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Living Through Grief with Grace (eBook available)


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Living Through Grief with Grace

  1. Help yourself and others
  2. Navigate the 4 phases
  3. Recipes & beverages

Do you or someone you love have a broken, sad or grieving heart?
Kaliana helps by offering specific tips to help you comfort and heal your heart through compassion, tips and specific foods & teas.

Are you or someone you love healing from a broken heart, crisis, or loss?
Kaliana helps you heal in kind and gentle ways. She brings strength to your heart and soul, being there at moments when you think healing is impossible. For additional emotional support for you or someone you love, see her Comfort formula which specifically targets grief and heartache.

Discover key ways to help heal your broken heart. Includes:
1. Learn to identify yourself in 4 phases of grief.
2. What critical things to do (or not do) in each phase.
3. How to help your heart heal as it heart moves in and out of each phases.
4. Techniques that can help you handle emotional crises. 5. Teas, foods and beverages that help the heart heal.

"Grief is the deep pain you experience when someone you love is injured, seriously ill, passes on, or breaks up with you. It is something that we share with every person who has ever loved. You are not alone." Kaliana

Learn to navigate your day based on your mood and what you need to get accomplished.

Here are a couple very simple tips:

Some days life can feel too sad. On those days, you should not make big decisions, and drinking rosehip tea can help your heart emotionally. However, if you need to leave the house that day, then drinking coffee, ginseng or yerba mate teas can help give you the extra strength to face the world.

What about days when you are angry over being alone or how hard life is now?
Then coffee is not a good idea as caffeine pushes the adrenals.
Exercise is essential on those days, and cranberry juice with lemon helps to cleanse anger from the body.
Simply cleaning your house while sipping on cranberry juice can help move the anger out of your body so that it doesn't get trapped in the tissues of your body. This simple exercise with juice may help reduce the risks of even more tension later due to a buildup of negativity in the body.

About the author:
Kaliana is a consultant, professional speaker, and educator on natural emotional care. With over 41 years experience, she is called ‘the life changer’ because she has changed the lives of thousands of women by helping them make simple choices in areas of life they never considered.

In "Living Through Grief With Grace", Kaliana shares specific ways to help you strengthen and stabilize your heart. You discover teas, foods and beverages that can help your body and heart. Based on science, epigenetics and Kaliana's experience, she shares techniques to help you begin to turn back on your warmth and comfort.

As the daughter of a world renowned plant biologist and developer of her own line of Natural Emotional Care products, Kaliana sits on the Board for Eating Disorders at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is a certified Phyto-Aromatologist, author of 4 books, and teaches workshops and courses for Continuing Education Hours by NCBTMB.

Don't you want to know what might either help or hinder you in healing your broken heart?

Buy your copy of Living Through Grief With Grace today and discover ways to help your heart feel better, sleep better, and find peace within.

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