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Confidence Beverage Booster


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Confidence Beverage Booster: Courage Support Supplement

Natural emotional help for frustration, self-esteem, dependency and child development*
Take by mouth. Add to food or drinks.

How can Confidence help your Emotions?

Confidence Emotional Care® naturally helps your feelings and emotions by providing 193 vibra-nutrients™ to assist cellular communication, and the best flower essences for anger, self-esteem, addictions, and separation anxiety.*

  • Deep-acting emotional assistance promotes courage, stability, determination and self-reliance.*
  • Internal support to help release indecisiveness, insecurity, frustration, and dependency.*
  • Support your liver, gallbladder, blood, spleen, bones, and bladder.*
  • Take by mouth during intense emotions.*
  • Discreet (by taking via food & beverages).

Why use Confidence Beverage Booster Vitamins for Emotions™?

Anger and insecurity create imbalances in the body which can contribute to adult and childhood issues such as self-doubt, self-criticism, high stress with new situations or meeting new people, difficulty making decisions, and separation anxiety. This can also contribute to bed wetting, leg pains or growing pains, issues with hips or legs, bedtime or night fears, addictions, vertigo, issues with balance, and dis-eases such as Parkinson's, lupus, Crohn's, and blood or bone weakness.*

Just like your body needs vitamins to function at its best, so do your emotions. Studies show that the energies of nature can help lower tension, blood pressure, adrenaline levels, factors of excess weight and type 2 diabetes. Positive emotions increase, while negative emotions decrease.*

Vibra-nutrients™ and flower essences are what your body absorbs when you go for a walk in nature. The body uses them to help balance emotions and stabilize your energy. When your nervousness is higher, your body depletes itself of vibra-nutrients more quickly. Therefore, during times of higher insecurity, self-doubt, or addictive cravings you may need to take them more often.

Kaliana makes feeling confident and strong easier.*

Since 1995, Kaliana has been blending and aging her natural Formulas to create highly effective multi-vitamins for emotions. Every year, she revisits the formulas to improve their effectiveness.

For adults, kids & pets.
Hand-crafted with love in small batches since 1995.
100% natural. Safe & gentle. Vegan & gluten-free. Cruelty-free.
This formula was previously called Present Moment.

Use Confidence Emotional Supplement 3x Daily
(or more often if desired)

Remember: your body uses vibra-nutrients quicker when your stress is higher, so you may want to take them more frequently when you are experiencing higher stress or emotions. 

Take 1/3 dropper in mouth. Wait 30-60 seconds to allow the body to absorb the nutrients, then REPEAT. Do this process 2-5 times until you feel yourself relax. Waiting and repeating is important for better results.

OR put 14 drops into 1/2 cup (4 oz) of water/beverage. Sip over 5-10 minutes.

9 Ways to use Kaliana Beverage Boosters for self-esteem & anger.
  1. Emotional Power Drink: Add 2 squirts to a bottled beverage. Shake & take with you.
  2. Nervous? Add to your beverage and sip during a test or meeting.
  3. Food cravings? Take 3 squirts (30 seconds apart). Distract yourself for 5 minutes.
  4. Keep in kitchen. Add to smoothies, soup/chili, sautéed veggies, desserts — any recipe.
  5. Mix 2-3 squirts into containers in your fridge so everyone gets vitamins for emotions.
  6. Need sleep? Take 4 doses (30 secs apart) just before bed. If you wake in the night, repeat.
  7. Stressful traffic or road trip? Take a squirt directly in mouth as needed.
  8. Humidifier: Add 8 drops to 1 gallon of water to put positive energy into the air.
  9. Want to help your pets emotions? Stir a few drops into their food or water.

Strengthen your inner spirit to achieve great things!

If we haven't answered all of your questions, please check our FAQ's page or Contact Us. Start using our products today, and discover how much better your days and nights can be. Love & hugs, Kaliana

Servings per bottle

1 oz (43 14-drop servings);
4 oz (225 1-pump servings)
32 oz refill w screw cap

100% Natural Remedy

Kosher vegetable glycerin, organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, Kaliana Confidence Vibraceutical™ Formula (193 vibra-nutrients™) plus flower essences for self-reliance (tangerine flower essence, sandalwood flower essence, snowbell flower essence, boswellia flower essence, orange flower essence, carrot flower essence, orchid flower essence).

What can Confidence Ingredients do for You?

Vibra-nutrients™ and flower essences are the captured 'intelligence' of a plant. They are energetic vitamins that the body naturally uses to help balance specific emotions and stabilize your energy.*

tangerine flower essence: calming; cheering; used for insomnia, restlessness and nervous tension*
sandalwood flower essence: calming; stabilize nerves; aid inner quiet and focus; restful sleep*
snowbell flower essence: calm nerves & digestion; tone breathing; aid concentration; restorative;*
boswellia flower essence: lower stress & anxiety; ease pain; inflammation; digestion; immunity*
orange flower essence: reduce anxiety; soothe nerves; ease the mind; cheer; stabilize emotions*
carrot flower essence: replenish; restore; rebuild; clear mind; support emotional transitions*
orchid flower essence: anti-nausea; digestion, aphrodisiac; antidepressant, deeply relaxing; cheering*

glycerine: a natural sweetener used for diabetics because it doesn't impact blood sugar. Kaliana uses kosher vegetable glycerin due to its superior quality.

raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar: provides natural enzymes - to assist digestion and essential for multiple functions in the body for proper health.

organic and wild: We believe that using organic and wild ingredients is better for our environment and better for your health. Our passionate desire is to uplift your emotions while empowering your vital force. We feel so strongly about this, that Kaliana selects organic and wild ingredients when available - even though it is not listed on our label.

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