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Calm Deep-Release Oil


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Calm Deep-Release Oil: Emotional Support Treatment

Up to 8-hours of natural emotional help for anxiety, sleep and focus.*

  1. Relax and protect heart, spine, neck & shoulders, plus tense areas and stiff joints.*
  2. Lightly pat onto face, chest, neck & ears for anti-aging and wrinkle release.*
  3. Or apply to whole body as daily emotional and anti-aging treatment.*

How can Calm help your Skin, Body and Emotions?

Calm Emotional Care® Deep-Release™ Oil is an aged blend of 147 vibra-nutrients™ steeped in the best essential oils for anxiety, sleep, and focus. We then create a rich emulsion using the most effective healing oils for the skin and immune system. Our powerful healing treatment is something to be experienced.

Release bothersome emotions from the body for up to 8 hours, and help prevent the damaging impact negative thoughts and feelings can have on your muscles, health, joints, skin and youthful appearance.*

promote: sleep, composure, focus*
release: anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness*
support: nervous system, adrenals, thyroid, digestion*

Kaliana makes helping calm emotions easier. 
Anxiety, sleeplessness, ADD, ADHD, agitation, confusion, nervous twitches, blood pressure, blood sugar, irritable bowel, Alzheimer's, and dementia, etc. are all signs of imbalances within the body. Some come on quickly; some develop over time. 

Some emotional responses happen in the moment, others are recurring patterns.
If you have faced any issue for awhile, then you need long-acting support to help shift the pattern.

8-hours easing emotions & body tension.
Feel better, while your skin becomes smoother and more radiant,
plus your immune system gets powerful assistance.

Benefits of Deep-Release Oils

  • Long-acting emotional assist
  • Block negativity or sensory overload
  • Immune support
  • Ease pain / muscle tension / tight joints
When Is an Oil Better than a Lotion?

Lotions break down quickly in the skin, which means they can provide only short-term relief. Our Oils are unique because, similar to a lotion, our special oil blend penetrates in minutes. The difference is that our oils break down slowly, so your skin stays soft and never feels greasy. This is how our Deep-Release™ Oils are able to provide up to 8-hours of emotional and health-boosting support.*


Why Are Hours of Support Essential?

Negative emotions cause fatigue, muscle tension, neck/shoulder/back tightness, joint stiffness, wrinkles, sleep issues, illnesses & weight gain. Studies show nature can help lower tension, blood pressure, adrenaline levels, factors of excess weight and type 2 diabetes. Positive emotions increase, while negative emotions decrease.*

Kaliana Oils help hold healing and emotional support over many hours. Studies show that stressful emotions can result in fatigue, neck/shoulder/back stiffness, muscle tightness, joint stiffness, difficult sleep, illnesses, and even weight gain. Ultra-rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients to reinforce your skins protective barrier, support your immune system, relax muscles and joints, and provide long-lasting effective emotional support. Increase healing. Decrease emotional stress

Kaliana makes Emotional Care® easy
Hand-crafted with love in small batches since 1995.
100% natural. Safe & gentle. Vegan & gluten-free. Cruelty-free. For adults, kids & pets.

This formula was previously called Present Moment.

Use Calm Deep-Release Oil Treatment 2x Daily
(or more often if desired)

Apply to chest, neck/shoulders, face/ears, and from top to bottom of spine (as best you can).
NOTE: A little goes a long way. Each person's body is unique and will absorb what it needs. If you feel greasy, you've simply used too much.  External Use Only.

PAIN: Apply to tight muscles and joints. Notice ease within minutes. Reapply as often as needed.

COMPRESS for ORGAN SUPPORT: Saturate a 4x4 inch clean white cloth. Place over organ. Cover cloth with plastic wrap to protect clothing. Cover with a warm compress for 20 minutes - 2 hours. Toss out cloth after use, or wash in natural organic soap.

EMOTIONAL TREATMENT: Use over entire body and pat onto face for greatest physical and emotional support.

SENSORY BUFFER: Deep-Release™ Oil is highly effective for kids and adults who are sensory and sensitive. To create a natural protective sensory buffer, apply to all exposed areas of skin before going to school, the mall, meetings or parties.

Apply Kaliana Deep-Release™ Oils to:

  1. long-acting support for emotions*
  2. reinforce your skins protective barrier*
  3. assist your immune system and sleep better*
  4. anti-aging and wrinkle softening*
13 Ways to use Kaliana Deep-Release™ Oils
  1. Before you face your day apply a protective layer to chest, neck/shoulders, arms and also lightly on face.
  2. You can also do your whole body on extra stressful days to create a supportive positive cocoon.
  3. When you feel out of sorts: massage onto temples, heart/chest, and nape of neck to relax.
  4. Pain: Massage into achy joints & painful muscles. Rub into shoulders, back of neck and scalp to help relieve tension in head.
  5. After bath or shower—provides a deep therapy to ease emotions, relax body, and boost immune health.
  6. Before Bed: apply to chest, back/shoulders, and top-to-bottom of spine for restful, healing sleep. Apply oil to bottoms of clean feet; put on clean socks. Ingredients help body heal and balance via reflexology points on feet.
  7. Apply to scars. Use as a warm compress over organs.
  8. For massage: gives targeted emotional support which assists deeper release & more positive shift.
  9. For hand massages/ foot or chest rubs for kids, the elderly, or those bed-ridden to assist with aches/pain and boost immune support.
  10. Scrunch through thick hair for shine, tame frizzies, and to keep others out of your hair.
  11. Mix several squirts with 2 tbsp of sugar or salt to make a light scrub.  Apply to body for a fabulous emotional-exfoliating skin-boost.
  12. Add 1 pump to body wash and dish/hand soap. Shake well. Increases moisturizing and immune benefits, plus emotional support. 
  13. Pets—rub 1 drop into hands. Apply above pets nose, and run hands over their fur or body.

Empower yourself to achieve great things!

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Our products help give you the power to feel the way you want to feel – vs the stress of the world around you. Start using them right away! Love & hugs, Kaliana


1 oz pump for face, chest & targeted use (180 pumps/bottle)
4 oz pump for whole body
32 oz refill

100% Natural Treatment

Ingredients: therapeutic base (organic jojoba oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, organic sesame oil, organic virgin rosehip oil), Calm Aromatherapy Oils (sandalwood essential oil, jasmine absolute essential oil, pine needle essential oil, benzoin essential oil, vetivert essential oil, neroli essential oil), Kaliana CALM Vibraceutical™ Formula (147 vibra-nutrients™) plus flower essences (sandalwood flower essence, snowbell flower essence, vetivert flower essence, jasmine flower essence, pine flower essence, orange flower essence). External use only.

What Calm Ingredients can do for You

Combinations are Better than a single essential oil, according to the peer reviewed study Combinatorial Effects of Odorant Mixes in Olfactory Cortex, published in Science March 10, 2006.*

Essential oils are the plants natural immune system - protecting it from viruses, bacteria and disease. To qualify for use in Kaliana products, an oil must be exceptional. Each one is hand selected personally by Kaliana for scent, purity and grade. We use only the finest premium, pure essential oils.

sandalwood essential oil: calming; stabilize nerves; aid meditation and focus; restful sleep*
jasmine absolute essential oil: improve sleep; lower anxiety; increase alertness & cognitive performance; balance hormones, cheer, uplift fatigue*
pine needle essential oil: purifying; refreshing; strengthening; antiviral; antibacterial; ease muscular aches*
benzoin essential oil: calm nerves & digestion; tone breathing; aid concentration; restorative*
vetiver essential oil: improved performance of kids with ADD/HD by 100 percent; calm; focus; stabilize emotions*
neroli essential oil: reduce momentary anxiety; soothe nerves; ease the mind; cheer; stabilize emotions*

147 Vibra-nutrients™ plus flower essences are the captured 'intelligence' of a plant. They are energetic vitamins that the body naturally uses to help balance specific emotions and stabilize your energy.*

sandalwood flower essence: calming; stabilize nerves; aid meditation and focus; restful sleep*
jasmine flower essence: improve sleep; lower anxiety; increase alertness & cognitive performance; cheer*
pine flower essence: purifying; refreshing; strengthening; antiviral; antibacterial; ease muscular aches*
vetiver flower essence: improved performance of kids with ADD/HD by 100 percent; calm; focus; stabilize emotions*
snowbell flower essence: calm nerves; support digestion; tone breathing; aid concentration; restorative*
orange flower essence: antidepressant; reduce anxiety; soothe nerves; calm the mind; cheer; stabilize emotions*

the best healing oils base:  the skin is your largest organ. Oils on your skin are critical because they serve as the first line of defense for a strong immune system. In addition, specific therapeutic oils have been found to support deep healing in the body. Kaliana selects only oils that have been shown to be highly effective to assist deepest healing and emotional support.*

organic golden jojoba oil: Most like the oil produced by your skin, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antibacterial, antioxidant, softens and moisturizes. Shown effective in reducing superficial facial lines, restoring elasticity, easing psoriasis, inflamed skin, and dermatitis.*
organic extra virgin olive oil: Rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids, and omegas-3-6-9 aiding vibrant and radiant skin. The Jan 2005 Annuls of Oncology reported that oleic acid (a fatty acid found in olive oil) is believed to suppress a gene responsible for many breast cancers, by up to 46%.*
castor oil: Rich in a unique, potent, immune-boosting fatty acid called ricinoleic acid which has been shown effective in preventing the growth of numerous viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and molds. Used as a topical treatment for occasional acne, skin inflammation, and keratosis. Naturally makes skin softer and more pliable.*
organic sesame oil: Ultra rich in benefits from vitamins, minerals, proteins, as well as linoleic acid, alpha linoleic acid, and lecithin to soothe the nervous system. Sesame is applied to the skin in Ayurveda medicine for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis. Shown to naturally reduce cholesterol levels.*
organic virgin rosehip oil: Rich in vitamin C and retinol, this is the leading oil for treating wrinkles, stretch marks, sun damage, inflamed skin and for preventing aging. Rosehip is used in medical and spa practices for stimulating cell growth, reducing scars, burns, increasing elasticity, and regaining more even skin color and tone.*

organic and wild: We believe that using organic and wild ingredients is better for our environment and better for your health. Our passionate desire is to uplift your emotions while empowering your vital force. We feel so strongly about this, that Kaliana selects organic and wild ingredients when available - even though it is not listed on our label.

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