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6 Emotional Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil: Life is Beautiful, Less Anxiety

Jun 06, 2019

6 Emotional Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil: Life is Beautiful, Less Anxiety

Neroli essential oil is found in the following Kaliana Formulas: Calm, Comfort, Confidence, Joy, RecoveryClick Here to learn why using blends are more effective than using individual essential oils.


Neroli is not the essential oil that immediately springs to mind when you talk about aromatherapy. Its scent is complex and hard to describe until you try it for yourself. But more than its aroma, neroli is well-known for the wide-ranging effects it can have on the psyche.

For centuries, neroli has been associated with beauty and royalty. Legend has it that the 16th century Italian princess of Nerola, Marie Anne de la Tremoille, discovered neroli when she picked flowers from her bitter orange trees.

She noticed that the flowers gave off a pleasant smell. She loved the scent so much that she used it on everything - from her clothes to her stationery.

In 1709, perfumier Johann Maria Farina included neroli in his 'Eau de Cologne' collection which made the scent even more popular. Centuries later, it’s regaining the acclaim it once had. Get to know more about this valuable essential oil.

Kaliana’s Emotional Read on Neroli:

Neroli’s light yet complex aroma has a way of getting into the nooks and crannies of your psyche and uplifting both dark and hidden places. When you feel a deep sense of melancholy, but aren’t really sure why, neroli can help get to the root of the manner in your mind and push it out, restoring your inner sense of calm and that all is well.

On the flip side, perhaps you know exactly why you feel sad or traumatized. Perhaps life has handed you an especially difficult challenge that you don’t know how to overcome. Maybe you’ve even resorted to running away in some manner, such as alcohol or drugs. Neroli is the special key you are looking for.

Neroli Essential Oil begins to restore our sense that even with all of its unavoidable struggles, life is beautiful. Friendships, kindness, love, camaraderie and the beauty of nature all feed our hearts. And the loss of these in any form, even having poor parents or for some the arrival of Winter can give us a struggle to overcome...

...No wonder neroli is called bitter orange. It restores the hopeful balance in our psyche between the bitter bite of life, and the regenerative positive optimism of orange.

When blended with other oils such as jasmine absolute, rose absolute, clary sage, geranium, ylang-ylang, myrrh, and pine or spearmint, these combinations work as a team through a multitude of levels to help you regain emotional strength, and restore the woman you were born to be.

When you combine all the benefits below, research now substantiates Kaliana’s Emotional Reading on how Neroli Essential Oils helps restore your sense of how Life is Beautiful:

6 Emotional Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

1) Fights Anxiety and Stress

According to a study, neroli oil has sedative, antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. It primarily contains linalool, followed by limonene, linalyl acetate, and other volatile compounds. This makes neroli one of the top choices when it comes to reducing anxiety and stress.

Diffusing Neroli Essential Oil in the form of a mist is so highly effective that inhaling it during labor helps minimize childbirth anxiety in women, and can even lower the intense anxiety experienced during crack cocaine withdrawal.

Neroli also helps reduce stress and assist the endocrine system. Your endocrine system affects puberty, your ability to manage stress, getting pregnant, weight gain, bone strength, energy levels and blood sugar.


6 Emotional Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil: Life is Beautiful, Less Anxiety


2) Healing and Restoring Your Heart

Do you ever struggle with sadness, broken heart, worry over loved ones, or even have physical heart issues? When it comes to repair of the heart there are few oils that compare to Neroli Essential Oil, other than Rose Absolute.

Neroli has been shown to have multiple benefits when it comes to alleviating cardiovascular symptoms, including assisting vasodilation and relaxing heart rhythm. Neroli has the ability to especially help women lower blood pressure, benefit pulse rates, and improve serum cortisol levels.

3) A Balanced Woman - PMS Relief

Neroli oil is known to have potent pain-relieving properties. In a clinical trial study, it was found that inhaling neroli can help relieve menstrual cramps and overall premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms such as fatigue and insomnia.

4) Sense of Bliss - Reduced Irritation

Science shows that liver and gut health are directly connected to how joyful you feel. They affect hormonal balance as well as the biochemistry of the mind and body.

In Chinese medicine, the liver also directly influences your levels of anger and frustration. Inflammation in the liver or gut cause pain, which also reduces your ability to feel comfort, joy, and even a positive drive to move forward in life. We also know that shifts in blood sugar level cause mood shifts, from irritation to positive thinking.

Neroli Essential Oil has a powerful positive impact on your liver, blood sugar, inflammation and health. Everyday, your liver is inundated by toxins from chemicals in foods, medications, alcohol, and even those absorbed via your lungs.

Neroli is rich in bioactive flavonoids that are beneficial for liver health as well as helping to prevent inflammatory diseases. In addition, it has been found to have qualities that:

5) Ease Menopausal Emotions

Multiple studies have also supported neroli oil as a natural treatment to relieve stress of menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms. According to findings, inhalation of neroli oil can:

  • increase sexual desire
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce stress
  • improve the endocrine system

6) A More Positive Outlook

Sleep and head tension both impact the way we feel each day, and can build up problems over time if not alleviated. On the other side, when we get good rest and our heads don’t hurt, we have a much more positive outlook on life.

Neroli’s bioactive constituents give it highly effective therapeutic properties and benefits on sleep and increased melatonin. It even works well to assist sleep in post-menopausal women. This wonderful oil is great for insomnia, tension, headaches, and stomach upsets.


6 Emotional Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil: Life is Beautiful, Less Anxiety


Where Does Neroli Oil Come From?

Neroli essential oil comes from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, which is native to eastern Africa and tropical Asia. It is very expensive to produce. The lengthy extraction process involves hydrodistillation also called steam distillation.

Think about how lightweight a flower blossom is, similar to a feather. Then consider that it takes 1000 pounds of orange blossom flowers to make about 1 pound or 0.45 liters of oil (less than 2 cups). This results in it retailing for a minimum of $65 per 5ml (100 drops), and also why few manufacturers other than Kaliana, include it in their blends.

Orange blossoms quickly lose their oil after they’re plucked from the tree. This is why timing is crucial during the extraction process. It should be handled with very gentle care.

Because of this process, most manufacturers choose to infuse neroli oil with other natural essential oils. This is why you don’t always get what you think when it comes to buying true neroli. Because even when diluted, it still retains its strong aroma.

What are the Proven Physical Benefits of Neroli Oil?

During the ancient times, neroli was used to fight the plague. Egyptian priests and priestesses used it in the same way incense is used. It was believed that neroli can relieve fever, banish nervousness, and heal the spirit. Today, neroli oil is widely used in the fragrance industry.

1) Skin Repair

Researchers from the Linus Pauling Institute discovered that neroli oil increases vitamin C absorption, which improves collagen production. Because of its regenerative function, applying it on the skin can heal the following at the cellular level:

  • cuts
  • acne
  • scars
  • bruises
It can also help fight signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots.

2) Pain Management

Neroli essential oil also contains powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. In a 2015 study, neroli has been found to work against both acute and chronic inflammation.

In addition, it works against inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. This can explain its effectiveness in the management of pain, including those annoying migraine bouts.

3) Antimicrobial

Research shows that neroli oil has antimicrobial powers. During the study, neroli exhibited antimicrobial activity against six kinds of bacteria, two types of yeast, and three different fungi. Its antifungal activity is even stronger compared to the standard antibiotic/antifungal Nystatin.

4) Convulsions and Seizures

Neroli Essential oil is used as an important part of traditional medicine in countries such as the Middle East. Studies have shown it contains 23 biologically active ingredients, 6 of which may be the reason it can be considered effective as a natural anticonvulsant and anti-seizure remedy.

As you read above, you understand why women see such beautiful benefits to their skin radiance, reduction in wrinkles due to tension, as well as ease in joint and muscle aches when using
deep-release oils on their face, chest, and all over their body.

How to Use Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli essential oil is most effective through aromatherapy applications. Add it to a diffuser or portable mist and inhale its refreshing scent to help relieve anxiety and stress. You can also mix a few drops of neroli into your skin creams and facial masks to boost their regenerative powers.

Neroli offers a significant range of benefits when applied topically in a body or massage oil. Good base oils would include sesame or jojoba for rapid skin penetration, rosehip or olive which are both rich in beneficial polyphenols and anthocyanins for anti-aging and cell regeneration, or unrefined coconut which tends to be affordable and easy to find in the grocery store.

Overall, neroli is a wonderful oil to use. It’s easy to fall in love with its sweet, deep, fruity smell. Unlike other Citrus oils, it is neither irritating or sensitizing. It also blends well with jasmine absolute, rose absolute, clary sage and ylang-ylang oils.

Now you understand why even though it is so highly expensive, you find a considerable dose of Neroli Essential Oil in 5 (of 7) Kaliana Emotional Care Formulas:

Kaliana makes use of the expensive oil by making it affordable and even more effective by combining it with other essential oils to target additional layers of emotion around your specific challenge.

You can see how Neroli Essential Oil makes a notable difference for positive emotional shifts as well as improvements to your skin, reduction of tension wrinkles in your face and muscles, and exceptional benefits to your health.


About the Author: Kaliana has been studying natural healing since 1976. She developed her own line of aromatherapy products in 1995, is a gifted intuitive, Master Energy Healer, author of 4 books, professional speaker, and offers private consulting for spiritual women and moms.

Kaliana is a certified Phyto-Aromatologist, graduated from Queens University as a Presidential Scholar, sat on the Board for Eating Disorders at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, holds a 4-year Advanced Certification from the Mastery of the Heart School, and teaches certified courses for Continuing Education Hours by NCBTMB.


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