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Confidence Pocket Essential Oil


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Apply discreetly anytime to feel better fast!

Kaliana Pocket Essential Oils are like a quick uplifting energy session to help balance you out at any moment.

Whether applied discreetly under your nose or on your pulse points, CONFIDENCE essential oils and 193 powerful vibranutrients travel along your meridians to be delivered where they are needed most. Uplifting aromas and energies are carried by your sense of smell directly to the part of your brain that has the most power to change how you feel immediately.

Small bottle. Big power. Lasts forever!

300 doses? How can something that fits in your pocket last for so long? Our concentrates have a flow restricting cap (called an orifice reducer)…this is to ensure you get just the right dosage on your skin each time. You need a fraction of a drop for these to work (which is why they last so long), and that tiny hole lets out just the right amount.

Great with EO Diffusers!

Pocket Essential Oils make using expensive oils in a diffuser easy and affordable! Our Confidence blend of 11 premium therapeutic essential oils with 193 Vibra-nutrients™ fills the air with a relaxing and healing energy and aroma that reduces anxiety, promotes deep sleep, and helps improve focus.

Essential oils have been used since Ancient Egypt in healing and balancing emotions.

The sense of smell is one of our most powerful tools in re-establishing inner harmony, strength and well being.

One of the most efficient ways of affecting thoughts and feelings, is through an area of your brain where feelings and thoughts are created and stored. This area is called the limbic system, which affects emotions and memories.

Medicinal aromatherapy has documented the effects of different smells on the body. Certain smells can help us relax, increase our ability to focus, reduce pain, increase memory or even stimulate creativity.

Essential oils are also highly effective at supporting the immune system

  1. Naturally reduce germs, bacteria and viruses in the air – so much so that they are pumped thru the ventilation systems in many hospitals in Europe.
  2. Essential oils empower the immune system – which is why they are a standard part of medical treatment in France. By breathing in our potentized essential oils throughout the day, you can help cleanse germs and bacteria from the air as well as stimulate your immune system. 

Skin and Meridian Use

Simply remove the cap. Place your finger over the opening. Tilt or shake the bottle a couple of times. When you remove your finger, it should be just slightly damp. That is all you need.

To get started, apply it underneath your nose and breathe in deeply. Our concentrations have been specifically designed to use underneath the nose. First and foremost, you have a major energy meridian intersection just beneath the nose. This point is known to help strengthen vital force or chi throughout your body. Secondly, the nose gives us access thru the sense of smell to our emotional switchboard.

This powerful little blend can also be used on many other important areas throughout the body:

  • Heart center and heart
  • Temples, brow bone, outer orbital socket
  • Behind ears, and back of neck
  • Joints and wrist
  • Stomach, solar plexus, and belly button
  • Base of the spine, bottoms of feet
  • On reflex points (especially palms, feet, and face)

Also, if you ever have any pain, apply a dose right to the area that is hurting. If the area is too large for just one application, you can repeat several times in order to completely cover the affected area.

Feel free to reapply as often as desired.

Essential Oil Diffuser Use

Shake well. Tilt vial downward. Tap vial to disperse 10-30 drops into water or onto diffuser pad.


1 dram / 3.7ml vial (300 direct skin doses)

100% Natural Treatment

Ingredients: therapeutic base (organic jojoba oil, organic sesame oil), Confidence Aromatherapy Oils (sandalwood essential oil, tangerine essential oil, benzoin essential oil, frankincense essential oil, neroli essential oil, bergamot essential oil, carrot seed essential oil, vanilla essential oil), Kaliana Confidence Vibraceutical™ Formula (193 vibra-nutrients™) plus flower essences (tangerine flower essence, sandalwood flower essence, snowbell flower essence, boswellia flower essence, orange flower essence, carrot flower essence, orchid flower essence). External use only. 

What Confidence Ingredients can do for You

The Best Essential Oils: Essential oils are the plants natural immune system - providing protection from viruses, bacteria and disease. Kaliana personally hand-selects her premium oils for scent, purity, grade - and ability to uplift specific emotions.

Combinations are Better than a single scent, according to the peer reviewed study Combinatorial Effects of Odorant Mixes in Olfactory Cortex, published in Science March 10, 2006.* Each Kaliana sophisticated blend combines up to 14 different essential oils curated to maximize their ability to benefit your health and emotion.

sandalwood essential oil: calming; stabilize nerves; aid inner quiet and focus; restful sleep*
tangerine essential oil: calming; cheering; used for insomnia, restlessness and nervous tension*
benzoin essential oil: calm nerves & digestion; tone breathing; aid concentration; restorative;*
frankincense essential oil: lower stress & anxiety; ease pain; inflammation; digestion; immunity*
neroli essential oil: reduce anxiety; soothe nerves; ease the mind; cheer; stabilize emotions*
bergamot essential oil: mental clarity; relax and uplift fatigue; soothes tension and frustration*
carrot seed essential oil: replenish; restore; rebuild; clear mind; support emotional transitions*
vanilla essential oil: anti-nausea; digestion, aphrodisiac; antidepressant, very deeply relaxing; cheering*

193 Vibra-nutrients™ plus flower essences are the captured 'intelligence' of a plant. They are energetic vitamins that the body naturally uses to help balance specific emotions and stabilize your energy.*

sandalwood flower essence: calming; stabilize nerves; aid inner quiet and focus; restful sleep*
tangerine flower essence: calming; cheering; used for insomnia, restlessness and nervous tension*
carrot flower essence: replenish; restore; rebuild; clear mind; support emotional transitions*
snowbell flower essence: calm nerves & digestion; tone breathing; aid concentration; restorative;*
boswellia flower essence: lower stress & anxiety; ease pain; inflammation; digestion; immunity*
orchid flower essence: anti-nausea; digestion, aphrodisiac; antidepressant, very deeply relaxing; cheering*
orange flower essence: antidepressant; restore energy; uplift fatigue; soothe tension and frustration*

the best healing oils base:  the skin is your largest organ. Oils on your skin are critical because they serve as the first line of defense for a strong immune system. In addition, specific therapeutic oils have been found to support deep healing in the body. Kaliana selects only oils that have been shown to be highly effective to assist deepest healing and emotional support.*

organic golden jojoba oil: Most like the oil produced by your skin, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antibacterial, antioxidant, softens and moisturizes. Shown effective in reducing superficial facial lines, restoring elasticity, easing psoriasis, inflamed skin, and dermatitis.*
organic sesame oil: Ultra rich in benefits from vitamins, minerals, proteins, as well as linoleic acid, alpha linoleic acid, and lecithin to soothe the nervous system. Sesame is applied to the skin in Ayurveda medicine for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis. Shown to naturally reduce cholesterol levels.*

organic and wild: We believe that using organic and wild ingredients is better for our environment and better for your health. Our passionate desire is to uplift your emotions while empowering your vital force. We feel so strongly about this, that Kaliana always uses organic and wild ingredients when available - even though it is not listed on our label.

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