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5 Ways to Gain Clarity on Your Direction in Life

Jan 16, 2019

5 Ways to Gain Clarity on Your Direction in Life

Do you feel stress and compulsion to “do everything”?

Does your plate fill up with too many projects or goals, stretching you thin, disallowing you to make significant progress in the things that matter most?

The modern world is fast-paced and demanding. Duties, deadlines, and a desire to accomplish as much as possible weighs over each of us. Social media, online shopping, new gadgets—distractions and the desire to “have it all” keeps us from seeing what is essential to us as individuals.

Success starts with clarity. Once you become clear on your goals and the direction you want to take your life, you can move forward with purpose and resolve. But when your to-do list is overflowing, it can be hard to prioritize.

The simple truth is this: if you do not clarify what is essential in your life, you’ll end up spreading your efforts so thin that you make no impact at all.

So how can we move forward in our lives with more clarity and purpose?

1. Evaluate and Eliminate

Take a look at how you spend your time. Ask yourself if your activities are contributing to your goal. You need to give yourself permission to be selective in what you choose to do—learning to say “no” even when it’s challenging.

Do not look at this as what you have to give up—view it as and ask yourself, “what do I want to go big on?”

5 Ways to Gain Clarity on Your Direction in Life


2. Give Yourself Space

You may find yourself too busy to allow space to discern the trivial tasks from the few important ones. But this is critical to exploring your options and strategizing.

If you do not give yourself alone time (quiet time to think and feel), you have no opportunity to evaluate your life and goals. Recognize too, that as we go through life our priorities shift. Whether single or raising a family, priorities change numerous times as ‘life happens.’

With the constant noise around us, it is crucial to give yourself quiet reflection time in which you can truly focus. Even if you only commit to 5 minutes a day, it is important to make space to escape the craziness of life.

3. Establish Routine

Focus your energy less on the outcome and more on the day-to-day tasks involved in reaching that outcome. Looking at the big picture can we overwhelming, so breaking your goal into steps is critical.

Ask yourself: what am I doing daily to accomplish this goal?

One of the best ways to improve is to look for small changes you can make in the things you do often. Establishing a routine that is based around what you have identified as essential will yield greater results.

You need to be aware of your actions and unconscious habits, such as immediately checking your email upon waking, or spending your lunch hour mindlessly scrolling through social media instead of using that time to recharge and reflect, or connecting with friends or colleagues.

4. Connect with Nature

Studies show getting out in nature helps reduce stress, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and enhance mood. Go for a walk outside or read in a park, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

A quick way to connect with nature is through the use of essential oils. You can diffuse them in your office or mist your face and neck right when you wake up, or throughout the day if you need to feel uplifted.

Eucalyptus, benzoin, lavender, lemongrass, and cajeput can quickly boost your brain when you need to improve your mood, stimulate your mind, and enhance creativity.

Kaliana Formulas contain up to 10 essential oils and 243 flower essences to make bringing the power of nature into your home easy.


Fix-Me Mists

5. Seek Help from Experts

No one succeeds alone. Seek help from counselors, coaches, and mentors whenever you feel it’s necessary. Find someone who knows about your particular field. You will find value in the words of people who have already experienced the path that you’re about to take.

Recognize that there are all types of experts. Some people have spent their lives selling insurance for example, and others working as natural healers. While you have probably become very wise in your own ways, seek counsel from those who have spent vast amounts of time in the area you are seeking to improve.

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