by diffusing in the air.

Joy Pocket Essential Oil - $34.97 (1)

Joy Pocket Essential™ Oil

1 review



Joy Kit

Because feelings are multi-faceted, this Emotional Care® kit addresses emotions from 3 angles: quick, internal, and long-lasting. This way, although triggers may vary from day-to-day, you’re always getting support on many levels.

Two Fix-Me™ Mists (1 oz and 4 oz), Deep-Release™ Oil (1 oz), Beverage Booster (1 oz)

This kit combines 4 applications to help you get to the root of deeper emotions, and give you the power to turn them around.





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