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Recovery Kit

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Because feelings are multi-faceted, this Emotional Care® kit addresses emotions from 3 angles: quick, internal, and long-lasting. This way, although triggers may vary from day-to-day, you’re always getting support on many levels.

Two Fix-Me™ Mists (1 oz and 4 oz), Deep-Release™ Oil (1 oz), Beverage Booster (1 oz)

This kit combines 4 applications to help you get to the root of deeper emotions, and give you the power to turn them around.

Each kit contains 4 easy-to-use products for taking charge of your emotions—quickly and deeply.

  • Deep-acting emotional support*
  • Benefits immune, skin & energy*

Kaliana Emotional Care® Kits combine 4 applications for a more holistic approach to help you get to the root of deeper emotions, and give you the power to turn them around.


What Recovery Can Do For You

Promote: progress, purpose, will-power*

Release: feeling lost, stagnation, traumatic events*


Recovery ingredients have been hand-selected to promote a deeper sense of wholeness and inner strength, while stabilizing your emotions and nervous system. Recovery Vibraceutical™ 137 plus 10 key essential oils have been blended to work in conjunction with one another for greatest emotional benefit—including geranium, myrrh, neroli, melissa, and turmeric.


How does it work?

  • Hand-crafted, specialty blends of essential oils and flower essences.
  • 4 Layers of support to help ease stress, anxiety, and sadness.

Fix-Me™ Mist - 4oz

• Rapid uplift for emotions*
• Energize & quickly stabilize*

Make your day better in just 30 seconds.*

Recovery Kit - $97.84 (1)

Fix-Me™ Mist - 1oz

• Rapid uplift for emotions*
• Energize & quickly stabilize*

Make your day better in just 30 seconds.*

Recovery Kit - $97.84 (1)

Deep Release™ Oil - 1oz

• Long acting for emotions*
• Support skin & immune*

Hours of emotional support - plus smoother, more radiant skin.*

Recovery Kit - $97.84 (1)

Beverage Booster - 1oz

• Like vitamins for emotions™
• Take by mouth or food/drink

137 vibra-nutrients™—for consistent, internal emotional support.*

Recovery Kit - $97.84 (1)

Try it yourself and tell us what you think.

Regular price $119.88 (A 28% SAVINGS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all Kaliana Emotional Care® Formulas are designed to work together. Using several formulas may help address the many facets of your emotions. This is why we also offer variety sets - so you and your family can mix and match for personalized emotional support each day.

Vibra-Nutrients™ are trace amounts of energy that your body naturally absorbs whenever you get out in nature. From the quantum physics perspective, they are the atoms that are emitted from rocks, trees, flowers, water, and even the sounds of water movement and birds singing. These may be the reason why forest bathing has such a dramatic impact on health and emotional well-being.

Studies show that nature can help:
lower tension, blood pressure, adrenaline levels, factors of excess weight and type 2 diabetes. Positive emotions increase, while negative emotions decrease.*

Click here to read the 10 Reasons We Switched From Glass to BPA-Free Plastic Bottles

If you pay attention to your body when applying my products, most people notice a calmness shift in about 30 seconds. The more stressed or sensitive you are, the bigger difference you tend to notice. Remember to REPEAT 3 times the Fix-Me™ Mist or Beverage Booster after waiting 30 seconds to feel even deeper support.

Think of these like "vitamins for your emotions." When you are stressed or tired your body uses them up more quickly more than when life is easy. This is why you continue repeating the application. As you keep repeating, your body tends to relax and become replenished.

Here's a fun tip. Write yourself a note telling yourself about the challenges in your life -rating your stress, anxiety, sleep etc on a scale of 1-10. Then seal it up in an envelope for the next 30 days while you dedicate yourself to using the products each day. At the end of the 30 days, open your note & discover how big your improvements.

Excellent question.

Kaliana has been sourcing premium essential oils from all across the globe for over 20 years. She's a certified Phyto-Aromatologist with over 40 years experience. At Kaliana we do not buy an essential oil because it is supposed to be the best. Instead, we seek out essential oils specifically for their emotional impact. For example, we do not source lavender from France even though it is touted as the best in the world. Kaliana prefers Bulgarian lavender that's thrived in the wild because it's had to work harder to persevere than lavender that's been pampered in a field. It would, therefore, have a higher emotional intelligence and impact—this is just one more quality that sets our products apart from everything else on the market.

The term "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils" is a marketing term developed by the company doTERRA and can be very misleading to the average consumer. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy released a journal detailing the quality of essential oils. Here's an excerpt regarding CPTG oils:

This is a relatively new trademark by a multi-level marketing company. It gives the appearance of being approved by some kind of higher authority and it has been said that the company states it is a FDA approved to use this label. According to Elston (2009), "This registered word mark has not been provided to them by the FDA as they claim and is meaningless in proving that an outside certifying body has declared or designated that DoTERRAʼs essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade. DoTERRA, LLC owns the right to exclusive use of the mark (however not the exclusive right to the actual words "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" which is revealing) This seal or word mark is nothing more than a commercial trademark that they have registered and paid a fee for".

You can view the entire journal here

We take sourcing our oils very seriously and it shows in the quality of our products. You can learn more about the Kaliana 8 Benefits here.

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Uncover & Release

I went through an abusive relationship. Years after leaving I thought I had healed as much as was possible. I was left with triggered fear, weekly dreams and low self-worth. Kaliana's Recovery has not only shifted my views on my healing capabilities but also changed how I view myself, the past and my future. My dreams have grown sweet & light and I feel like the girl I was before the man of my dreams turned my life to ****. Forever grateful ❤

Lydia M.
United States United States

Going through a very stressful and difficult healing crisis in my home, and the spray, concentrate, oil and beverage booster are a GODsend!!!! Entire family using throughout the day and it is HELPING SO MUCH! Bringing nature inside when can’t go forest bathing... thank you for these amazing and EFFECTIVE formulas!! �❤️

Margaret V.
I drive a lot. Recovery oil helps my thinking be clear, and I am able to be smarter while driving!

I drive a lot. Memory oil helps my thinking be clear, and I am able to be smarter while driving! I rub it in to my hands, and the back of my neck, and my sacral area of my back, since there are so many nerve endings at either end of the spine, I like to get the most of my Memory oil, I rub in Memory oil where it will do the most good, at the nerve plexuses at either end of my spine. I am more alert, and my driving is crisper when I remember to do this. Bless you Kaliana, what you are doing with your products is changing our world.

Store C.
He loved how all applications relaxed him at different levels.

A wife I talked to last week came back with her husband today. Bad PTSD. He left with a Recovery kit. He loved how all applications relaxed him at different levels. They are going to listen to the CD together. Their goal is to get all in the 4 oz containers.

Store C.
Her cousin was in total LOCKDOWN. Nothing was going to affect her.

We had a lady come in the first of the week feeling intense emotional stress. We started with Stress Relief. It worked wonders. Then comes the real issue: **** & molestation. She has been married for a year to a good man she doesn't feel she deserves. Her cycle stopped upon marriage. We switched to Comfort, then Memory. she left and came back with her cousin who is visiting for the summer and has been thru more and worse abuse. Her cousin was in total LOCKDOWN. Nothing was going to affect her. Only Comfort did. Stress Relief did. Memory did. Vitality did. Each one would trigger a release and I would have to change formulas to stop the tears. She left smiling, a HUGE accomplishment. The lady hugged me to thank me for what I did for her cousin and they left to return on sale day. 5 minutes before close on Saturday they came back. They had experienced a couple of sadness days. We talked about why that was and what to do next time that happened. We went back thru the selection process and tried the formulas in all applications again and the woman got a Recovery kit and her cousin a Confidence kit. Their goal is to get a kit each sale day till they have them all.



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