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How Does Health

Support My Emotions?

  • Promote: energy, wellness, vibrant health*
  • Release: weakness, sluggishness, irritability*
  • Support: immune system, lungs, spleen, bladder, lymphatic*

Health Affirmation:

My heart forgives & my immune system is strong. I am deeply loved and given all that I need to heal.

What Can Health Do For Me?

Health is our hand-blended emotional care Formula for releasing weakness, sluggishness, and irritability. Crafted using the Kaliana process,Health combines 10 therapeutic essential oils and 243 vibra-nutrients™. Use this Formula to bring rapid balance to your emotions and energy field, so your body, mind, emotions and spirit work in harmony to restore vibrant health.

Teach Me About Health

Health Formula is about empowering the body, mind and spirit to restore deep balance. It whispers, “you are deeply loved by the Divine and given all that you need to heal.” The immune system is a powerful tool. Our prayer is that you find your best path to health and uncover answers when things seem too much. May you gain strength when you need it, with simple ways to ease pain and discomfort. Our goal is that you restore peace, balance and joy to your body, heart and soul. We understand the struggles of life and of health issues. We care about you and want to help you feel and be your very best.

Negative emotions such as blame, resentment, holding grudges, anger and bitterness are all damaging to your health. The same way your liver and kidneys have to clean out pesticides, preservatives, alcohol, medications and toxins you consume, it also has to cleanse out excess adrenaline and cortisol produced by your body when you are stressed. Over time, any of these can create inflammation, pain, allergies, illness and a weakened immune response.

Also, sometimes people do horrible things that you don’t want to forgive or forget. You feel justifiably angry. This may be true, yet forgiveness is essential for the body to balance itself. Blame, anger, resentment, and bitterness all eat away at you, causing serious damage - even such as cancer. That’s why we have the expression “I’m so upset - it’s eating away at me!” Cancer and many immune imbalances are the body attacking itself. To restore health, proper function and reduce pain and inflammation, the cells and systems must come into balance. And that process requires harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Grace is forgiveness, kindness and compassion all wrapped up together. And grace is the space where true healing takes place - in relationships, in the mind, and in the body.

Sometimes you don’t know how to forgive. The person or situation doesn’t deserve forgiveness. And everytime you think about it and feel your blood boiling, you are damaging your heart and brain. Realize that you don’t forgive or let go because it is deserved. You forgive because you can, for your own benefit. You forgive so that you get back your inner peace and health. Don’t let a terrible person steal your happiness, health and calm away. Why forgive? Forgive because if you do not, something in your body will give in under all the pressure - and you will experience pain, inflammation, discomfort, and likely get sick.

Empower all aspects of yourself by using Health Formula: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to work together to create harmony inside of you. You are stronger and better than the things life has thrown at you. As you take back your power, so can your body.

Key Benefits:

  • Encourage deep healing*
  • Nurture forgiveness*
  • Soften resentment and anger*



Four Applications

To Empower Your Best Self

Each application method works in its own unique style. Use 1 or all 4 based on your preference to customize your level of personal support.

Fix-Me™ Mist

  • Rapid, positive mood shift
  • Energize & quickly stabilize

Make your day better in 30 seconds—spray face & back of neck. Breathe deep.

Health Fix-Me Mist - 1oz - $19.97 (1)

Health Fix-Me™ Mist

19 reviews




Deep-Release™ Oil

  • Long-acting for emotions*
  • Support skin & immune system*

This hand-blended, luxurious oil rejuvenates and protects your face and body while uplifting your emotions.

Health Deep-Release Oil - 1 oz - $37.97 (1)

Health Deep-Release™ Oil

20 reviews




Beverage Booster

  • Like vitamins for emotions™*
  • Take by mouth or in food/drink*

One squirt delivers a powerful infusion of vibra-nutrients™ with organic raw fruit enzymes to empower your body and emotions.

Health Beverage Booster - 1 oz - $29.97 (1)

Health Beverage Booster

9 reviews




Pocket Essential™ Oil

  • Discreet, immediate, on-the-go*
  • Immune & emotional balance*

Help revitalize emotions by delivering vibra-nutrients™ and essential oils to reflex points or by diffusing in the air.

Health Pocket Essential Oil - $34.97 (1)

Health Pocket Essential™ Oil

2 Reviews



Health Kit

Because feelings are multi-faceted, this Emotional Care® kit addresses emotions from 3 angles: quick, internal, and long-lasting. This way, although triggers may vary from day-to-day, you’re always getting support on many levels.

Two Fix-Me™ Mists (1 oz and 4 oz), Deep-Release™ Oil (1 oz), Beverage Booster (1 oz)

This kit combines 4 applications to help you get to the root of deeper emotions, and give you the power to turn them around.





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